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Found 23 results

  1. Selling a Keep in Trammel. Not exactly sure where in Tram, but water in view surrounded by another keep, a castle, and woods. Message me here with price or AIM me at Emericaman358. -Elie/KARURU/a hooded figure
  2. FoA Victorious Over EMs and Tram Players Fel Jehlom Pits And Brit Healers 7/11/09 In Attendance: Iveisse [DWxC], Faith [}--D], IchiBan KichiGai [}--D], Lootu Too [DWxC], Lord Gramps [F*V], CharGar [F*V], Lady Sami [DwB], Limerence [s*D], Lord Gareth [RBG], Lord Al [OATH], Nox Vandal [FoA], E-LoomiNaToR [FoA], Denathar [FoA], Bubbles [FoA], AhmZirah [FoA], Credrick Dubois [FoA], Braunstein Frese [FoA], Sir Lancelot [FoA] Tonight Em Vladimere held a !!!! and Dragon Fight at the Fel Jehlom pits. What was to be a night of fun entertainment for people turned into a fun n
  3. A new message for us from our EM's at the Counselor's Hall in west Britian (Tram)...
  4. Tram Keep for sale in the middle of beautiful Swamp land. Excellent crafter location and anyone wanting to work gains. Target rich enviornment. Runes to property are located on the Napa Valley Realty Vendor. The Vendor is at the Embassy located just east of the luna bank inside the walls of Luna.
  5. I am looking for a Castle in Tram. I am a serious buyer. Please send me the following info. Location Name of Home Name of Owner How much You are looking for in UO Gold.
  6. Anyone have a building for sale, size 18x18? Smaller if in a good position? Please send me a message on ICQ with what you can offer and we will talk shop. ICQ 384-851-446.
  7. DHMagicMan 1 made no bones about his feelings on this topic It's clearly too late for this publish, but keep Tram ruleset in Tram and Fel ruleset in Fel... why would you make them cross over like this? It's going to be a serious problem for many of us... I know speaking for myself, I'll intentionally go nowhere other than Luna and directly to certain marked buildings for quest givers... where I can be in and out in 30 seconds or less. In the end, you know you have two VERY DIFFERENT audiences (well far more than two) who will never see eye to eye, so why force one groups play style on an
  8. Prefer atleast a semi nice location not got castles and keeps everywhere around it. But show me what ya got ICQ 387-985-674
  9. (I meant tower :doh:)Well I noticed alot of houses falling and managed to place one next to the road just E of Brit in Tram. I would like to sell it but not sure what it would go for. UOAM 18 6N 29 52E Thanks in advance for any info
  10. See topic title. Also selling gold. PM me or ICQ 67715770.
  11. This is the one thing that really gets me. Yesterday I was in new haven training resist and out the blue an archer comes up and starts kill them. I ask him to stop but he just kept laughing and killing. Then he left. Took about another 20 minutes to start back trainning when again out of the blue meter storm. Again I ask him to stop. But he laughed and went on his way. Sometimes I just hate tram rule sets.
  12. Hello, I need to purchase an 18x18 plot (or close to that size) somewhere in trammel. I'd prefer it to be in the general vicinity of a major city or else one of the moongates or at least on a road. I want it for personal use and a bit of role-playing so these silly little requirements are important to me in this case, haha. I don't have a bunch of vendors but I'd like the occasional foot traffic. I don't care about spawn, but I'd like the view of it to be unobstructed by other housing. If you have anything on atlantic that fits my needs, please pm me on here or reply to this thread. Th
  13. Selling my Large Tower located in Tram. It is next to a mountain great for mining. No spawn. Once in a great blue moon you get a harpy that might appear. Its a lovely location. If your interested ICQ Me 199-046-806.
  14. I Am Selling My Large Tower Mountain Side In Tram!plz Icq Me 199-046-806 If Your Interested!!!!!
  15. Not sure if this is the right place to post, but Im a returning player that needs a house. Prefer Malas or Tram, amount depends on location. 18x 18's only please. On Pacific, sorry forgot to mention. 95830227 Thanks, Dink
  16. So I randomly found a plot of land and the end of the forked rivers southwest of brit on trammel and placed an 8x8. It's only big enough for the 8x8 but it's so close to the moongate. On Atlantic.... is housing still tough to find? I just got back into the game and I'm trying to figure out if it'll sell for much. I need to get some gold to get my characters goin, haha
  17. If you die in tram can your body be looted even with inscurance items? I Because the other day I died in doom got rezed and went on my merry way. About 1 week later I decide to check out the yew gate to see what I steal. Logged on my char and I my shadow dancer leggings and pendant of the magi were gone. I know they were insured and I had money in the bank. And the only thing I could remember is when I died in doom about a week ago. I didn't see anywhere on the screen that an item was taken but they were gone.
  18. I'm quitting UO and selling my Large Tower which is located a short run east of Britain in Trammel. ------------------------------------------------------- Updated: Tower is SOLD! Thanks!
  19. source taken from UO U.Hall It seems that I'm reading a number of posts lately about possible scripting/exploiting making heavy use of invisibility/hiding to attempt to cloak their activities. What would people think of turning off invisibility to other players in Tram rulesets? (character turns grey just as you appear to yourself and wouldn't be targetable) Or are there worthwhile uses of invisibility-to-players in Tram rulesets? ( other than surprise parties ) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Well, while I would love to be able to target players that i know are scripting, it opens up a
  20. Myself, Ezza, Simon, Morpheous (all of those were opk) , Pixel (TBD), Kheldar (TBD) and Lair spirit downed ??? in tram, not too hard just the beserkers kill you in one hit when you have EoO up He doesn't drop a corpse but he does leave behind Peices of Blackrock to loot on the ground and gives you some in your backpack.. Their was about 20-25 in total.. I got 10 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Draconi UO Designer Well done! We're sure Papua is thankful to all of you who helped overcome the mysterious entity guarding the blackrock pillar, as even now teleportation seems to be restored in the onc
  21. This is just an FYI and a warning for all to be carefull and travel in packs. I have a rl friend that plays and was walking on foot to his house. He was walking from Luna to his Malas home. He got killed several times (until insurance money ran out) by a blue named EVL and two of his buddies. Once he was killed till they could get his insured items he went back to his body after rezing and found his chiv book, spell book, rune books (all blessed items) and his soul seeker (not very smart killers) laying on the ground beside his corpse. Being that this was tram and not supposed to be allowed
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