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Found 11 results

  1. What skills other than tailoring does my tailor need? Arms lore? Anatomy? And why?
  2. Ok this whole BOD for tailoring sucks!!!!!! Seems you have to bust your ass forever just to get the Small BOD you need to fill a Large BOD! Then when you do, you get crap for rewards!!! What is up with this? How many-stretched Hide deeds does one player need? Good God! Can’t UO come up with something better for tailors to help them out other then the Deco crap? It would be nice to make our own BODs so we can fill it with what we need! My home is at max storage because I cannot fill the Large BODs I need! And I can’t fill some because I can’t get the Sewing kits because I can’t fill t
  3. Hello, so finally I got rewarded a barbed kit from my bods, again. And my samurai needs some decent arms. There are a few, though. Like normal ones, studded, the hiro sode. Is there a favourite one you would go for? I think it doesn't matter in respect of resists and add-ons, right? Cheers for the input!
  4. I've found a couple in Luna, and some near the Yew gate, but does anyone know of any more good vendors? I need cloth and leather BODs. Thanks
  5. Can you buy BOD off of vendors so that you don't have to wait until the next to get a new one? Because all the vendors that I see that have the BOD books say not for sale.
  6. *Written on Tattered, Blood-Stained Parchment* Greetings to Governor Winfield, the Citizens of Britannia, & the Citizens of the PaxLair Statehood: I have found myself with the acute symptoms of a particularly grave illness as of late, and for these reasons I have been unable to put to parchment plans for the Vendors' Association mentioned at last week's PaxLair Meeting. I have been asked on occasion this past week of what my plans for the Association were, and it was during this time that this dastard illness of mine has struck again. I give my deepest apologies to Lady Phoenix and
  7. As the name implies, these changes are NOT YET IN EFFECT. This is for planning purposes. While not as staggering as the smithy runic changes, it is an improvement.
  8. Again, Kazua (JC the Builder) compiled this back in 2002. I have updated it with cloth ninja hood and elven shirt, both of which will take you to 115 skill, using only cloth the entire time!!! The elven shirt is the leanest method on cloth. It will save you about 6k cloth by the time you reach 115. Basically, for each 5 skill over 100, the cap on gains from an items goes up 2.5 skill points, for a total of +10 to skill gain cap for a 120 scroll. Publish 21 added the 2.5 skill per 5 points cap increase. This chart shows theoretical limit, so obviously you can't go beyond your skillcap. Top
  9. i am not sure on this for tailoring is new to me is the enchansing the same as weapons for tailors where you can just split the mods around or is it like fletching when a certain cloth would add mods ..just wanted to know if it is so i can keep a eye out for good enchansable armor
  10. Greetings All, I require a tailor with great skill and an eye to detail to come up with some outfits for me, Long have i spent in armour meaning my wardrobe has gone a little mouldy... Can anyone direct me to a Tailor whom can help me with this.. Sagittarius
  11. I have a few barbed runic kits I am going to burn through but want to know which material to use and what difference will a talisman will make int he items I am going to craft.
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