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  1. Think we had one of these before, but it must've died. Simple instructions, list the song you're currently listening to. Me, i'm listening to "Lifehouse - Somewhere in between" This singer has a unique voice, I love this song.
  2. I've been searching for a Vesper Picture thread! Have yet to find one! Shame, shame on you all. I love picture threads for I love to see all the odd people (myself included) who play characters that I RP with alot! Muhahaha. Me, with the sun glasses. Fun. Uhmmm that's all for now more to come later after someone more post!!
  3. Adri

    Kitty Thread

    Since we have all these cat posts lately, I decided to add this.
  4. If you're not able to attend this Saturday's Seattle UO Town Hall have no fear, for once again members of the Whispering Rose Radio [WRR] staff will be broadcasting it live and you can join in the 'party' time fun on Lake Superior at the special WRR Dave & Busters site ....
  5. I know everyone has stuff they want to see in UO. Maybe if this thread gets big enough we can make a forum? More realistic creatures in more varieties of shapes and colors (especially to replace some of the fake ones. Like the revenant lion or whatever it is called, I would love a real lion., and even prehistoric ones, like sabretooth tigers say in the lost lands.) More realistic plants in more varieties of shapes and colors (I love KR's partial pigmentation). Armor and Barding manicans that are poseable and can have manican riders for the creatures.
  6. Ever wondered what our characters do when we're not here ? well thats what this RP thread is for. This thread will be used for things that our characters have done while we were sleeping or working, or while away at the weekend, no need for full stories just a paragraph or two. Please keep all posts IC, no babbling and please only those connected to S&K and our characters to post. I've really no idea if this will work, but lets try it.
  7. Turbine has the north american press release up on the LOTRO site. The Lord of the Rings Online?: Siege of Mirkwood? | The Lord of the Rings Online So what are your thoughts on this? Rumor has it that it'll be $19.99 and digital purchase only. My guess is that it's roughly half of what MoM was, in terms of price and content.
  8. I was hoping that we might be able to put together a character background thread over on the public forum with details and history of your character, kinda like an extended profile. include : Name Age Rank Role Rewards/medals Picture(UO paperdoll if nothing else) History/Background thoughts ?
  9. Just saw Iron Man on DVD. Absolutely brilliant. I love the part where he upgrades his heart! and flying around in that iron man suit. Good effects, good story. 8/10 from me
  10. This is a dedicated thread for all things PVP for Oceania. This thread will be "Lightly moderated", which basically means, no RL threats, nothing illegal of any kind, no pornography etc.
  11. In an effort to promote Siege and a UO Forums, I'll be running an event this Saturday, March 21. The event will tip off at 7 p.m. central time. The event will be a combination utilizing in game activity and the chat feature unique to UO Forums. What will happen is that within chat, I will post a location. Then, the race is on to that location. The first person to reach the location, gets three points, the second person gets two points and the third person gets one point. Once three players have arrived, I will announce the next location using the chat feature on this forum. There will
  12. What are some of your favourite songs of all time? I think these are some of the best peices of music ever written: [video=youtube;3G6UHQJx3Us]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3G6UHQJx3Us&feature=channel_page"]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3G6UHQJx3Us&feature=channel_page [video=youtube;ygNuRpwZqRU] "] [video=youtube;wH2vP8DuGNM]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wH2vP8DuGNM&feature=channel_page"]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wH2vP8DuGNM&feature=channel_page [video=youtube;rMcQKP3xID0]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rMcQKP3xID0&feature=channel_page"]http://www.youtube.com/
  13. Just because we didn't have one, really.
  14. What are your best games ever? So hard to choose i know but mine would have to be: Ultima Online Nox Never Winter Nights series The Witcher Diablo 2 Thats all i can think of right now.
  15. Among all the doom and gloom, I found this thread which I thought was amusing.[ not least of all some of the responses......isnt it amazing how theres always SOMEONE can moan about a perfectly good natured thread] Connor_Graham explains his dilemma Since things are kind of on hold for the moment for swapping characters... I've got this problem with the local dockworkers and fisherman. They hang out in front of my house at all hours of the day, drinking and carousing. There are ale and liquor bottles floating in my pond from their activities, and I even caught one peeing over the si
  16. In the thread the author says "First, CAUTION. DO NOT GO OVER 200 SKILL if you are going to use adv char tokens AFTER raising peace and music. If you DO go over, pull extra skill off using soul stones FIRST." Why would you use the advanced character token at a later time? Why wouldn't I use the token immediately? Confused here.
  17. Can you guys post some youtube videos in this thread and see if you get any errors? Also, let me know how long it takes to submit a reply? Is it slow? fast? [video=youtube;c3zobSujXso]
  18. The Militia : Made up of Vesperian (-V-) forces or anyone Loyal to Captain Escaflowne. Their claim that the current Baron Van Cocidius has been abusing his powers, using Vesperian gold to fund his lavish life style and to pay bribes to his supporters. They want to remove him from power. The Trade Union : Made up of fighters from the Vesper trading Co. and S&K Trading Co, or any supporters of Baron VC. Their claim is that Captain Escaflowne wishes to overthrow the Baron and government of Vesper and install himself as ruler of Vesper, essentially using the Army to rule. The Battles : Eac
  19. The past day or so, every time I reply to a thread, it automatically subscribes me to that thread. I am not clicking subscribe, or doing anything different. Is there something automatically doing it for me? The emails are getting annoying lol. I can go in the CP and unsubscribe no problem. ETA: I went in and turned off the subscribe thing, it seems to come back on randomly tho.
  20. I came up with an idea last night, which may or may not work, it all depends on you lot. I know our guild is not looked upon as being the best 'Roleplay' RP guild so my idea was for a Thread where we RP when we're not logged in... so for an example, i might post something like this after everyone has gone to bed... *Devante stumbles home drunk after a heavy night at the swaggers, he smells of ale and collapses in the hallway* To which Reeds next post might be something like... *arrives at Sylver house to find Devante in the hallway, takes out a quill and scribbles "GAY" across his fore
  21. All threads which haven't been replied to in 1 year, will be automatically locked. I believe that's a reasonable time frame.
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