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  1. Hey Everyone, I have a GM Mage that I am trying to GM wrestling on and I am getting really frustrated with being at a stand still with skill gain in the 90's. Here's my situation I used fighters hired from Jhelom to get up to about 91 or so. I would hire them, gate them back to my tower and then wrestle them with my spell book in hand and I even had all my armor and jewlerly on in order to reduce Reagent use for healing him and went from 20's to 91.3. At which point skill gain stopped. I macro'd with a fighter from the same location for 3.5 hours and didn't gain a single 10'th of a point.
  2. 0 - 40: Train at NPC Mage in New Haven When training, target an inanimate object such as anything on the ground or in your backpack to avoid causing damage. Also equip a 100% Lower Reagent Cost (LRC) suit to save reagents. Other important properties include up to 40% Lower Mana Cost (LMC), having 2 Faster Casting (FC), having 6 Faster Cast Recovery (FCR), and as much Mana Regeneration (MR) as you can. Finally, equip a -29 Magery skill Wand or Weapon. It will allow you to cast lower skill spells which are faster and consume less mana. You will need an extra faster casting (FC) to compensate f
  3. Guest

    Stealth Training Guide

    Courtesy of Rhus Radicans Start a Ninja character using the pre-made Ninja template. You can choose to take the starting Ninja quest or not, it is up to you, but it is not difficult and gives you some gifts that you might like. This pre-made template will start you with Hiding and Stealth higher than you would get any other way. It also gives you access to the Animal Forms Ninja spell, which gives you two animal forms (sewer rat and rabbit) that boost your Stealth by 20 points. So: you start with 50 Hiding and 30 Stealth using the pre-made Ninja template, and can boost stealth to 50 by goi
  4. Does anyone know what to spam to gain skills in necro because ive been stuck at 105(heading to 110) for a long period of time casting vampire embrace and lich form. any help would be much appreciated. Thanks In Advance
  5. Guest

    Stealing Training Guide.

    To gain stealing, first grab a packhorse, head to felucca, and tell it to guard you. Now simply TARGET (not random) steal the appropriately weighted items which you place inside its pack over and over. The general accepted weight to steal for gains is 1/10 your skill- ie. at 90 steal 9 stones, at 8 steal 8, and so on. Pickpocket's dips are similar to training dummies for fighting skills- they are a house add-on made by carpenters which allow you to train stealing up to 25. Your UOA macro should look like this: use skill/cast spell -stealing target -the target pause 10500 -10500 is good
  6. You will need dozens of empty Potion Kegs, hundreds of Mortar and Pestles, an Empty Bottle, and these reagents: 2,500 Black Pearl 2,500 Blood Moss 5,000 Mandrake Root 10,000 Ginseng 10,000 Nightshade 20,000 Garlic When you make your first potion, dump it into a keg located in your backpack. Each potion made after that one will automatically be added to that keg. 0 - 30: Train at NPC Alchemist. 30 - 45: Agility Potion. 45 - 55: Total Refreshment Potion. 55 - 65: Greater Agility Potion. 65 - 75: Greater Strength Potion. 75 - 85: Greater Heal Potion. 85 - 98: Greater Cure Potio
  7. If you're trying to gain Parry, you will need to do everything possible to get hit. Training Theory In the melee caclualtion, your chance to parry is calcualted AFTER the opponenets chance to hit. Therefore, you want to less your weapon skill and Defense Chance Increase, so you get hit more. There are two main skill relations to consider. WITH Bushido, WITHOUT Bushido. Since Bushido gives a bonus to parry, it is have your Bushido as high as possible before you train parry. You also want to use a two handed weapon for a slightly higher parry chance. Without Bushido, you want a buckler. Be
  8. Hi all - I've read every guide on discord training that I can find, and I'm still missing something. I found the giant list of bard difficulties for different critters. If I'm understanding correctly, at that skill, I would have 50% success chance of discording them. For training purposes, then, do I want to be choosing critters that match my discordance skill level? For training other skills, it seems that it's generally better to choose things in the 60-70% success range for best skill gains. Or is there a recommended range - at 90 skill, discord critters with 100 barding difficul
  9. Train ninjitsu off a ninja first. That gets you to about 30. Ninja's can be found in the tokuno city. Animal form a rabbit over and over, till you get to 40. Mirror image till you get to 65 or so, maybe 70. Now here's where it gets interesting. Get a golem. If you're in a guild, you have to be in town for this to work. If you're not in a guild, then you only have to be in trammel. Most importantly though, regardless of guild status, you have to be in trammel. Tell the golem to attack you "all kill." Remember, if you're in a guild you have to be in town, otherwise, if you're not in town, th
  10. This guide was written in order to increase the profits off training characters. The method for this is simple, by combining crafting with combat skills. In order to pull off the "free training" templates, I suggest using only basic warrior or mage templates. Taming may work as well, but the point is to allocate no more than 500 skill points to your "survival" skills and dedicate the rest to crafting. Basic templates Warrior 100 (or 120) weaponskill 100 tactics 100 anatomy 100 healing 100 (or 80) focus Mage 100 (or 120) magery 100 evaluate intelligence 100 meditation 100 (or 80) focu
  11. All Military Personel and Allies gather at the HQ this Thursday at 8pm UK Time for training. Turn up in correct uniform and appropriately supplied. When? Thursday 8pm UK Time Where? Gather at HQ
  12. We'll start the night off by getting a trade in with the Templar at Templewood followed by a training session to prepare for the weekend! Everyone gather at the Swaggers at 7:45pm UK Time! When? Wednesday 7:45pm UK Time Where? Gather at Swaggers
  13. All Military Personel and Allies gather at the Swaggers this Tuesday at 8pm UK Time for training, turn up in correct uniform and appropriately supplied. When? Tuesday 8pm UK Time Where? Swaggers
  14. Brethren, I intend to hold a training session this evening. most likely starting at 7pm. Depending on numbers depends on what we shall do. If numbers are insufficient we will simply go ahunting. Sir Reiver Bloodkind, Acting Commander of Knights
  15. All Military Personel and allies of Vesper report to the Headquarters tonight at 8pm UK Time for training! Turn up in correct uniform and appropriately supplied! When? Tonight 8pm UK Time Where? Gather at HQ -Escaflowne
  16. Yesterday a small group of Vesperians Traveled to the Lost lands to learn a thing or two about making a camp sight. Being an experienced Woodsman, it came naturaly to me, but others needed help, I watched my fellow Vesperians and tried to help as much as I could. After all the Campsites were completed, or not....we spilt into two seperate groups for a little game of "hide and seek".... was moving about to much to get pictures of the "hide and seek" match up....ah well End Report Private Rodain Fireheart
  17. Starting as of Wednesday the 23rd, we will be holdingg a joint training with the forces from the Dutchy of Trinsic. This will be a recurring event that will happen every Wednesday from now on, at the same time and place (Unless anything else have been posted). All Brethren are to gather at Minoc Bank at 8pm BST. These trainings will be lead by either myself, Captain Reann of the Dutchy or Sakaki Mai of the Dutchy. In the case that all three of us are absent, I expect one of the Brethren to take up the role as leader for that training session if it is required. Signed -Dame Abigail Rynn
  18. When? 8.30pm BST (British time) Where? All military personel and allies (Kaldor, KMK, VX) gather at HQ Important training corresponding with future events. Come with supplies and perhaps your own bedroll, equipped for a hard day's night.
  19. Tonight there will be a combat training for all brethren! Gather at Fort Belvoir at 8pm BST! Signed Dame Abigail Rynn
  20. This is a notice on two issues: 1) FYI- Gilthaniel and /or Duncan will be busy during the next weekend. They will be attending a conference out of town. THey will try to be in game but it is not guaranteed. 2) As such, Training of all Turcopoles and Esquires will be therefore held next Saturday-first Saturday in October. In attempting to organize training, I would ask each individual to please give me all feedback (both positive and that he/she would like to see implemented) in a pigeon 92278762. This would allow me to organize this feedback in a meaningful way. Also anyone who seriou
  21. All military forces of Vesper are required to gather at the Military headquarters this Thursday at 8pm UK Time for training! Turn up in correct uniform and appropriately supplied. When and where? Power hour 7pm - 8pm UK Time - Swaggers Training 8pm - 10pm UK Time - HQ Power hour 10pm - 11pm UK Time - Swaggers.
  22. All Brethren are to gather in Fort Belvoir at 7:45 pm BST for battle training. Depending on when such will end, we shall have a brief meeting for everyone in the Order to join. May the Virtues Prevail!
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