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  1. No, It's not time for the shard to go down. It's time for another trek across country with Gak. I will try and update our progress daily for those of you who are interested. Generally there is no shortage of excitement, fire trucks, and food along the way. Some of you know me, Many more of you know Gak. Oddly enough, some of you know Gak better then I do. For those of you who don't know Gak, this will be a glimpse of Gak out of game. Which is scary to think about. I'll try and keep it PG rated, Gak does tend to use some salty language from time to time. We are leaving all the clompin
  2. The time has changed to 10:30pm EST. This is for the Hall Of Commons Meeting on September the 6th. Make sure you write it down!!
  3. I would like to invite everyone who is a pvper or not happy with the events being run on Chesapeake to come to the Hall of Commons on THIS SUNDAY AT 10:30PM EST! This is where you can tell the EMs what you don't like or what you do like! Also if you don't like the events they are running (Which some will and some wont) but, if you feel more people will come to the events then please give them suggestions!! Perhaps say something like this. "I would really like it if you guys did an event where we split into teams. One team has to keep "Mistress Pain" locked in the jail for two hours and
  4. I Recently Had To Reinstall SA Client Which Was Fine But Can Something Be Done About The Patches. I Have A 2.4G Processor With 1G RAM And It Is Still Taking Me Over 5 Hours To Install All The Patches I Use DSL So I Know That Dial-Up Will Take Longer.
  5. I would like to get everyone's input into the best time to hold a City Council meeting [in-game]. Because of [my toddler], I am usually unavailable in the evenings until after 9:00 PM Eastern. The night of the week makes no difference, but we want to stay away from nights where there are other events going on as well. Please let me know what days and times work for everyone. At worst, we may have to have some meetings through the skypages, through pigeons, or through [e-mail]. Thank you, Lady Katherine Council Chairwoman
  6. http://zapatopi.net/metrictime/ thought this was a pretty good idea
  7. Hows everybody doin? Its been almost 1 1/2 years since I've played. Was wondering if anyone I played with back in the day still plays and if anythings changed since early '08. -Elie/KARURU/a hooded figure
  8. I took a break from UO a short while before KR released to make my return with KR a little more fresh.. Now here it is 2009 and I am just getting around to starting again. Only problem is I have to download the 2.3gb KR client to play and since I am on dialup ( nothing else around here ) that would take a month.. So... Who wants to mail me a disc with the KR client? Wish EA would send out those discs again.. I had more of those than the AOL discs lol. I know download only screws me over quite nicely.
  9. http://www.theonion.com/content/video/obama_axes_pentagon_plan_to_build?utm_source=a-section you'll love it.
  10. Just as the title says. How do you spend your ingame time? what do you do when you are playing? Decorating your house, PvPing, hunting treasures or whatever..
  11. Hello there UO players, ive been playing this game with different trail accounts for quite some time now. I love the game and all that it has to offer. But my concern is that even if i put in some time and effort to this game will it be a waste of time since the game is like 12 years old. When im playing an MMO i want the game to be active enough to enjoy all the things the game has to offer. In UO i would love to own a house or several houses.. is this even possible since what ive come do understand is that old players and their houses are still here which makes it very difficult for relat
  12. An event has been announced by Lord Magnus Grey on Great Lakes. All willing to fight are encouraged to head to the Counselor's Guild Hall in the city of Britain in Trammel by 8pm CST (9pm ET, 6pm PT, 2am GMT). For more information, check http://www.uoledger.com/ Be sure to check UO Ledger for updates as the event progresses. See you there!
  13. Does this template still work? Also does a shield block spells if you have parry?
  14. Hello all! I'm finally moving from my small Fel second home to an 18x18 spot I've found. I erased all levels of the old house, in the hope that would force everything into the moving crate. Alas, I now have quite the collection of items suspended in mid-air. I haven't placed my new house yet, and I'm reluctant to do so until I've got all my stuff in a moving crate. Help! ~M
  15. Expecting an appearance from Lord/King/Conniving/Murderer? Casca.
  16. 1. chill out. 2. learn to spell. 3. the pixels disappear when you turn off your monitor. 4. no one in the real world cares how many n3wbz u pwnz. 5. ITS A VIDEO GAME.
  17. Guest

    Time To Go

    Just like to say bye to all who knew me... Played from LBR days but finally the time's come to move on. Gone are the pre-AOS days of when things were fun, GM armour was good and brit blacksmith was the place to be, haven wasn't 'new' haven, stat's didn't exist and bag-of-sending weren't muffed up, brit bank had more than 2 people there who actually spoke all by themselves. The world was eaiser on the eyes and neon items weren't everywhere you turned, a time when you could find a vendor shops throughout the lands, when you could mine for the ore you want and know where to get it. I even
  18. Has anyone tried finding a copy of UO in a gaming shop lately? It seems UO get little to 0 shelf time. How is this game ever going to continue if it isnt out there for people to notice and buy? My question is this, will SA get shelf time?
  19. Guest

    How time flies..

    I can't believe this site will be 7 years old, come September this year. Scary isn't it? hehe
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