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Found 17 results

  1. i have 115 archery and needed to work my tactics..it gained fast to 25 then hit a wall and stopped cold...so i went to haven and bought the skill to 40....and i cant get a single .1 gain...im in the twisted weald shootin at cu sidhes from across the rocks...are they too high for me to gain?...is my arch to high relative to tactics?...any help would be appreciated
  2. I'd like to get my Anatomy & Tactics both up to 120, what is the best way to do so? Is following the guide the most efficent way to do it? (110.1 - 120.0 - blade spirits, energy vortexes, Jhelom fighters (with weapon, armor, and shield), rotting corpses, terathan avengers, terathan matriarchs) or is there a better way? My Tactics is a little over 112, Anatomy is a little over 111, Archery is already at 120. Thanks! -D
  3. [video=youtube;xYjjlc9eOcY]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xYjjlc9eOcY
  4. Hi, I've been running a Vamp-Sammy for awhile now and recently I've seen some posts of others temp's and notice Alot of people are running with 100 or higher tactics, which I have had at 50 or lower the whole time, is there any advantage to having 100 or higher tactics, over 100 anatomy, besides special moves? Here is my template: 120 Bushido 120 Swords 120 Parry 100 Anatomy 90 Healing 50ish tactics (thinking of raising to 70) 67ish Chiv (thinking of lowering to 65) 50ish Necro (lowering to 35) I'm thinking about kicking tactics up to 70 in order to be able to disarm, but it would mea
  5. I am all for and think it was nice when they gimped up made tactics for few stuff but really hurts fighters without resist... what i would do is eather be this here godly char I use... Well I win most fights even with mages or necro but 9 out of 10 with fighters 120 anatomy 120 fencing 120 parry 120 bushido 90 healing 60 chivalry and 90 tactics but use to have my resist what I hate is ya kill alot then get killed they say get resist so could be no parry fighter nope never so could drop bushido nope never drop healing or anatomy tryed it and never again drop chiv use pots wel
  6. Anyone have an idea what to train on to 120 in either skill. This is my first warrior (pvp char). He is still a bit confused as to what other skills will be, so for now he is training all sorts of stuff. Using lots of soul stones at the moment. Right now I'm thinking; swords tactics anatomy healing parry wrestling and possibly some chiv Is this crap?
  7. I'm looking for something that will tell me the damage difference between these two, but every search I've done comes up dry. Help?
  8. Okay, I broke down, and started making a warrior. Now, I am not new to warriors, but ran into an interesting problem. My tactics is not raising. It is 30.3 (bought to that). My swords is now 75 (started at 50). Anatomy is raising, started at0, now 75. Total skill pts is 640. Tactics is pointed up. Any idea why I would not be gaining?
  9. Moony


    Does Tactics really help in like Swords/Fence/Mace or Archery for PvPing? Or is it useless anymore?
  10. As the title says really, I can take the skill to 120, the character is going to be an archer 120 anatomy and 120 archery, I cannot take both so it has to be one or the other. When answering this question just think of it as a bog standard character no magical items or plus to skill items. Also to add, Lightning strike will not be used. At all!
  11. I am creating a stealther/Archer/Palidin/Ninja and don't have room for both Tactics and Anatomy. Wich skill sould I do with out? Or does anyone have another idea for this template that I should go with?
  12. From all the poeple I've talked to half say tactics isn't important in pvp the other half say its a must. So..? Which is it? Someone Persuade me lol Should I keep tacts on my warrior or not?
  13. 1>Does tactics help you hit a monster or person more or is it only for damage? My mage uses a UBWS wep and he has 120 archery (yes i said the A work...lol...) and keeps wiffing a lot against monsters i mean like hitting every 8-10 swings even w/ 28 total HCI... 2> Is it worth the extra second or 2 you get for evade for my bushido warrior from GM tactics? I would have to drop my 80 poisoning to do so...I am sad....
  14. I was looking through Youtube and found this video and watched it and it reminds me of what I do to my kids and co-workers all the time. I was literally falling out of my chair by the end of it laughing. Enjoy. [video=youtube;-mty0q5ojws]
  15. Guest

    Tactics stuck at 70

    Just took all the skills from an old red and put them into a new Advanced pally character i made. Gave the new charcter 100.5 swords, gm parry, and gm anat. The tactics won't budge from 70.0 thou. I've tried wacking non-gm golems, Gm golems, and all kinds of random monsters it won't go up.
  16. Ruh roh An SAS soldier has refused to fight in Iraq and has left the Army over the "illegal" tactics of United States troops and the policies of coalition forces. After three months in Baghdad, Ben Griffin told his commander that he was no longer prepared to fight alongside American forces. Ben Griffin told commanders that he thought the Iraq war was illegal He said he had witnessed "dozens of illegal acts" by US troops, claiming they viewed all Iraqis as "untermenschen" - the Nazi term for races regarded as sub-human. The decision marks the first time an SAS soldier has refused to go
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