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Found 21 results

  1. Hail and well met all....I seek a word with one called Lord Grendin.... I have a message from my Knight who seeks refuge in a new land and a new world....if one doth exist. (the messenger slumps to the ground) Please show me the way to Lord Grendin or my Knight will be lost to the ages forever......
  2. *runners sent to all towns with the follwing information* Both at the same time, 8pm. Thursday 21st May 1, Nathan will be meeting with town leaders for peace talks in Moonglow. 2, Hannah will be at the hall to start her training, all are welcome to join. Nathan has charged me with organising a training event for Hannah. To this end I have decided to avoid Ilshenar (Mericles favourite hangout) and any contact with orcs (possible infection) and have decided to travel to Tokuno where upon we will do battle with Serado and his minions (the irony of taking Hannah to a safe location to d
  3. I have an excellent idea on how to bring older towns like Vesper, Minoc, Moonglow, and the likes back to life. How about putting player vendor space in the shops in town? It could be done via a lottery system, that way even new players get a chance at a prime spot. And, there maybe could be some guidlelines as in what is sold (i.e. mage products in mage shops, furniture in carpentry shops, etc.) I remember playing in the beginning (when even reagents were scarce) and spending a lot of time at Vesper Bank socializing with other people. Anyone else want to see that again?
  4. This is a Tier 2 Keep Inside the Keep This is the gate, the walls are not up yet. The Gate actually opens by using the lever. Thus making it possible for the gate to be opened from within allowing the enemy into the town. * This not the Iron Wolves Guild Town, but one of the guilds I am in. Just giving you an idea what a town looks like.
  5. *a poster in Towns across Britannia*
  6. *a poster in Towns across Britannia*
  7. To All Interested Parties, Yet again the Pretender Klion D'Gar has turned his warmongering eye towards the city of Trinsic. His own quest for power and his inability to control the Yewish bloodlust without allowing them to hound others has meant once more innocents are put at risk! Under the Pretence of routing out rebels, he now seeks to Usurp Duke Irvyn from Trinsic and force a puppet leader in his place! A puppet no doubt firmly under Yewish dictate! This Pretender sends his men to attack a Loyalist town, whilst claiming to serve Our King himself! Our own dear King whose very wo
  8. Let all who read this know that the mayoress Tussi de Luxe of Valoria is currently being held against her will in a remote location. Armed guards watch her every move. She will never be seen alive again unless the sum of 50,000 gold coins and one hundred valorite ingots is paid in full, to us! If anyone wishes to pay this ransom send a note to The Morning Poste, we will be watching! Again, if the ransom is not paid, she will not be seen alive again! Signed A Captive Scribe!
  9. source taken from UO.UHall We want to use our spellbooks please and yes this includes EVs and EQs and any other summons to help us umm battle?? I would really like to be more than just a healer this time around and do battle like I have been in Vesper and Papua. I am quite capable of flipping open my spellbook and using all spells but they are useless against the Generals and Up. Please reconsider this move as you are seriously limiting us in this "community" effort of taking back our towns. Once I get past moongate areas in Skara Brae I have to sit back and watch the battle wage on wanti
  10. source taken from UO.UHall ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ So a few dozen of us have been fighting and killing off ophidians at skara brae all day today. I was just wondering is it possible to reclaim the towns or it is a hopeless cause and more ophidians will keep spawning till some arbitary moment when the invasion is turned off. I wish we could see some result of all our hard work. Draconi UO Designer Yes, you can push it back, but you *must* attack their front and work it backwards. In Skara Brae, that's near the moongate, and then south of it, and then the north parts of th
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