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Found 13 results

  1. * 45 Million * 94 Month Account "Blue" UoA Enabled ML Upgraded Ethy Llama 1 Diamond Mace-HML 75%, Hit Lightning 44%, HLD 38%, DI 43%, UBWS 21 Full Soulstones and 7 Empty Soulstones 3 Empty Soulstone Fragments Skills: Anatomy 120 (1) Archery 120 (2) Bushido 120 (3) Cartography 100 (4) Eval Intel 120 (5) Fencing 120 (6) Focus 120 (7) Healing 120 (8) Hiding 100 (9) Inscription 100 (10) Lock Picking 100 (11) Mace Fighting 118.4/120 (12) Magery 92.3/120 (13) Meditation 120 (14) Music 120 (15) Necro 120 (16) Ninja 120 (17) Parry 120 (18) Peace 120 (19) Poison 100 (20) Resist 120 (21) Spellweaving
  2. Does anyone else think that Super Metroid for the SNES was one of the best games ever made? I think that when you compare the technology of the day and the game play that it is. I also really liked the first one. Any other Metroid fans?
  3. Received from the Syndicate. Many many years ago, in the early days of UO, The Syndicate started an event called Craftsman Day. The idea was to provide free services to players who might not have their own top tier craftsman char or who were in the middle of hunting and needed a quick repair. Since then, the event has been replicated on many servers by many groups and crafting itself has changed. There are new items to create... there are enchantments.. and much more. Craftsman Day for The Syndicate continues on much as it has for many years. Free item repairs. Free enh
  4. Fast loading web pages while surfing the Internet may have more to do with your web browser settings and preferences than your Internet connection speed. Try these easy Firefox tweaks and you’ll see that you’re surfing the Internet from 3 to 30 times faster! Full story here
  5. The title says it all - I encourage all tamers to post there best pet. I'll even let you post two: one for PvM, one for PvP if you'd like. ~M
  6. i have made 4000 spellbooks and have yet to make a super slayer. gm scribe and 115 magery w jewels and +20 inscription bonus. does anyone have any idea why i havent made at least one super slayer yet? getting very discouraged!!!!:-/
  7. Don't get all frothed up quite yet because it's still only a prototype, but this sweet doublewide curved DLP display with LED illumination from Alienware will reportedly be available in the second half of '08. The curvature of the 2880 x 900 rez screen mimics peripheral vision, and in action the performance seemed pretty flawless to our Crysis-dazzled eyes (official specs report less than .02-millisecond response time). We did notice three faint vertical dividing lines that appeared to indicate four sub-panels making up this screen, but we may be willing to suspend disbelief in exchange for th
  8. Early this morning I went after swoop, I was lucky to find the place empty, and started killing. The third or forth one which spawned killed about 10-12 EV's without any scratch (I usually kill with 2 EV's). I had to go to work so I gave up and left. Any ideas, what happened there?
  9. Hilarious. I couldn't stop laughing.. watched it 5 times at work, rofl.
  10. Baja needs a green dot badly....:laugh: This will be our second Wednesday Sale. The first one was a total blast and all that showed up found some bargains. Around 9-9:30 Central Time goto Luna the Bank and you'll find some runes. Last time we had some free stuff so just come and have fun. Because we will only hold these sales until they stop being fun. ITOE United Baja's Newest Guild
  11. The segment in which Prince's shadow was projected onto a large white sheet has prompted concerns. Wednesday, February 7, 2007 The National Football League (NFL) has denied reports that singer Prince's Super Bowl halftime show was too revealing, after some critics likened his guitar to a phallic symbol. The halftime performance at Super Bowl XLI between the victorious Indianapolis Colts and the Chicago Bears saw the soul singer perform a medley of his hits, but it is his guitar solo during the "Purple Rain" segment of the show - in which his shadow was projected onto a large white sheet -
  12. I am looking to buy two super slayers. I need the Reptile and/or the Arachnid slayers. If you know someone selling either of these please let me know. If they are on a vendor please give me the coords and facet. I can find them from that . Vepl
  13. :-/ Would my 22% inscription exceptional bonus/22% inscription bonus be better or the 25% inscription bonus (without exceptional)?
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