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  1. Is this the place to test sigs and stuff? Drav
  2. okay so i feel rediculously stupid asking this....i got a beta invite in my email last week...now how do i access the new content? i applied the code to my account to upgrade it to SA and downloaded the new sa client. whats next? lol...any help would be greatly appreciated
  3. If I build a house in TC so I can work of roofing designs, will that cause my real house to start decaying?
  4. I as a lot of others wasn't lucky enough to make into the beta, but I thought I start a thread where we can submit things we would like to have tested. I know people won't be able to give more feedback than an "I will look into it" or maybe even an "I have looked into it", but that would be already a good thing. Because being a dedicated KR player I know of some bugs and problems that I wouldn't like to see again when SA comes out. And maybe a bug report from a first round beta tester count's more then the ones I submitted. Or maybe they are already fixed. But as said before, would be nice if
  5. didnt know how to delete.
  6. Test Tasks have been removed from the promotional criterea due to them just being too much work for us leaders and makes promotions more complicated then they should be.
  7. The marshall requests that a scout draw maps of the jails of Yew, Trinsic and Cove, to aid in planning future rescue missions. This task will also count as a test for the scout undertaking it. Said scout must complete this task undiscovered in order to pass.
  8. Bullroarer will go live on Thursday May 21 at 7:00PM Eastern (-4 GMT) and we need you there! Bullroarer is a true test server and we‘ll be conducting a test right off the bat! We’ll be conducting a login queue and server test promptly at 7:00PM. It’s important everyone who logs in remain in the queue. Don’t be discouraged by your position in the queue or the wait time estimates. No one is sneaking in ahead of you. Everyone will be allowed in at the same time. It’s an important test so please be on time! Once the world is open be sure to test out our new Summer Festival! You’re going to li
  9. This is just a basic test run to see quality of you tube and so on. [video=youtube;AYiLMlk0BWQ]
  10. Last night a group of brave militia decided to go test their skills against the Dark Father in the Gauntlet of Doom. Twas an epic struggle but eventually they overcame the beast with sheer militia might!
  11. Can you guys post some youtube videos in this thread and see if you get any errors? Also, let me know how long it takes to submit a reply? Is it slow? fast? [video=youtube;c3zobSujXso]
  12. For those interested go to Umbra and walk through the white portal! They are active now! Had wrong title first!
  13. Inspector started this thread to ask for more. Okay I don't really play test center too much, but if I have something in my head that I want to test out I'll create a character and burn runic kits and whatever to get the items needed to make the character but there are a few things that could be added to make things a bit smoother in the item creation stage. A talisman or a set of talismans that give the crafting exceptional bonus's for all the crafting skills but have it give more than is normally possible... say like 50% exceptional/success chance for fletching/carpentry/tinkering/
  14. Awareness Test Video@@AMEPARAM@@http://embed.break.com/470052@@AMEPARAM@@470052
  15. Oh nice! They actually show on the left at the top! Here aree my current 3 personal ones :apint: :shots: :beer1:
  16. Posted to UO Herald by Jeremy Dalberg 15 Jul 2008 16:04:04 TC1 has been updated with the following: * Archery Buttes should now be useable when placed * Blue players are no longer able to heal faction members in Felucca * Event Quest items such as Bloodied Parchment, Soggy Parchment and the Note from Casca are now blessed so players can not lose them * Melissa’s Cloak can no longer be used as Powder of Fortification * Corroded boxes will no longer get stuck on the ground when opened outside of a backpack * Issue was fixed with the Mouseholes so they can be axed to
  17. Hi all - I'm about 85% done moving UOCraft.com to a new server. For those jonesing to see their Greater Dragon pet calc scores, I invite you to test drive the new numbers. Feel free to provide feedback. I'm using a combination of the numbers gleaned from the Stratics Tamer forum and Vetmaster. Here's the temporary location of the updated pet calculator. Coming Soon: UOCraft.com » Pet Power Calculator Don't bother bookmarking it, as it'll only work at that address for the next week or so, until I point the UOCraft.com domain to that server. (And don't mind the weird domain - it's a serv
  18. The PaxOku zoo test is taking place below the BLT. We are unsure if the ZOO will be made a perminate part of the city or not. So far we have tested trying to kill the aniamals.... We were able to with spells since the cages had doors. We took out the doors and went to teleports and set each tele to friends with a master tele house in the corner. We tested spells and fire fields along with EQ and the animal still lives. The Rabbit was put in the Zoo at 9:45am est. Now we wish to see how long the rabbit can remain untamed inside of the cage where it can move around. Anyone wishing to h
  19. Ultima Online Test Center 1 Has Been Updated Jeremy Dalberg 25 Jun 2008 16:34:44 UPDATED 4:36PM EST: Added the following note: - The Dark Father will no longer teleport back to its room TC1 has been updated with the first round of Publish 54 changes. (NOTE: Since we haven't updated the client yet, you will get some cliloc errors. Please do NOT send those in as bugs - they're expected!) To read the full list of patch notes, check here.
  20. Jeremy Dalberg 03 Jun 2008 17:49:50 TC1 has been updated - check out the revised turn-in chat Here! Publish 53 on TC1 has been updated with the following: * Players can get honey from beehives even if the hive is locked down * Untamed Dread Warsteeds will use their signature attack more often * The "Holiday Gift" turn-ins include the following items: o Snowglobes o Snowflakes o Holiday Cards o Holiday Trees o Poinsettia o Holiday Tree Deeds o Candy Cane o Pile of S
  21. This is really good for testing the strength of your passwords Link
  22. source HiddenSprings Hi all, I seem to remember reading in an earlier post that one of the rewards was going to be a potted catus but I do not seem to see it on the list?? Was it just my wishful thinking?? ~~~~ The cactus got pulled between Friday and the actual publish - sorry! Jeremy_EAMythic UO Community Coordinator ~~~~ RedDaTeef I JUST TURNED IN A LVL 3 ARTIE ON TEST (THE BOOKS) AND GOT A 10000 PT TICKET! SORRY FOR THE CAPS BUT IM LIKE ...WHOA! ~~~~ Moby Grape Oh man! thats just wrong, Devs, what the heck is with that? ~~~~ You said it, "thats just wrong"
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