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Found 21 results

  1. I noticed today that race change tokens do NOT work with the enhanced client. I just gives you the message "You may try this again later..." Very generous indeed! I tried to convert my worker to gargoyle and it just didn't let me do it. Then I remember that KR would give you the same message when trying to change from human to elf. You just couldn't had to install 2d. I switched to classic client and voilĂ  ... a gargoyle I was. This is just unbelievable! I mean, I'm very tolerant when it comes to bugs, but this is really really grave! Maybe they should have given us these to play around wi
  2. so what did you guys use your tokens for?
  3. lots of each for sale again. not making any implications here, just stating what i see. hammers are spendy too, north of 20 million gold.
  4. Why has this not been fixed yet? I have had these tokens for a very long time and just now decided to use them. Quite disappointing, really.
  5. I was wondering how these worked?.. I remember getting them a while back, and THOUGHT I traded 1-2 in for a couple Heritage Items, but..... I can't find them on any char, or any bank box. There is a chance I didn't actually use them, or I used them at a time when server happened to get slid back a few hours.... My question is: .... How many Heritage Tokens should I have recieved per character?? Is it per SLOT?? , or based on Char Age??? Because as it stands now, I only have 4 Heritage Tokens left [6chars] and based on me thinking I did use 2 of them before, I wondering if I lost the ite
  6. For some reason, UO has limited the number of thes that one can purchase in 30 days (4). Anyone know the reason for this? I finally threw some cash out for additional pixels so I could add some skill to my Siege thief. No big deal really, I can always use another account to purchase more, but I was wondering why they would limit the sale of these to 4 every 30 days. Were they worried people would try selling them in game? Sheesh, their only 10 bucks a pop...not a high ticket item imo...la
  7. I'm looking for 2 transfer tokens, please ICQ me or PM me if you have any for sale. Thank you. 289375286
  8. Has anyone ever used one? Do you know does it just transfer 1 character to another shard or all characters on the account? DO you get to keep anything in your characters bank and the armour and weaps your equipt with?
  9. Hmm, although I do appreciate having numerous pretty tokens from which I can get just about anything now, wasn't that just a really lazy thing to do? I mean think of all the people that bought the sets for them, the value of heritage items is gonna crash now, so consider all those people who bought them before. I do wish they came up with something else for the 10th... but ah well I guess, just feel alot of people may be quite annoyed What do ya'll think?
  10. Im buying heritage tokens! ICQ me, 158883995 and we can work something out
  11. When I came back to UO about three months ago I used the upgrade code and the promo code and all I got where the crystal decor and the evil decor and one attendent token. Wasn't I suppose to get heritage tokens?
  12. Guest

    Heritage tokens?!?

    I have come to realize that this game is not what it was back in its prime when i played i just dont feel this game is for me anymore. To my main question are the heritage tokens worth trying to sell on ebay or anything i have 5 left.
  13. Greetings, i was wondering if folks could please post the Going Rate of a "Shard Transfer Token" On your Shard. Thank you For your time. Scott
  14. I just want to be clear before I use one of these... Your pack, bank & up to 5 pack horses can move across the shards? In regards to the pack horses, they're 1 slot each? I don't want to try and use the token and because I don't have enough Animal Lore or taming lose 2 packies on the way Thanks, Snuggs
  15. What did you chose with your 9th Anniv. tokens? So far I've only used two. The Hearth of Home Fire place & Cherry Blossom Tree. I'm a little disapointed with both... The Fire place pokes threw the floor & just like the Christmas Trees you can see the CB Tree Shadow on every floor (it's on the roof). So anyway, what gift's did ya'll choose and how are they working out for you?
  16. How much are thte 9th anniversary tokens going for on the various shards? Should I sell the token or claim the item and sell that? Is it worth holding on to since kingdon reborn is coming out and next year they may do the same thing w/ that new boxed set making these tokens go back down. I am not a deco buff so the tokens did not so much for me.
  17. Posted on UO Stratics: Player: These are still usable, yes, if I get a token today, and 'claim' it, I'll have a functioning fragment? I hear that is not the way with full Soulstones: that if you didn't activate one awhile ago, all you'll get if you activate one now is a decoration. Anything wrong in my inferences? Wilki: All tokens and codes should work forever, unless we specify otherwise. An exception would be the 8th Age promo CODE. It used to create a blue soulstone token, but no longer does so. However, you still get all the other goodies from the code. Any existing blue sou
  18. I have two tokens I am interested in selling on Legends. I have the server transfer token and the 8th anniversay award token that I am wondering what kind of gold one could expect to make off these if any. Thanks in advance! P.s. I want to sell the award/transfer because I am a new player and am poor
  19. I am a new player and I want to know what I could expect to get for a server change token or a 8th anniversary award token that I want to sell on legends. Thanks for the help!
  20. Posted on UO.com: Want to see how the other half lives? Did you create your character in a rush and accidentally choose the wrong name? Maybe you just want a fresh start for an existing character? Well now you can experience life as a whole someone new with UO Name and Gender Change tokens. Click here to buy Name and Gender Change tokens now.
  21. Posted on UO Stratics: Wilki: We hadn't made an official annoucement yet, but they should be on sale on March 3rd. We'll have more details posted on UO.com soon. Player: I am curious to whether or not if these codes are already available to the Japanese players for purchasing or not. I mean if thats the case, how come they already have the option of buying them where as the rest of the world doesn't get that option till March 2nd, 2006 ? CatHat: It would just be speculation on my part as to why the Japanese market would have it first. Not really my bag - international planning ect.
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