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Found 6 results

  1. Gnomy

    Taxes in US

    > > Accounts Receivable Tax > > Building Permit Tax > > CDL License Tax > > Cigarette Tax > > Corporate Income Tax > > Dog License T ax > > Federal Income Tax > > Federal Unemployment Tax (FUTA) > > Fishing License Tax > > Food License Tax > > Fuel Perm it Tax > > Gasoline Tax > > Hunting License Tax > > Inheritance Tax > > Inventory Tax > > IRS Interest Charges (tax on top of tax)
  2. Since the City Council Building has been taken over and turned into a .... well I am not sure exactly what it is. The drop box has been moved to my office. The wooden armorie on the North wall with the white statue ontop is set to guildmates only. Soy ou can make your drops there.
  3. Has a Drop Box of some kind been set up for the Council to place collections in? Just wondering where the gold should be delivered to. On a side note, Governor Winfield brought to my attention a receipt for payment of his Taxes. I said I would provide him with one, as I would recomend everyone does. Also, keeping a record book of who has payed and didn't per week would be advised. I would hate to miss the chance to jail someone for Tax evasion...*snickers*. Sincerely, Lord Xavier Reed, PaxOku Councilman
  4. ----PAXOKU CITY TAXES---- PaxOku Property Tax- Each citizen owning property in PaxOku will have a weekly tax. Depending on the property size, taxes will very. 7x7 to 13x7- 25gp per week 13x18 to 15x12- 50gp per week 15x13 to 16x18 75gp per week 17x12 to 18x18 100gp per week Property Taxes will go to the city to provide for: Emergency Situations, City Guards, Public City Building Renovations etc. Town Safety Tax- (Motion to Change Tax Name by Katherine) Each citizen living or belonging to PaxOku will have a weekly tax for protection. 100gp per week. Protection Tax will go to s
  5. The PaxOku taxes on property and Protection will be adjusted to WAAY lesser prices. The point of the tax is to add realism to the city. A city bank, fund, treasurer and other role played positions will be open and actually useful to a point. Not paying PaxOku property Tax can NOT get you evicted or banned from the city. Role Played penalties may be presented to you. This will go to City Courts and Statehood courts as cases. Just another step of many to give the city more of a city feel. New opportunities. (Yes I was thinking of John Duke when I did this) Any questions, comments or more
  6. Written by: Merik ONN Mayor Gareth of PaxOku city is planning to release for the first time in city history: City Taxes and a City Budget. The plan is to be proposed to the PaxOku City Council later this week. What does that mean for you? Well its going to cost a pretty gold coin to live in the vibrant city. In the proposal are the following taxes and payroll. 1. PaxOku Property Tax- Each citizen owning property in PaxOku will have a weekly tax. Depending on the property size, taxes will very. 7x7 to 13x7- 250gp per week 13x18 to 15x12- 500 gp per week 15x13 to 16x18 750 gp per week 17
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