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  1. Date: Monday the 5th of October Time: 8pm The Herald is requesting an escort to Trinsic for a meeting. Those interested please meet at Fort Belvoir 10 minutes prior to 8pm.
  2. Tomrrow after the auction at about 8pm BST, Europa Auction & Events will be hosting our monthly Bovine Madness Event! The event consists of 3 games: Cow Tipping, Milk Stool Race and Barnyard Rumble. So if you'd like a chance to win a prize, please come and join us tomorrow.
  3. As regular scheme mentions there will be a Knighting Ceremony on Wednesday evening. 8:30 pm BST. All recommended Esquires are to gather along with their brethren on the Roof of Fort Belvoir wearing their ceremonial uniforms. Any persons that's not within our Order are also welcome to watch. May the Virtues Prevail!
  4. As regular scheme mentions there will be a Knighting Ceremony on Wednesday evening. 8:30 pm BST. All recommended Esquires are to gather along with their brethren on the Roof of Fort Belvoir wearing their ceremonial uniforms. Any persons that's not within our Order are also welcome to watch. May the Virtues Prevail!
  5. As regular scheme mentions there will be a Knighting Ceremony on Wednesday evening. 8:30 pm CET. All recommended Esquires are to gather along with their brethren on the Roof of Fort Belvoir wearing their ceremonial uniforms. May the Virtues Prevail!
  6. Tomorrow(Tuesday) we shall take part of a joint battle training with the Guardsmen of Yew and the Baronship of Cove. All gather at 8pm BST in Fort Belvoir, after gathering we shall travel to the training grounds together. I expect to see a lot of active Brethren. May the Virtues Prevail!
  7. Tomorrow the Guardsmen Militia will make an offensive move towards Vesper. The Knights Templar will not take part of such advancements. Instead we shall make sure the war does not reach the innocent civilians of Minoc by setting up a defensive perimeter just after the bridge east of the mining camp. The Mining camp shall work as our Base for Tuesdays operations. The Battle: The first encounter will most probably take place in the middle section of the road connecting Minoc and Vesper (Red dot) should Vesper manage to push the Yewish Miltia backwards, then we shall aid them by taking st
  8. Tomorrow, EMs are doing an OOC meeting at 7PM where I and another representive of the Brotherhood is to go to. All of you interesting in attending to this please send me a message. At 8 pm we shall be having a joint training with Yew and Cove in Stonekeep. Make sure to be able and attend to this as I believe it's most important that every person knows how a Knight Templar fights.
  9. All military forces are urgently required to gather outside the Military HQ at 8:20pm BST on the dot.
  10. Monday 8th June The Yew Mayoral Elections have almost reached their conclusion and all that is left is for the people of Yew to vote for their most favoured candidate. Candidates for Mayor of Yew William Smit Jack Nottinbury (Since deceased, therefore ineligible for election.) Dylan Nottinbury Kain Raslo David Brooker Where and when can you vote? Polling stations in Yew's State Offices (Just north of Stonekeep) will be open between the following times on Monday 8th of June: 11 am - 11.30 am 3 pm - 3.30 pm 8pm - 9.30pm You may be required to present proof that
  11. Summer Festivel of Yew What: Summer Festivel of Yew! When: 7pm onwards Saturday 6/06/09. Where: Yew Town! The Guardsmen of Yew are hosting a Festivel Market in Yew town! Come along all! Citizens of Britannia! Those who wish to run a store come along and set up your store! There will be a wine tasting Palour and a small combat area you can bet on! Other things such as baths and a race will Occur! The winner reciving! A Prize of Twenty Thousand Gold ~Signed~ Kevin Longshot Guard of Yew (OOC: All enemy guilds come in dusguises and yes elves are welcome)
  12. Brief Downtime Tomorrow Posted by Jeremy Dalberg 23 Sep 2008 18:05:57 Tomorrow, Sept 23rd, at noon EST, we'll be doing some hardware maintenance. The login servers and some subsystems (housing, vet rewards, etc) will be unavailable for approximately 45 minutes. Thanks!
  13. Tomorrow we will gather outside the Swaggers at 8:30pm BST/UK Time where we will march back to our western border! I expect to see every member of the militia there in correct uniform and supplied for battle! Be there! When? 8:30pm BST/UK Time Where? Gather outside Swaggers -Escaflowne OOC Info: This weeks battle: Before the battle I will set up a large 'base' for each team. These will be identical and will be at equal distances from the bridge to ensure fairness. Pre-story Early hours of Sunday morning forces on either side awoke to find their bases had been ransacked. The Northern Allian
  14. Sorry for the short notice, but due to Paypal taking 7 days to clear an "E check", rather than taking funds direct from my balance and bank, I'm 2 days away from the 7 day deadline to cancel this current server. If I don't transfer within 2 days, I'll be charged for another month I'm out most of tomorrow, so it'll start sometime in the evening A temporary URL will be in place during the domain propagation period.
  15. Stratics Message Forums: [News] 2nd Feluccan Trade Caravan
  16. RavenWinterhawk cant contain her excitement as you see from this thread. Im excited. Today is the day the new event is... Well I hope. Okay I am eager. Today,[26/03/08] I predict we get word on the final event conclusion and the thread that stiches together all these arcs will be revealed in all its golden form. And we will have a lot of stuff that we can turn in to help. Help... whether it be for kindess or rewards. I dont know. ~~~~ Petra Fyde thinks more tomorrow for the release I hope you're right. Personally I'd vote for tomorrow, because I suspect that's when we'll g
  17. Microsoft's Service Pack 1 for its latest operating system, Windows Vista, will be available to the public as of tomorrow, Tuesday. The announcement was made on TechARP.com, the Malaysian Web site that nailed the update's release to manufacturing (RTM) date several days early. Amazon.com lists Wednesday as the significant update's release date. For a month, installing Service Pack 1 will be optional, either through Windows Update or through the installer only or redistributable package download on Microsoft's website, as with all of the company's significant updates. However, in April Micros
  18. [video=youtube;QmqpGZv0YT4]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QmqpGZv0YT4 Good video for those interested.
  19. Saturday (December 1st), at 4pm EST, there will be a journey to Doom. Gold skulls have been procured for the crossing. If you wish to take this journey, meet at Lady Katherine's Museum of the Virtues in PaxOku (Homare-Jima moongate, Tokuno, head NE on the road and museum is on the left about half-way along the road in PaxOku). Coordinates: 94 - 19 N and 66 - 52 W.
  20. Training Tuesday Night, Thats right militia, we havn't got a whole load going on so we might aswell get a spot of training in, also i want a word with yer aswell about the militia *nods*. We will be gathering outside the swaggers at 9pm GMT/UK Time, turn up in proper uniform, ready for a scrap, with yer chaos marks and with sufficient battle resources for the duration of the training. We will probaly play some Capture the Flag if we get enough numbers. Yer can also expect lots more training to take place in the near future, some on our own and some joined with o
  21. here is a preview! from UO Tamer The NDA is lifted 9. The formula for controlling a tamed pet currently is based on 80% Taming, 20% Animal Lore. This will now be changed to 50% Taming, 50% Animal Lore so it requires more of a skill commitment to reliably control a tamed pet. The formula for actually taming a creature will remain unchanged. 10. For controlling Lesser Hiryus, a player character will now need at least 90 Bushido (the same required to ride it) or an appropriately high skill level in Animal Taming and Animal Lore. a. Success chance for control is determined by whi
  22. .......0_o.....!? http://ultimaonline.jp/home/pr/kr_release.html Translation, courtesy of Athos_UO The day when the official service of "Ultima Online Kingdom Reborn" will start was decided Electoronic Arts(located at Shinjuku destrict of Tokyo prefecture) has made a press release that it will start the official service of the brand new client "Kingdom Reborn" of "Ultima Online(UO)", which is managed by that company, on June, the 28th. 2007 JST. The open beta test of "Kingdom Reborn" carried out since May, the 31st will come to end at 8:00AM June, the 28th 2007 JST(16:00PM June, t
  23. source taken from UO U.Hall Haven't heard any differently... ---------------------------- Me either Last update was on Friday 3D Client Update: The patch that discontinues the 3D client is holding steady for Wednesday the 25th. We'll post on the Herald and update the patcher if/when this changes, but at this moment, it looks like we're going to make that date. ---------------------------- I wouldn't be too sure. Last Friday (4/20 FoF) they said it was still a go, yeah. But hopefully they would give people a final significant warning (like more then 6 hours); the last update on
  24. I want to see 300 tomorrow at 11am.... do you think I need to buy my tickets tonight or I should be alright going tomorrow?
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