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Found 15 results

  1. So you want to take some nice screens of your UO comings and goings? Step 1: Ready your gamefield. Make sure that spell/skill icons arent littered about, that your paperdoll doesnt over lap into it, etc. Step 2: How are you going to get your pictures? Many ways to do this so lets just cover a few. 1. Using the PrntScrn key at the end of the Function buttons across the top of your keyboard. This key takes a snapshot of what ever is going on in the game and plops it into an imaginary clipboard. From there we will have to open picture editing software proggy to cut the picture to
  2. Ruh roh! BBC NEWS | Health | Taking showers 'can make you ill' Taking showers 'can make you ill' Shower water can contain harmful bacteria Showering may be bad for your health, say US scientists, who have shown that dirty shower heads can deliver a face full of harmful bacteria. Tests revealed nearly a third of devices harbour significant levels of a bug that causes lung disease. Levels
  3. Hey folks, I will be leaving UO for a while, undetermined of course, and need someone to take over my house (you know, the really nice one outside Zento). =) Please send me an email at cutiger13@gmail.com before Jan. 24 since I rarely get on the forums and such. I will arrange transfer, etc. Peace.
  4. I don't understand why they shut down mellisa when they don't have the next part of the event ready? I find it very frustrating, they get me amped up for this new event chain, they start it then stop it and now im in limbo waiting for the next publish to see whats next. Last 5onF there was no mention of when to expect the next event or any clues or tidbits to keep interest up. Im losing faith, I have heard of suspense but sheesh im starting to fall asleep.
  5. I have several accounts right now. As such, I have 10 young characters made and 12 not young. I want to rotate them into visit Melissa. I know youngs can get in the room unharmed. And I figure I can run the 12 others in there as well. Questions: 1) Will explosion pots be enough to do damage to get a ticket? 2) Many of them have 50 Magery. Could I get 20+ Magery gems and a 100 LRC suit to have them cast BS on her? Anything else you can think of to help? I am going to start bringing the youngs in today. P.S. Two of them are named Chuck dePot and Ivana Tosspots. :laugh:
  6. Hiya guys gonna take a month or so out from LB to play with some other chars gonna return at some point not sure when. Been great fun in this guild and i really enjoyed it but its just time for a break. Big thanks to Es Ed and Loli for helping the guild get back on its feet you all did a great job have fun and cya all soon. FOR KING AND COUNTRY
  7. Anyone have any good tips or hints for the Dave Kurlan self-assessment>? Some of the areas seem to be rather... vague.
  8. Buyer picks up! icq 168257120 Ring: FC 1 FCR 3 LRC 15 EP 25% STR 7 Harvester: SC no negative Hit Fireball 50% SSI 25% DCI 15%
  9. Do you know someone who you feel deserves to be a King or a Queen for a day? If you know a male and a female that you think deserves to be recognized and treated special for a day then nominate them to become “The Grog Memorial Festival” King and Queen. This is a special honor for someone you feel that has given to the shard you love. Nominations are being taken in two places till the 1st of August, at the TH*C Tavern just outside the west entrance to Luna in Malas, and at the historic Kinship Tavern in Felucca that is east of the mainland ferry docks for Skara Brae. Your nominations can be
  10. a fun thread started on UO Stratics forums Just a fun post.... no one get all crazy okay? How do you refer to your characters? Do you use the skill "My bard" or do you just say "my character" or do you say "toon"? One of the biggest things that makes me flinch is when I see someone say "my toon" It's kinda a disrespect to the game to me. "My toon just hit 80 wrestle!" Ugh! Most people call me "F" no matter what character I am on. Sometimes I emote "looks around for someone named F" when people do that but almost everyone knows who I am on one of my accounts. The other... hardly anyo
  11. Multiple World Changes * Haven has become ruined * New Haven has begun to emerge * Some areas, especially dungeons, have a different look and feel * Roads have been widened Arms Lore has been changed: * Arms Lore will increase when weapons and armor are crafted * When a weapon is exceptionally crafted, the damage increase modifier will increase by 1% per 20 points of Arms Lore. * When a piece of armor (not including shields) is exceptionally crafted, each resist normally available on that armor piece will increase by 1% per 20 points of Arms Lore Taken f
  12. As you may have noticed, the size of our boards has shrunk (particularly the public board) In line with what I'm trying to achieve with RM in general, I felt it was time to stamp the foot of authority and make the public board a largely IC one. We use it as a source of IC information, and somehow I don't think other guilds would be too happy with us if we wandered over and started making OOC replies to their IC posts. In light of this, I've sent 5 pages worth of old news threads and babbling rubbish to the recycling centre, and compressed this month's reports into one thread (I'll be doing
  13. taken from Thread :- Shop Owners !!Stop taking marked runes to overwrite them!! found in UO.UHall Comment yes its crazy- stupid and damn right annoying- i mark 100 runes- they only cost 15g each for god sake and drop em at the banks- come 20 minutes later i go look and the runes are still there but with another shop on em!! WHY FOR GODS SAKE!! buy some and mark your own- its a silly circle that needs to be stopped! if u cant afford to buy 20 runes for your shop or big mal!!! yes they do it too then ask me for 300g - jeepers id rather give u the gold then u steal and remark all my shop
  14. For those who haven't seen the news http://chat.stratics.com/ Site Update - 12:24 PM EST | Posted By: Elm Hello, We will be upgrading one of our primary web servers this weekend and this will require some limited downtime. This maintenance is scheduled to begin early on Saturday, November 4th, 2006. We will do our best to keep the downtime to a minimum. This upgrade is intended to improve stability, performance and security for our primary web server.
  15. If your item sold, please stop on by to pick up your gold. If ou want to add a lot for next week, please stop on by and drop it off I will be there for an hour 6-7 Ps / 9-10 EST
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