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  1. I have a Large Tower I need to get rid of, don't want to, but need to. It's on Tram Facet. Deep in the woods West of Trinsic. Only one house close by and it is like 3 screens away. Perfect for doing "things" you would rather not be noticed doing. No spawn that I have seen. I am very negotiable on the price as it HAS to be sold. This tower was placed in 2003 and somewhere along the way it fell, It was replaced in 2007 and a GM informed the owner that if it falls again, it cannot be replaced. There is a tree growing through the roof. LOL! ICQ me if you would like to see it or do some bartering o
  2. might like to try Over at Stratics there a thread in the UO Castle and Homes Forum that was very helpful for us with the two keeps and tower we have on Sonoma. You use two small wood tables and you stand on your steps.
  3. Hello all, I have decided to come back to UO after 5 years and as many of you know Lord HeRog was the leader of DT. I was a member sadly he is not returning with me and I do not wish to take over his proud guilds name. So I created Dark Tower Reborn (DTR) We will have much the same play style as DT did and I hope we can have close to the same reputation. Once I get our website up and running I will post it here and I hope to get an RP story posted on it. Im not the writer HeRog was but ill do my best see you all in game Also if anyone is interested in joining or want to know more about the gu
  4. The Dark Tower has moved to the Chaos Shrine in Trammel
  5. hey everyone... I am looking to purchase this full tower in fel. its SW of Ice entrance and West of Wrong. House owner says; Dirty Hippie and the sign reads; 4 sale icq Corso but no ICQ number is given I have included 2 pics to show its location and the house sign. I can pretty much guarantee a sale as long as the asking price isn't too outrageous.
  6. This evening, a sad event indeed. I will attempt to not show bias or give personal offense so this does not get deleted. My intent is not to report falsely or voice slander, but to document this occurrence. The guild leader of The Mage Tower, made a decision that has effected The Tower of the Moon alliance. CTDM (Covenant of the Dark Moon) is no longer a part of that alliance. Although CTDM was equally a catalyst for this alliance, hence, Tower of the Moon. There was no dialogue with the guild leaders of CTDM prior to the booting of CTDM from the alliance. Nor were any alliance elders presen
  7. Large Tower for sale on Lake Superior! This location is on the Trammel Facet. Selling Tower for a small amount...not looking to jack up prices. Wish to get rid of the house asap. This location has much room to replace the house or remodel to an 18x18 home. Great location, very minimal spawn. Next to wonderful neighbors (come on, your neighbor to the direct North is Crimson...one of the sweetest people to ever play on LS)...plus you have a shopping mall in your backyard!! NO ITEMS WILL BE IN TOWER UPON PURCHASE....IT IS COMPLETELY EMPTY. ICQ 160908201 This purchase is not an aucti
  8. Greetings, everyone! Yes, you've just read the first three paragraphs of The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien. Why, you might be asking yourself, have I just copied three paragraphs describing some hold in the ground? Because, I have the decorating bug; and that particular passage happened to be rather inspiring. You see, I own this really old, large tower within one of the player-run towns of Baja. As of late, I have been looking to try something new, something absolutely different; and while looking through my bookshelf the other night, I discovered my dusty old copy of the Hobbit. I decided to re
  9. Hi all - I'm on the lookout to buy a classic Tower on Atlantic, preferably in Trammel. Holler if you know of any for sale! ICQ 8937263 Thanks!
  10. I'm planning on making a RP Guard tower On Europa with a 18x18 plot near Cove. In the bottom left corner I want to make a double layered guard tower that goes up all four stories then there should be a longer section that stretches up to the top-left and then to the top-right so from above it looks like a L rotated 90degrees clock-wise. So if any of you have made guard towers before please post pictures but keep in mind this house is for role-play so i need room for a bed/kitchen/washroom etc.
  11. My friend just gave me his larger tower lastnight. I need some ideas on decorating it. A lot of the pics that I looked at are of towers being used as guild houses. Not what I want this house to be. Any ideas and pics would be nice. Thanks.
  12. Selling my Large Tower located in Tram. It is next to a mountain great for mining. No spawn. Once in a great blue moon you get a harpy that might appear. Its a lovely location. If your interested ICQ Me 199-046-806.
  13. I Am Selling My Large Tower Mountain Side In Tram!plz Icq Me 199-046-806 If Your Interested!!!!!
  14. Well I am at work I have been decoring my tower using house builder. This is what I thinking about doing on the 3rd floor. My evil mage room. What do you think and what can I add and or change? The color of the tables and benches are the shadow looking coloring and everything is not lower or raise to its exact location. But this is my idea. Let me know what you think. The second floor is next, my armor and display room.
  15. I found a thread on a board somewhere that suggested that evil mage spawns still happen periodically (extremely rarely). I got one once back in the day, and scored 2 blood tiles. I also found a thread about an 'Orc Tower' spawn that happened once a year. Does anyone have any information regarding these spawns.
  16. is it just me or is it impossible to place a ladder so that you can reach this area? my castle ladder 'breaks' and instead of going all the way up the right direction, turns back the other way whether I use the south or the east... I've not played in a pretty long time, and haven't been following up on the heritage items so pardon me if this is a dumb question.. *as an afterthought, just so you know, I did actually search and try to find out if there were any recently known issues...most recent thing I could find from uo was a publish note from 2006...
  17. *SOLD* 18x18 S of Luna close to road 78.19' N 22.17'W 7 mil OBO *SOLD* Large Tower On Road S of Luna Bridge 60.39' N 27.42' W 5 mil OBO
  18. Send me a pm if you have one for sale. Thanks in advance, -ofatlantic07
  19. If you are interested in joining a guild that has regularly scheduled peerless hunts, fun events and great people. Please visit: http://www.guildportal.com/Guild.aspx?GuildID=151680&TabID=1304679&Article=19003#Library Or if you prefer, you can feel free to approach any MT guildmember and we can get you in touch with the Guild Master or an emissary. You can also see our charter at the website.
  20. I'm quitting UO and selling my Large Tower which is located a short run east of Britain in Trammel. ------------------------------------------------------- Updated: Tower is SOLD! Thanks!
  21. Im pretty noob at houses but i wanna place a tower at a spot but cant. I can place a houseground 16*14 at this spot and on uo:s homepage they say that a tower is 16*14 but i cant place it. (tried many times) Is there any probs with placing a tower? thinking of the upperlevel that comes to close to another house? I cant afford to costumize a house from ground nor i have the time for it. so I want to place a prebuild tower there. tnx
  22. Took longer than expected moving house, so there's only a couple of days left before my old home falls - but it's free to anyone in the Europa RP community who can make good use of it, it's less than a minute walk from Britain, slightly off the North road, location 36 3 N, 30 47E, called 'Silverson Manor'. Either message me here, or ICQ 50812389, but I suspect it's only going to stand until Monday afternoon.... Edit : Gone to new owners earlier this evening.
  23. PaxLair Weekly Meeting September 25th (Tuesday) 8:30 PM ET - Pre-meeting activity 9:00 PM ET - Meeting 10:00 PM ET - Post-meeting activity Location - Tower of Virtue, East Meadow of PaxLair City, Felucca, Chesapeake Meeting Location - Tower of Virtue, East Meadow of PaxLair City, Felucca NW of the Compassion Shrine Rune is on the steps of the Tea House (instead of the Orange/Yellow rune book) at the end of Monks Crossing in PaxOku, Homare-jima, Tokuno Detailed information about the meeting is here. There are opportunities for introductions, anno
  24. The Blue Light Tavern and PaxOku City Proudly Presents: Around The Tower Of Souls Monday at 7pm est Starts exactly at 7:30pm est Win Prizes in your race around the Tower of Souls. Simply Answer questions and move ahead on the board. Land on special spots to instantly win Gold or a vesper museum item!!! Or you could lose it all to Mazrim. No fee to play. Questions are worth 1-2 spaces of movement. Get the question right before the other teams and collect many prizes as you go. A max of 8 teams with 2-4 players allowed. To sign up
  25. Greetings to all, I am Ferox, I played UO from the first day of release on and off. I have not played in over four years, however I have returned from lands beyond our world. I have created My humble tower in my old home, Yew woods on Atlantic server - feluccia and night Most Nights I sit atop my tower, Viewing the comings and goings of our land through my Magical Globe. I have used the newest materials of shadow stone and crystal. It is a fitting home for me, I was never one for large mansions and castles. See you around the shard my fellow Atlantic players.
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