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Found 13 results

  1. I'm a huge fan of treasure hunting, but I wish they would be more rewarding. I understand that adding anything really great to the current system would lead to massive farming. So heres my idea to make the system capable of supporting great rewards to those treasure hunters who would be willing to go the extra mile: 1. add an entire new set of treasure maps for Ilshenar, Tokuno, and Malas (with 100-300 locations per, depending on map size) 2. add a new skill at 120 cap, and call it Treasure Lore or something (professional title Treasure Hunter) 3. add Treasure Lore as a requirement to be
  2. Changing the favicon to the UOF shield from the default Vbulletin logo would be kewl.
  3. I have been under the weather lately so missed the last week or so of UO. I love the turn ins and am very happy with the rewards even if some think they are cheesy, however... Instead of people running the risk of dropping an item on the floor instead of the NPC's that take items, would it not be wiser to let us toggle items as a quest item to turn in? This would make it much easier and maybe quicker too without the added risk of someone picking your item that dropped by mistake. Just a complaint I got in icq from a few people when I checked in and thought I would forward on
  4. Hi all, Right now I'm in a similar situation described in this thread. I just "finished" with New Haven and was planning about starting "for real". Problem is where, what, how and why. Having that freedom of choice is interesting... if you happen to know all the choices available to you. The tour So, well, what about a guided tour after New Haven? Some kind of "new player quest" that guides you through some areas outside New Haven would be more than welcomed. Something like having to escort a Cartographer to chart those areas, letting the player to pause and resume the quest anytime
  5. every time i see an orc helm or mask i am become deathly ill. when i think about orc helms and masks, i throw up a little theres two problems with these pieces of equipment... 1. orc helms show your face. 2. orc masks look like lizardmen masks. also the orc models themselves need improvement.
  6. I'm still pretty new to UO (been on for about a month), and I've just started created a mage char. I've narrowed down his profession as either a Scribe, or a Tamer. Which should I go for? Which one is more fun? Which one is more profitable? Are either of them too difficult to even try mastering? Thanks for the help!
  7. Hey all i'm just looking for some suggestions on good hunting areas where i can possibly get some mArties? I've heard Doom is a good place for it but i can't get past the levers as no one is ever willing to help me out with the levers. Also i go to swoop but its constantly camped and i hate waiting in lines so i try to avoid him. Any suggestions guys? Thanks all! :>
  8. Hey Adam! Is there any way to add one of those "back to top" internal hyperlinks to the bottom of each page (ya know, the link that would jump the page back up to the top)? Or to duplicate the "xx unread posts" link at the bottom of each page? 'Cuz when I read a long thread and get to the bottom of the page, it's annoying to have to scroll ALL the way back to the top to get to the "xx unread posts" link again (I have a serious aversion to scrolling).
  9. Okay, i would like to suggest that all new cadets must post profiles on the forum in order to get promoted , because; (a) it shows they have signed up for the boards, ( it gives us a bit of ic and ooc info about the char and © id gives us a little clue as to how their RP is. I think we should all post ones ourself to start the ball rolling. What yah think?
  10. Well I don't play UO anymore because I quit for WoW, But I'm still a roleplayer at heart! *Tear comes to eye* And recently on the forum it's been mercenary this, mercenary that and this morning I had an odd dream of a mercenary guild name. Something along the lines of The Devil's Advocates. Now personally I think this is a good guild name, But as I don't play anymore and don't have any intention right now to come back I'm just seeing if anyone wants to maybe use it. Now if you don't know the term Devil's Advocate it really has nothing to do with the devil as such, It's argueing for somethin
  11. source taken from UO.UHall Comment most people in the game use runebooks, clear and simple. whether they use recall scrolls, the recall spell, or sacred journey, the runebook is a tool that many people couldnt live without today; i personally carry about 20 on my main character all of the time that being said, one of the biggest nuisances of the rune book is that if you want to use to book by casting recall, gate travel, or sacred journey, you have to find the individual page using small gems to navigate, and then click the small gem next to the desired spell; it just takes too much t
  12. Alright, Adam im guessing you already know after my problems on other forums that i dont like 1 post accounts on forums that have nothing to contribute to a community except for arguements etc. Over the last month it seems theres been a few of these 1 post accounts appearing here. If its not someone ranting about acletis being banned for advertising a 3rd party proggy, its someone shouting about RL issues with someone ingame. In some cases i realy do feel for those involved. But a combination of the knowledge theres many sides to every story, and having to see a 1 post user appearing on t
  13. Is there a way to group the games by the type? For instance, strategy, puzzle, shooter, etc?
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