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Found 24 results

  1. After Spending A Few Hours Sorting Out IDOC Loot I Came Across An Odd Token. The Token Is For A Cozy Life Starter Kit. Now I Have Asked Many People And No One Could Tell Me Where It Came From Or What It Gives. If Anyone Knows Anything About The Mysterious Token Please Share The Impute. Appologies For Not Posting Pic Here It Is Folks. http://i304.photobucket.com/albums/nn186/bgblnts247/untitled-3.jpg
  2. i need a transfer token on wakoku but can pay on wakoku, chesapeake or atlantic, icq me 102388892 if you can help, ty
  3. Selling soul stone token ..10 mil icq 219496837 put token in request so i can autho you! Or you can PM me here! Thanks!
  4. Does this thing even exist? Some guy peddling outside of West Britain Bank mentioned it but recalled before I could get further info. Apparently it had something to do with minors or major artifacts.
  5. New date for Battle of the Beaks is Monday November 3rd. Please see referring post! The most pressing issue was that due to the inability to get pets to fight as they must in Felucca for the fights to be entirely fair, we needed to move the whole thing to Trammel, which means entrants must be guilded specifically for the event. Since some of you may already have chickens prepared but on characters who cannot reasonably leave and return to your guilds, this gives an opportunity to transfer the chicken to an alternate character and still have plenty of time to re-bond. We apologize fo
  6. Buying name change token and assassin armor gloves on chessie. pm me or icq 459-280-707
  7. Hello All. I just came across a vendor with these tokens on them. Anyone have any info? New colors? Thanks in advance.
  8. Hail, does someone know how much soulstone fragment tokens are sold for? and were best to sell them? thanks a lot Faenwen
  9. What is available on this token? Do you get only 1 Tokuno dye or more then 1
  10. Just reactivated my account after a long long time, and found one of these tokens in my backpack! I'm not sure if its bound to my account or whatever, but if I can sell it, how much? Thanks!
  11. What is the difference between a "Legacy Token" and a "Heritage Token"?:? What do the Legacy tokens have on them that the Heritage don't have? When I looked them up it seems they have the same stuff on them am I right? Why do the Legacy tokens cost so much more? Thank you
  12. Drowy posted this thread on a friends behalf. Its quite a long thread because Ive included comments from players who immediately assumed some fraud was intended and ro show things arent always what they seem. Story is this: A friend bought a legacy token code. This code was already used. So he gave the code to a friend to test it. But didnt work either. After that his friend wanted to log on another char, but couldnt. He got banned. What can he do? Wasnt their fault cause the code was already used. ~~~~ malice123 replied j/k sounds like a Jeremy issue ~~~~ Skylark had found
  13. Does anyone have any information about Buddy Tokens? I got one at an idoc, and have no idea what they are redeemable for. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  14. Our day began routinely enough, waiting in Lord Elrond's library in Rivendell for instructions. When his conference with Gandalf was concluded, Lord Elrond bade us travel west and assist his sons in discovering the source of the Dread slowly spreading through the Trollshaws. On our way to assist Elrohir and Elladan, however, we came upon a love-struck elf who begged our assistance in finding and delivering a love token to his chosen one, his own duties to Rivendell requiring him to remain at his post. I was sympathetic with his plight and agreed to help him. Maddux, however, stood apa
  15. is it me or does anyone else think this idear stinks i beleive it will lower the value of the charger, soulstone and robe of shadows 3 thihgs i have collected because of the fact they couldnt be had anymore i have 5 chargers, 6 robe of shadows and 4 soulstones i might as well sell them now
  16. What is this ? And is it worth something ? It look s like a Grey Moonstone [ATTACH]7027[/ATTACH]
  17. source taken from UO Siege Perilous I think Otto reported this a while back, but it seems that the NPC in Britain bank that is supposed to give a token for an unblessed 7th AE item in exchange for the Advanced Character tokens, and Character Transfer tokens that were claimed on Siege STILL does not recognize any tokens except the Char transfer. I just traded the last 2 of my char transfer tokens for 7th AE tokens, but it will not accept my ACTs. Anyone else have the same problem? -Skylark ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hmmm...I just found the post where this was reported as an issue on TC5
  18. Got one for sale on here, 8 mil takes it.
  19. Selling Charater Transfer Token, Please ICQ me on 449-281-451
  20. Im buying One If anyone has one plz tell me
  21. Posted on the UO.com Home Page: Ultima Online: 9th Anniversary Collection NOW ON SALE! Time's running out! The Heritage Collection item tokens will only be available til January 16th! (Tokens, once claimed, will remain in-game until used.) To see all the items in the collection, click here. Now at your local software store, the Ultima Online 9th Anniversary Collection, featuring two new housing sets, personal attendants, and for a limited time, you can choose nine in-game gifts from a selection of over 50 items in the Heritage Collection. Get all the details here.
  22. source taken from UO.UHall We have a new Box coming out with 9th anniversary. After a year of posting to Cybernickel's request for your attention to the issue created by your delivery method of the bonus items included in the box (one code insert for ALL items dropped to same character, making them useless on Siege and annoying on other shards.) I am becoming convinced that EA will do nothing to amend the situation created during the sales of 8th Age boxes. COULD you please at least assure us that different methods will be used with the 9th anniversary so we do not get a repeat if we c
  23. Anyone got one? Reply the price. Im paying with UO gold on LS.
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