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  1. Still looking to trade about 20 mill...Anyone out there able to do this?
  2. AIM me at Emericaman358 with price or find me in game
  3. Hail to all! I've been spending much time in Tokuno lately, but have had little luck with the new dyes. To anyone that is trading these new dyes in for Major Arties, I'll trade you another item for em! If you have 6 chaos blue or sliver (or a combination of the two) I'll trade you a Major of your choice! Please PM me if you want to arrange a trade! Thanx very much. =)
  4. Hello All - I would like to trade you my Spiderweb Deed on Atlantic and receive yours on Sonoma. Please ICQ me if interested. (See profile for #) Thanks! ~M
  5. Im really getting into the crafting side of UO. I'm about to start my own bod guild with a few other friends and were just mining and boding like crazy right now, and wondering. If I set up a forums just for trading bods ect. what do you think the popularity of it would be. I noticed bods are somewhat popular. Just give me your 2 cents, thanks
  6. Just putting a little thought out there but seeing as how both S&K and VTC only have maybe seven or so active members between them maybe its an idea just to merge? Just putting the idea out there, what do peeps think?
  7. The Catskills Black Market Recurring trading-event, scheduled for each first Saturday of the month at 8pm EST. Next Black Market: October 4th 2008, 8 pm EST. The United Pirates of Catskills are happy to announce the Black Market event! This recurring in-game trading and auctioning event will be accompanied by entertaining elements. During this event, you can sell, buy, trade or auction your wares! In between the bargains, duels bets and games will be held for entertainment. The facts: Merchants will get a personal market stand where they can advertise and sell their products. Bargaini
  8. Started new char on Atlantic. Looking to trade 1 mill on chessie for 1 mill on atlantic.
  9. Need to get 15 mill to a char on Lake Superior to purchase a transfer token. If anyone out there wants to trade gold on Chessie please pm me or ICQ 459-280-707.
  10. Willing to go on any shard and collect spring tickets for same on chessie.
  11. well since we have been given a reprieve on the latest events till early next week, i will once again look to trade points on all shards cept great lakes for same on chessie.
  12. Ive got 12 tickets on Great Lakes and 11 possibly 12..will check in the morn..on Sonoma if anyone is intrested in trading for tickets on my shard..Chesapeake. icq 219496837 thanks!!
  13. I Have 175K On Atlantic Wanting Same On Chessy ICQ Me 463260860
  14. Is it possible to trade custom houses to accounts which are not eligible to use the customisation features? I have an 18x18 I want to move to a LBR account but I don't want to re-activate the account and then find its not possible
  15. Trading for points on any shards but..catskills and sonma..(done those) for points on Chesapeake. Ill provide a rezzer and a book to recall out with! Expect the same on your shard!!
  16. 2 for sale .5 mill each, or may take a trade for an average to good untrained GD [is this a reasonable price?]I'm open to suggestions. Im sure I could hold out for triple or more, but I just want to get them off my hands. If any interest Ill post their stats. And I'm always willing to tame one for you.
  17. As the title says, i have a ethy polar bear on Lake superiour and wish to trade for one on Legends If interested plz pm me
  18. As the title says, i have a ethy polar bear on Lake superiour and wish to trade for one on Legends If interested plz pm me
  19. Hello I had a question this morning, I was wondering how to trade with other Shards at the Inn in Brit. I have heard people are doing that to trade Valentines day gifts. I would appreciate a quick tutorial as I have no clue how to do it. Also is it just gifts you can trade, or other items as well? Thank you very much
  20. Greetings... The plan is simple... once per month, on the last Wednesday of every month... we have a Bods Trading Night. Procedure: A- post here which bods you want, make sure you have an extra bod for the same reward. B- trade your extra bod for the bod you lack, so bods of equal value are traded... Exceptions: Personal deals can and should be made... Goal: Get most runic kits faster and use a fair trade system... Location: New Haven Plaza, Thank you for your time... ONE CIRCLE! ONE SOUL!
  21. Trading Staff of Pyros for a Vorpal Blade If you wish to trade contact me on icq 164413512 please
  22. Just wondering if there's anyone out there in Europa who would be willing to trade their Ankh Pendant for my Gorget of Honesty.
  23. I am trading these items to ankhs YOU might have: Sentinel's Guard Jaana's Staff Katrina's Crook You can send me a pm or either contact me directly to 1795 91 456 thank you,
  24. As you held a twisted dare for us on monday evening i thought in turn we should invite you to the special Auction on Thursday evening, for those of you whom are not working that night come along.... Citizens and Friends of Trinsic... On Thursday 31st At 8PM (GMT) Trinsic will be hosting a Special Auction in its market square, There will be a plentiful supply of Food and Bevereages available to all, The Auction is a very special one, for the reason that all proceeds and sucessful bids will be collated and donated to the Trinsic Orphanage. Another fine reason for it to be special is bec
  25. Is there any one in particular? I'm a fledgling tailoring BODer with plenty of barbed ruinic BODs to trade, but no venue through which to do so. Please help! AIM: ufkaz ICQ: 314781885 MSN: ufkaz@hotmail.com
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