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Found 21 results

  1. Does anyone have any clue what the plague beast statue is worth. It drops off the Bedlam champ spawn. They are rare so cant seem to find a price on them. Thanks
  2. It has come to my attention that a long time player of ultima online passed away at the end of June and when I say a long time player I mean since BETA. This person played every day and in the end had well over 20 accounts to his name providing Ultima with more funds than even I could imagine (a man that payed out 400.00 canadian for game gold). On top of this the OLD MAN as he was known to his friends was a very generous person often helping out strangers to no benifit of his own. All in all the world of uo has suffered a tremendous loss. I am petitioning that a monument be placed in Haven to
  3. Are they craftable? If not where do you get them? :help:
  4. Hello All - This might more appropriately fit in "Homes and Castles" but... The new statue pedestal is probably my favorite deco addition to UOSA. HOWEVER, I have been trying desperately to use them to display my rares and learned to my dismay that you can't stack anything on top of them! I'm not the best house decorator, and I've tried every trick I know to get something to display nicely on one. If you know how, please help! Meanwhile: Devs, if you're listening, please make it so we can put items on top of these great display stands! (One free pedestal on Sonoma to the first p
  5. Hello All - Since I finally figured out how to stack items on a pedestal for display, I'm happily setting my most prized posessions up for public viewing. It occurred to me that the Devs missed a great opportunity: Wouldn't it be great if we could double click the pedestal and write a short description of the item on it? Then, visitors could just mouseover the pedestal to read fun facts! Can we implement this? Pretty please? (Your thoughts?) ~M
  6. The Blizzard Orc Statue The Blizzard statue of an Orc on a Wolf is now completed. This twelve feet height bronze office decoration is standing outside of their main building in Irvine. Eight different points are written on the Statue’s podium: Learn and Grow; Gameplay First; Lead Responsibly; Play Nice, Play Fair; Think Globally; Every Voice Matters; Commit To Quality; Embrace Your Inner Geek source
  7. Hi I was wondering if anyone else has run into one of these Ophidian Warrior Statues. Are the Statue's rare? And might someone know how people are able to get them. Also when you run your mouse over the statue it reads Vending Penalty any ideas what that might be about? I am posting a picture of one. Thanks so much any info would be appreciated.
  8. Greetings all! As I sort through various search tools, I see a couple blessed "Statue" deeds for sale on several shards. What is this strange thing? It's not a "Statue of Character X" and it's in deed form... Thoughts? ~M
  9. I got a box from an idoc the other day weighs 255 stones but only has a statue in it that can't be removed.Any info on this would be great:) Thank you
  10. Gives temp boost to luck. Worth much?
  11. That is one ugly statue. There is nothing cute about it, its was to be Sherry the mouse and it looks like a rat. Before Stratics went down I saw some really cute snaps of what it could have looked like if they had used some ideas from those folks then I would have been alot happier.
  12. Title says it all: So far, if I don't empty my reagent-generating statue, it won't spawn new regs the next day. I assumed it would be like the bandage fountain, where it keeps generating enhanced bandies even if you don't log in... Am I doing something wrong, or did I just waste my heritage token? ~M
  13. Hello - After much bargaining, I was finally able to afford a spring decor token. I selected the statue, but I find I am unable to lock it down or secure it... I've tried 2D and KR, no joy. Yes, this is my house, yes there is storage available. Help, anyone? ~M
  14. Hi all - Are the character statue makers (6 year vet reward) account bound? Or can I claim the reward on one account and use it on another account? Thanks!
  15. I've seen these in several homes/shoppes, but they don't seem to be a Heritage item. Where do they come from? Thanks!
  16. Hello, I know there is already a thread about this, but it seems very incomplete and more like random data. They really don't get to the facts and an explanation. Therefore my question is; How do you run around with blessed regs using the a Cat Hat statue (spring deco item), How many do you need, and does it add a bonus to SDI for using regs?
  17. Okay, I understand that only those characters on accounts aged 72 months or more can use this vet reward, but can they target and make a statue of another character which is on an account younger than 72 months of age?
  18. Does anyone have a link to pics of what the statues made by the different vet reward statue makers look like (bronze, marble, jade)? I've googled the heck out of it and can't find any! Thanks!
  19. once you make one, is it that way forever.... what i mean is say you make one and decide later that u want to make a different one, can you. i'm pretty sure you can, but i figured its better to be safe then sorry. thx for your help :grin:
  20. From UO Stratics: Player: Was it on purpose, that it will not spawn regs until the regs have been removed? CatHat: Yes, it was intentionally done that way. It was designed so that a person could get a few fun freebies off of it each day they log on - not so that they'd let it sit all week unattended and harvest loads of goods piled up on the weekend. Also, it's not intended to be used as a storage device like Bookshelves and Chests are. So don't expect to be able put all your other Regs in there. It's decoration with a twist. Sculptures that spawn a few good things daily. We didnt wa
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