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  1. Hello all originally from napa, then to sonoma. Been gone 3 years I believe. Need some help here. When I left I had a bushi mage and paladin. I am only here to pvp and quest. What's is todays top mages/paladins doing? my plan is to build a suit 100lrc, 40lmc, 8mr, 40hci, 40dci and use both for my paladin and mage. Question 1: I have ALWAYS used 4/6 on a paladin for chivalry. I see people posting bracelets with 15hci 15dci no fc/fcr. Doesnt look very impressive to me, whats the deal here? I no longer know how to build a dexxer!! Question 2: All this talk about mage weapon -20. Is it true a pu
  2. BANNED IN GERMANY: Reaction in Germany Due to its graphic violence and thus obvious fulfilment of at least one of German BPjM's indexing criteria, the Unterhaltungssoftware Selbstkontrolle, Germany's board responsible for rating entertainment software, has refused to rate the game. Microsoft does not allow unrated games to be published for the Xbox 360 in Germany, effectively halting the production of a German version of the game. Right from the start, the game has been indexed by the BPjM as a document that glorifies violence, but has been available as an import to players of legal age.[27]
  3. A gate makes history... Citizens & members of the Royal Guard gathered for the emergency Meet 'n Greet called by Lady (Queen) Dawn in the Royal Guard Hall, Serpents Hold (Tram) It wasn't long before Daniel Ravens appeared on behalf of Queen Dawn and announced that Queen Zhah of Ter Mur, The land of the Gargoyles, would be meeting Queen Dawn of Britannia in the British Castle! The moongate opened for the castle where Queen Dawn greeted the citizens while a special assigned group of Royal Guard Escorts hurried to the Britian moongate to await the arrival of the very special gues
  4. Hello Ok just came back after a 2 year break, both my hubby and myself. I dl stygian etc all that advanced client, this was last week, my computer is a very nice one brand new dual core it playes Vanguard like no one else plays and no lag no hitching, its smooth as a babies bottom. Ultima - *cries* I load it, I get more black than I do graphics, when the graphics decide to load I am walking so slow, terrible lag, terrible hitching, I seem to fly forward (prob lag and stuff duno) 8 squares when I think I have walked one. I performed a full wipe of my comp (its new *sob* I have now don
  5. I Myself Havent Got The Upgrade Yet But I Have Seen Some Things That Without A Doubt Is Wrong. I Have Had Reports That Some Elf Characters Have Been Changed To Humans. Also Some Ethys Are Not Showing. People Look Like There Riding On Air. Is Anyone Else Experiencing These? If So Report Them Here
  6. here: combatant rules... class 3 dexer melee/archer no summons no pots, orange petals or enhanced apples no disarm-ABSOLUTLY NO DISARM. no mounts no holy light no faction bandaids no magery or necro no spellweaving no ninja stars or shurikens no ward removal no fire horns no poisoning with or with or without skill so skills I have on this char Are 120 bushido 120 tactics 120 parry 120 fencing *90* ninja stoned this 0 80 chivarly (cant or dont need holy light) just for healing Thinking of 100 healing or 110... leaves me with 50 points to put in Med? leaves 50 points for pvp use like
  7. Dear Marshall, I had informed you a few weeks ago of a rumor that had reached my ears; that Tommy Nottinbury has a bomb hidden in his home with plans to harm Vesper with it. At the time, the doors had been locked. However, I was able to gain access today. The pure cheek! There is a giant contraption "hidden" on his dining room table. It couldn't be more open. I dutifully sketched the entire thing and carefully examined the contents of the parts. Luckily it did not explode in my face when I did. I hope these things are of use to you. Sincerely yours, Elaine.
  8. ... which I won't include in my own game I'm making. 1.) Taming. I hate the fact that you need to spend hours and hours taming bulls or whatever just to get to tame a dragon or nightmare. Then with all the expansions it seems some tameable beasts have a minimum of GM lore/taming to tame the darn things! 2.) Animal Lore & other companion "knowledge" skills. You can't swing a damn sword right if don't have tactics. You can't heal right if you don't have anatomy. You can't cast spells without Evaluating Intelligence. 3.) Using dragons or something to gain "Glorious Lord" or "Glorious
  9. I'm a bit confused by this. I saw, both in screen shoots and in houses I visited myself, all kinds of stuff on the bar counters people built with the house customization tool. So I thought I could place some bar counters in my house and then put things on them... The problem is no matter how hard I try I cannot get anything on the bar counters. So what am I doing wrong? Is there some kind of trick to getting thing on the bar counters?
  10. So I began working on a bit of writing and I found myself trying to come up with a few notes for inclusion about the troubles Yew has experienced over the years. Obviously, they have recently suffered from the Shadowlord Daemon army and prior to that, they had suffered through Adranath's failed spell as well the Juka invasion. Does anyone remember if Yew also suffered an invasion or Orcs and Savages back in 2001? While I'm at it, does anyone remember all the cities that fell under attack during that scenario? They refer to it as the Savage Empire on Stratics. I know for a fact Skara Brae
  11. I stumbled a couple things i really dont have a clue with,first is a mace: Silver-Etched Mace Undead Slayer Spell channeling 25% SSI 54% DI 14% poison res 40% phys dmg 40% poison dmg 20% energy dmg Wep dmg 14-17 Wep speed 3s Next item is a 8th year veteran reward weapon engraving tool with 10 charges(think thats maximum?) Thanks
  12. ok so I see people running around with this bird looking thing on thier paperdoll..on the right hand side and they all have different stats, what is that, and how do you get one?
  13. Ok I have a stash of junk I'd like to off load and I have no idea what its worth. I look at Luna vendors n laff, its like going to a Everythings-A-Million store. I know this stuff isnt worth that much so some help would be appreciated... Raed's Glory Staff of Pyros Gwenno's Harp, I know I asked, was told 500K was "stupid" Iolo's Lute Alacrity scroll for herding, do ppl really do this one? Arrow shafts, 5 finger discount from tinker Cursed arties, several pcs of armor for whole body 19 black/coal colored bows, one labeled orcish, one labeled blood drinking, others just say bow and are assort
  14. i have 58 old bells and a few are white. 40 white plants.
  15. Simple and straight forward only two ways to vote. I think its about time to see what the players really think since we all cant make Townhall meetings.
  16. Just today I hit the 5M gold mark on hunting earnings (and that is just from hunting and looting gold and gems)...took quite a while! I'd like to buy some things to help my ABC archer be able to tackle harder monsters and maybe eventually work his way into Doom and into higher level champ spawns. What would you recommend? He hasn't used any powerscrolls for skills yet but he has used a +25 stat scroll. I sort of want to buy some new equipment though since all of my stuff is really basic stuff I've looted off of blood elementals. I saw a bow called "The Horselord" and thought it might be go
  17. Things You Should Know But Probably Don’t… If you’re like me, there are countless things you should know - but don’t. Don’t worry, there are people that spend their time digging up this info so we don’t have to. Make sure you know these things, there’s going to be a quiz later! Things You Should Know, But Probaby Don’t… 1 . Money isn’t made out of paper, it’s made out of cotton. 2. The Declaration of Independence was written on hemp paper. 3. The dot over the letter i is called a “tittle”. 4. A raisin dropped in a glass of fresh champagne will bounce up and down continuously from the bottom of
  18. By now, even your toddler knows where and how to locate just about anything on the Web. But unless your friends are all dialed in to the same social network, a white-pages-style directory for finding actual people is often harder to come by. These five services aim to change that. Full story here
  19. Craig's List has it all... (yes, I had to prtscrn it cuz I knew it was going to be flagged soon teehee!)
  20. They can really make you mad Other things just make you swear and curse. When you're chewing on life's gristle Don't grumble, give a whistle And this'll help things turn out for the best... Link
  21. I managed to pop into Cove late last night for a first look at the Vanguard Controllers. They seem to be reasonably easier to take down than I thought. Makes one wonder what is next for the towns doesn't it?
  22. "Players with a sufficient skill in blacksmithy or tailoring will have a random chance to receive bulk order requests from NPC Armorers and Blacksmiths (blacksmithy) and NPC Tailors and Weavers (tailoring)" A player can receive a BOD (Bulk Order Deed) by left clicking the NPC and selecting Bulk Order Deed Info. The BOD timer is 6 hours. This timer can be reset by turning in a filled BOD. *Note: Do not turn in 10 filled BODS one after another and then request 10 BODS. It wont work. You must turn in 1 Bod, Request 1 Bod, Rinse, Wash & Repeat. "The level of the character's blacksmithy
  23. I have GMed my mining and am well on the way with my smithing. The problem is I have no idea how or where to sell things. I assume that with GM smithing (or better) and some runic hammers I should be able to make stuff that is worth something. But that's no use unless I can get it to market. I play on Oceania (quiet shard). Any advice on selling stuff would be appreciated.
  24. few yrs ago I was able to find houses with venders all over the place...now i have a hard time finding houses...muchles with venders...where have they all gone?...am i looking in the wrong place...where is the best place to buy player items?...I just started playing on origin after a few yrs off....thanks much...
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