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Found 22 results

  1. The Talisman thing is very new to me and I found a few doing Heartwood quests last night and had a few questions. 1. What does "owned by no one" mean on a talisman? 2. What is a "repond" slayer? 3. How in the world can I ever use the Cow Killer 42% talisman LOL 4. What is a masonry bonus? 5. Some talismans have names like: Talisman of ward removal Evil Mage Protection +44% I understand what the mage protection does but does the title of ward removal ever come into play? Thanks
  2. I dont fully understand the bonuses of the cu sidhe form. Does it allow me to heal myself with bandages with no healing/ant or?
  3. Does anyone know how the Alchemy bonus works? Does it only apply to improving your chance to create a potion or does it also work as an enhance potion item?
  4. Hello Siege Perilous, I can't post on stratics at work so I figured I'd let this fly here first and see what happens. I'm looking to buy all smithing SoT scrolls, PM me or reply to the thread. Second, I'd like a high intensity blacksmithing exceptional chance talisman...for a perfect intensity I will pay VERY handsomely. Finally, I have a few 15 ASH, but I'd like some higher level hammers. If you have any 15s you want to unload I'll buy them in bulk or small quantities in the 30kish range. For higher level hammers I will pay above market rate. Thanks, let me know! EDIT: I will also
  5. Well i play in kr and as you know, we can see all the bonus in "character sheet" windows. When i wear this talisman with +5 intel and +2 mana reg, the mana rege don't add to the total of my mana rege I have +12/18 in mana reg and with this talisman i must have +14/18... Intel increase correctly.
  6. When I'm training up skills, does having a talisman equipped make a difference in the skill gains? I.E. having a talisman with a tailoring bonuns while training tailoring adjusts the difficulty of the item I'm making, thus slowing the skill gain.
  7. does anyone have a Birds of Brittania taisman for sale? if u do please post a way to contact you.
  8. I was snooping this person Krystal the other day. She had a blessed Squirrel Form talisman in her pack. Where did it come from? I thought they weren't blessed? How do I get my hands on a Ferret Form one? I'm using my siege bless on one right now.
  9. Is there are generic talisman (or properties beneficial to combat), as opposed to things like Talisman of the Void and such. Too rich for my blood. I know there are talismans that provide protection from certain creatures. I was wondering if there are those out there (low or mid-level) that offer different buffs or bonuses. (Bonii?:tard:)
  10. How much would this talisman go for? Blacksmith Exceptional Bonus 23 Blacksmith Bonus 20
  11. Is this quest still valid? I have read what I can find around the web and there is not any clear answer as to if this talisman is even obtainable by doing a quest. I have seen some things about donating items to different locations but I am really confused about all this. If anyone has some time to explain this in simple terms I would really appreciate it. Thank you! (The talisman has +5 to taming and lore and I think death beetle protection, I am sorry I do not know the exact name of it.)
  12. Quick question for you experts out there: How high does the alchemy bonus go? I'm hoping 30%, so I can make GP with 100% success chance and greatly improve my DP production. Incidentally, I'm in the market for a 30% alchemy talisman on Sonoma... ~M
  13. Hi there, I was wondering about Inscription on Talismans . All those talismans with skill boosts on them were intended for crafters. Inscription though also gives bonus on spell damage (correct me if I'm mistaken). So... does an Inscpiton talisman affect the spell damage bonus if your GM Insprition or does it only affect the crafting part of the skill?
  14. You were already at the 40% LMC cap? (For pvm.) I picked up my Grammer on Orcish Talisman just to fool around. No better choices? Any other better summoners? Just get a My Book for more mana? Edit: Meh... I just realized I'm using a Crystalline. I'm going to squeeze Inscription on and just go with the My Book. 120 Magery 120 Eval 120 Med 60 Focus 120 Resist 100 Inscription 120 Spellweaving Now if I could just find that 30/30 My Book Owned by No One...
  15. If anyone has a store of old, useless, talismans, I want to pick through your trash. I MAY have found a particular use for them. Pardon the mystery, but it has direct bearing on the upcoming invasion and could pose a good advantage. I will share this idea with anyone who has talismans for me to look through.
  16. OK, don't laugh... Last week I decided I wanted to get one of those +5 lore/taming talismans from the library. So I began my quest to kill a gazillion dragons and turn in green leather. I am just short of the 550000 mark, will probably reach it today. Here is the question: How do I make sure that I get the +5 taming talisman? There is a few talismans that all look the same and after all of this dragon killing, I do not want to select the wrong one. Thanks in advance.
  17. Do the stats on a talisman override weapon stats (such as, in the case of slayers - If I'm carrying a talisman of, say, a bird slayer and a bow of dragon slaying, will one override the other?
  18. Okay, a brief foray ( 2 hours) into Stratics, and I still have :bduh: no answer. What is a talisman? How do you get them? TELL MEEEEEE Or provide a link to stratics that I can use. Thanks all.
  19. I spent all night doing Tinker quests and managed to get 2 Scrappers, 1 Pendant, and 1 bracer, so I am very very pleased with that! And I also got a talisman of bird slaying, but it is a charge talisman, its lich killer 19% Charges:36 Bird Slayer And my question is do I have to "activate" the talisman to get the bird slayer bonus? And how long does it last? And if not, why is there a charge on this one? I also found a bird killer 80% with has NO charge field, but of course thats only 80%, so any advice??? Thanks
  20. Ok. When I was choosing my 9th anniversary items, I got the talismans that Ninja's can use. However, I'm not sure how to use them. I used my book to get to the Animal Form ability, but there weren't any extra choices. How do I use my talismans?
  21. I am interested in information about a tamer talisman. +5 taming +5 lore bird slayer I am on Catskills shard, could anyone tell me what I should expect to pay for thing and how difficult it would be to get? Thanks TW
  22. :-/ Would my 22% inscription exceptional bonus/22% inscription bonus be better or the 25% inscription bonus (without exceptional)?
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