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Found 7 results

  1. Ok, everyone has been helpful before, let's see if it holds up. Everyone is telling me that as an archer, I should use a Bird Slayer Talisman...can anyone explain why? Before i spend 350k on it, i wanna know why its so good. They also said something about talisman of the void...what should i use?
  2. Hello all - I was playing on FindUO this morning, and I decided to price some Library Talismans. I had forgotten that the Treatise on Alchemy sometimes gives an Alchemy Exceptional Bonus. Why? Is there actually any benefit to this? Is it something overlooked by the devs, or maybe some dead-end content that was never implemented? Anyone? Regine? ~M
  3. Okay, I've had some questions about talismans for some time now. I guess it i time to ask them. 1) Talismans "Owned by Noone". What does this mean? Can it be changed? 2) Charges... what are they? Or rather, what do they -DO- when a charge is used? Can they be recharged, and how? 3) Assuming a tinker of 100 skill making Craftable Arties: is the "exceptional" tinker bonus of value, since the item (to my knowledge) cannot be made exceptionally? Is it better to have higher non-exceptional tinker bonus, so that you have a better chance at simply succeeding in the manufacture of the
  4. Does the Slayer property on talismans also work for barding skills? Would be great if I could use a slayer in combination with an exceptional instrument. Would also be handy for monsters for which no slayer instruments exist - like rune beetles.
  5. Do the talismans help with skill gains? If the bonus is for successful crafting, but the base difficulty stats, the same, then it appears that you would gain succeeed more and thereby gain more. I have no way to test yet, but am very curious.
  6. All these little technical questions that info sites manage to leave out are driving me insane, and as much as I hate to have to ask here or somewhere else, I've got another one Anyways, I was wondering if you use a talisman with a crafting bonus on it (exceptional and/or normal), does it slow down skill gain while crafting item x with the talisman versus without it? At first I thought no since the bonus doesn't actually raise your skill, but now I just have no idea and really need to know. Thank you.
  7. so I was wondering if it was possible to recharge talismans I have one and I ran out of charges and all I get is a message stating this, "This Magic Item is out of charges" can any of you tell me if I can recharge this item its a talisman of bandages or something like that. thank you.
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