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Found 5 results

  1. I need to gain strength and tried to do some lumberjacking but only got one strength gain in an hour Anyone know a way to gain strength besides putting jewelry on?
  2. Is there anything that can permanently lower your strength? I know some monsters can temporarily lower it with magic spells and such, the Spectral Spellbinders like to do that to me a lot. I also know some items can raise it as long as you have that item equipped. But, can anything lower it permanently? I have my mage doing some sword fighting in Haven to raise her strangth a little. I have a bag stuffed with regents in my house, but she can't carry it because it's too heavy. XD I'm just hoping that once I get her strength up some, nothing will drop it back down long term and force me t
  3. source taken from UO U.Hall My charactor has been stuck at 65 Str. for the past 3 weeks. I have not gained ONE point. I'm in the middle of paging a GM for the umpteen millionth time...I paged last week and finally gave up. Paging again but been at the magic number 6 for the past hour. I am at 65 Str. 17 dex 71 intel with a 250 point stat cap. I've tried EVERYTHING I can think of....any pointers or suggestions??? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ raise another stat and set it to minus then seesaw. and use a wepon and hit things ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ the only thing i could s
  4. Ok so I managed to talk my friend into joining me on our old account and start fresh on a new server with me. She created a custom mage, only problem is she ended up only getting 10 strength so can barely carry anything. is there any way to raise str relatively quickly for her? Making another character is kinda out of the question too. The first thing she did was choose an etheral mount and runebook dye tub before she even moved from the starting spot, lol.
  5. Guest

    Horse strength

    This is my first post yeah! I was wondering if it was possible to increase a horse's strength, hit points, attacking, etc., by having it fight mongbats, zombies, or whatever?
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