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  1. They work with a 'mouse over/mouse out' function. http://ode-guild.com/uostuff/abysseast.html http://ode-guild.com/uostuff/abysswest.html http://ode-guild.com/uostuff/underworld-map-locate.html There are some facet maps too, linked from here: http://ode-guild.com/uostuff/maps.html
  2. Leading up to the launch of SA, Treasures of Tokuno was brought back. It brought in a whole slew of people exploring the often ignored wilderness of Tokuno, and a lot of people got to see content that nobody ever bothers with. I think we need to modify the Treasures system into a permanent system, much like Paragons and minor Artifacts work in Ilshenar. Advantages -Newer players can gain more powerful items through time invested hunting. -Old content is used. As it is, nobody goes to Tokuno unless they want to run the Serado spawn. -A reliable way of getting decent imbuing materials. M
  3. Hi, I'm just back from a very long break. Geting my bearings again I was testing the waters of Tokuno and fished up an SOS. The message says it's good for Felucca or Trammel. Does that mean any MIBs I fish up in Tokuno don't actually have treasures in Tokuno seas? So many changes! I haven't played since AoS first came out. Wow serpys are meanies now lol Thanks!
  4. Yeah, sorry to start with such a negative title for a post. Not meaning to bash, just going to do some venting here. While I fully realize that the people behind this game just could as well have let this event slide and do nothing and in theory I should be thankful for their efford... in all honesty I am not. Well, that is to say, I am thankful for the event and think it's cool they added a new item too! But it just doesn't sit well with me really and here is why. The event has been done too many times already and it would have been nice if we saw some new rewards instead of the old ones
  5. I have a question..... I have been working for Tokuno treasures and we have gotten pigments but there is no color assigned to them. Is this a bug? Is this intended? If it is intended can someone tell what its intended purpose. I am kinda hoping that maybe we can choose any color with these. We have not tried to use it. Has anyone else received these? Thanks for the info
  6. There should be room enough for the Tokuno Islands to have some 50-100 buried treasure spots around them. Why not put them there? Instead of the level 6 spots having the usual minor arties, they could have minor ToT arties as well as bringing back the Metal and Neon dyes to eat up all the excess minors floating around currently. This way the Treasures of Tokuno never really go away, but the major arties can actually be worth something. The guardians can also be tokuno-themed. Level 1- lizardmen, orcs, giant spiders, headless Level 2- kappas, black widows, few others Level 3- Lesser Hiry
  7. This morning my chicken went orc hunting in Tokuno and (eventually) scored a Tome of Enlightenment. I may keep going there for the fun of slaughtering stuff for the event. Questions: Does luck play any role in drops for Tokuno? L's Mempo is a minor, it can drop anytime? I've heard of people turning stuff in for Majors, what are they, and how do you turn minors in? For that matter, is there a list or page detailing all Major & Minor arties for ToT -3-? Thanks. Alfonz says "BuGAAAWWK!"
  8. Can the pigments of Tokuno dye rares? I'm not talking about artifacts or enhanced armor, but blessed rares? Wearable?
  9. We'll be gathering to go on a raid into Tokuno and see if we can find ourselves some of these artifacts, personally i'm just looking for to meeting the Yamandon again. All Friends of the Crossbow Corps Welcome Meet at Sylver House, Vesper, leaving 8:30pm gmt
  10. Hey there. I got 2 un-labeled Tokuno Dyes in a row. By this I mean no color was listed. This reminds me of the old color-erasing one, which is now obtainable as "Bleach." (Or, at the very least, something highly similar is.) Any idea what's going on here? Are the labels just missing somehow? Have I gotten nothing more than 2 items to turn in? -Galen's player
  11. Tomorrow What’s New with the Treasures of Tokuno? · 10 completely new “minor” dyes, replacing the old, dull hues! o Fresh Peach o Silver o Deep Brown o Burnt Brown o Light Green o Rose o Pale Blue o Noble Gold o Pale Orange o 5Chaos Blue · Removed the “Pigments of Tokuno” from the Major Rewards menu (players can now only get the dyes from the monsters themselves) · 1 new minor artifact: “Leurocian’s Mempo of Fortune” o Luck 300 o Mana Regen 1 o Physical Resist: 15% o Fire Resist: 10% o Cold
  12. Hail to all! I've been spending much time in Tokuno lately, but have had little luck with the new dyes. To anyone that is trading these new dyes in for Major Arties, I'll trade you another item for em! If you have 6 chaos blue or sliver (or a combination of the two) I'll trade you a Major of your choice! Please PM me if you want to arrange a trade! Thanx very much. =)
  13. I have way to much junk honestly. I don't really need many tokuno things since I have what I need. So I figured if anyone is having any problems getting them or cannot get them due to time constraints please let me know. The only things I cant give away are the Chaos Blue dyes (I'm going to redye the Blue Light Tavern Lamp posts to that color. I think) The Pinkish color because I told Ryo id give her my extra. Mempo because I haven't gotten one yet but if I get two which is unlikely ill give it to someone who has been dieing for it heh. Anyways if your looking for something in particul
  14. Mayor Bam Bam has just signed documents to found the new PaxOku City Council. Lord Gareth who has been filling in as Head Council member for a few months now made the move to get it underway late last night. I had a few words with him about this surprising news. Why was the council formed now and not before or later? Gareth "The council wasn't worked on before because, Mayor Bam Bam, myself and Niva The Savage could handle running the city, news, storylines, events and other things on our own. PaxOku started to show some spark earlier last week and started to pick up through the weekend to
  15. I have been noticing many people getting rid of their tokuno pigments. I want to buy some, but u know when something's about to change when people start selling them for cheaper. Just seems like a lot more of them have been for sale. Maybe it's coincidental... Anyone hear or know anything??? Sure would hate to spend millions if they are going to change price soon. Any info would be apprecited, thankyou!
  16. We've been toying with our various ideas for the Tokuno History for quite some time but I wanted to jot it down someplace public for us to discuss and have it available to refer to. Now with regards to the timeline, I'm using the After Fall timeline which refers to the Fall of the Evain Empire when the Armageddon spell was cast that slew the powerful Pharoh-Magi, Aritoth El'Bashir. The spell was cast by the Orc High Shaman, Zog, but Zog was freed by a ninja, Jozen Omigari, from Tokuno. This event mark the primary reference point of this timeline. AF will denote After the Fall. BF will de
  17. I just found a bag that i had some how stashed away and forgot about that has some tokuno minor arties in it, it also has tokuno dye's. My question is are the dye's considered minor arties?
  18. I am a huge believer that anything that bennefits game play should be obtainable through the game via normal game play. The same should be true of Tokuno Artifacts, but unfortunately it is not. Tokuno Artifacts should be a permanant system. That does not mean that they need to bring back the dyes, but the should at least bring back the items.
  19. Guest

    Tokuno Map

    So I decided to play around today and made this tokuno map. The question is would you like me to do the other facet maps as I did this one? Would they be of use to anyone? I thought about doing some extra layers with different markers for different reason and may still do that later on who knows. I may do different versions of each with different markers on them and rar them all up as a package people can download. Just need feedback before doing all the work.
  20. Is this still possible? For a couple weeks a while back all tokuno mobs dropped minors that could be exchanged 10...?? or was it 5?? for a Tokuno Major artifact?? Is it still possible to turn-in the minors for majors? and how many is it if possible?? Is it 10?? or 5? Thanks for any info.
  21. Guest

    Treasures of Tokuno

    Hi are some of the Minor ToT Artis alot more rare/worth as the other ? It is better to sell the minors or turn them to pigments and sell the pigments ?
  22. I just bought a token and have no idea how they work. Can someone clue me in or point me in the right direction? I want to know things such as what they dye, how many uses, what colors, whatever else is relevant. Thanks!
  23. Meeting starts promptly at 9 PM ET. Ends by 10 PM ET. Location: Uncertain exactly where meeting will be held inside PaxOku yet. So meet at the Tea House and receive directions or find rune on the front porch steps. Ceremony Planned: Mayor of PaxOku (Gareth resigning, Neira to be appointed).
  24. PaxLair Weekly Meeting March 18 (Tuesday) 8:30 PM ET - Pre-meeting activity 9:00 PM ET - Meeting 10:00 PM ET - Post-meeting activity Location - PaxOku, Tokuno (NE of Homare-jima Moongate) - Location - PaxKratOku Auction House, PaxOku, Homare-jima, Tokuno, Chesapeake Meeting Location - PaxKratOku Auction House, PaxOku, Homare-jima, Tokuno Just NE of Homare-jima Moongate, on left side of road
  25. This year’s Summer Festival was a very special one, as attendees gathered together at the bank in Zento and prepared to enjoy the day by receiving a Tokuno basket filled with special clothing made by Santa and the Tokuno Festival tailor. In addition to the summer clothes the festival goers also received a pre-charged runebook filled with event locations, a schedule of events, an origami, and of course, cookies and milk! First stop was at Santa’s Waterpark where pillows were provided to help cushion bums while sliding down the steep waterfall. After a few turns down the slide participants rec
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