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Found 13 results

  1. Iron Bandit Inn (Kijustsu Anei Village) Tuesday October 06, 2009 Those In Attendance: Goat [TGOG], Ares [OkuB], Dark Morning [OkuB], Fanny Firebotto [bRPA], Midnight Moon [s@GE], Tamer Joe [s@GE], Lin Min May [OkuC], Pol The Shepherd, Vash The Harper [bRPA], Ado The Theif, Winfield [PAX], Niva The Savage [T_T], Sinthe [T_T], Winmere [Pax], Greyylene [uSN], Bozydar [TEB], Anya The Gypsy, Grimlar Mithrax, John Duke [Pax], Arig'lak [Orc], Lord Gareth [OkuC], Saraugug [uRUK], Elijah Cross [PxP], Amber Witch Event Review: Tuesday night at 9:00pm EST citizens from Baja, Pacific an
  2. On my blacksmith, tinker, and imbuing screens, the success chance does not show a number. This also happens in quest logs, where the total items or monsters to kill will not be visible. Is anyone else experiencing this? Can it be fixed?
  3. I want to thank all, who contributed to last night's Black Market event, either by being merchants with interesting wares, or by just showing up. Considering that it was the first event of its kind, it was a success! A lot of people showed up. We experienced that in-game trading is much more fun than vendor shopping. However, most of the high-quality runic crafted weapons and barbed armor (very fairly priced, by the way) didn't sell. Probably the visitors weren't aware of the excellent choice available. We'll have to think of a way to do it better next time. Next Black Market will be in a mo
  4. The caravan breached through the long roads of Vesper to Trinsic to Britain to... a swamp? to... a mountain range with a dessert in it... through a keep... nearly a graveyard and finally to cove! Road signs are for the faint hearted! So we trudged on, delighted in the knowledge the goods would do the Covians good, and depressed over the sudden drizzle of rain escorting our Caravan as well on its noble journey. All went well and the Captain of the Militia had a meeting with me afterwards to discuss further theories on how to help the Covians in there hardship. Kiran.
  5. Is it any better than weapons and armor? I'm looking to enhance with ash on bows that already have 20+ swing speed.
  6. Tuesdays (7:45pm est) we ran out gambling night. Was a small turn out between seven and ten people but, was a blast. Below are a few pictures. As of right now the pet fights are only animals. We hope as this catches on to attract tamers to help and for others to open small shops. We did add a small pizza place for the next Tuesday event. (and plan to add more overtime as people become aware of the event.)
  7. This is an OOC post So I was on a smoke break again....you all know thats when I get my best stuff. Siting and thinking so here we go. Over the years in my experience I have come to one conclusion. People want to be useful. They want their establishments to be useful. From a city park to the City Hall. What we need to do as a community is help everyone in our city. Help our establishments as well. Even if they dont see us there we have been there. Winfields Tea House why not stop by and have a cup of tea and sit around and talk. Or hang outside on the lawn and maybe someone will pass by
  8. taken from Thread :-Sony's "Experiment" with Real cash for Virtual Goods is a "Success" UO UHall ########################### Comment *Hoping this post is not considered to be directly related to ebay stuff* According to this article, Sony claims that Station Exchange has been a success. It allows players to sell/trade virtual EverQuest items for real-world cash... I'd be rather happy to see EA/Mythic do something similar. ############################ Although deep down I am probably morally opposed to this sort of thing, when I look at it from a business perspective, I really
  9. Draconi UO Designer Papua wishes to thank all the people of Pacific for coming to its aid at this most critical time. The blackrock pillars lay shattered, and the Ophidians seem scattered to the four corners of their undeground hovel. Excellent work!
  10. source BNN News has reached the BNN that the Court Ambassador has successfully negotiated a reduction of forces with the Ophidian queens, after turning over the “Zenith Scion,” an artifact the Ophidians seemed desperate to gain back. Readers may remember that its theft from the Ophidians allegedly sparked what has now been one of the most prolonged wars Britannia has seen in modern times. Other news indicates that a special gathering of mages from Wind has managed to restore teleportation and protection spells around the cities of Skara Brae, Serpent’s Hold, and Vesper. However, Papua rema
  11. The FCB is a guild created to providing our many hungry characters with fishsteaks... or not. They do lots more than that, including tossing out a few fishing nets for the blood thirsty crowd on our fine shard of Great Lakes. The slaughter started off slow. Not too many people, and luckily most of the archers hadnt shown up yet. The bashing picked up speed, and the archers gained presence, quickly changing the field mages to a somewhat different tactic. The field mages made a "firey" resurgance. The slaughter was quite massive, as is expected from a 2 and a half hour monster b
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