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  1. So Im making a mix of a Paladin and a tamer type character, and was wondering what skills are important? Ive been leveling: Swordsmanship, Chivalry (the spells in that white book are great!), taming, animal lore, and healing. Should I be learning tactics for example? Anything is useful!
  2. Can anyone direct me to a site that will clearly tell me about the stats since Cataclysm came out? I have found a lot of sites with info on the stats and the math behind it but I don't see anything about Caps. I am pretty sure its impossible to get 100% Haste etc. I don't want to be wasting my reforging and enchants TY!
  3. I have a Tamer mage that is: 120 Taming 120 Lore 100 Magery 100 Vet 100 Eval 100 Med 60 Res 11 FCR 8 FC 107 STR 76 DEX 141 INT I was wondering the value of moving points from my INT to DEX to increase VET healing time, my healing time right now is 2 sec. Could I make this faster by moving more points to DEX, or should I leave it alone? Any other advice you could give me to help with my tamer?
  4. Whats a good way to raise my stats? Str, dex, and int thanks!
  5. Is there a limit to gaining stats in a certain amount of time? What is the time? Is it per 24 hours? I understand the normal 225 limit. Thanks, Darla
  6. So you think your a leet dexxer pvp'er? Post your skills, stats, gear, and rotation of moves.
  7. Just tamed one a few hours ago. I lore a total of about 9 or 10 and found one that looked good . Tamed it and wondering how it stacks up. Some of the stats are low so want to know if it is a keeper. Hit Points: 963 Str/Dex/Int: 638 / 56 / 632 Resists: 85 / 74 / 53 / 59 / 73 Dex seems low and cold resist is only 53 seems kind of low right Skills: Wrestling: 98.5 Tactics: 96.3 Resist: 91.4 Anatomy: 17.5 Healing: 0 Poisoning: 0 Magery: 110.7 Eval Int: 53.8 Meditation: 55.3 Anatomy: 17.5 seems way way low Eval Int: 53.8 and Meditation: 55.3 not hot either. is this any good
  8. What is the max stats for pvp? DI=? SSI=? HCI=? SPI=? DCI-? Thank you,
  9. I'm looking to tame or purchase a rune beetle. Could someone give me an idea re: what kind of stats I should be looking for?
  10. Have them in UO, but what are your RL Stats??? Feel free to add more than listed below Some useful tools:- http://www.albireo.ch/imperialconverter/ http://www.nhlbisupport.com/bmi/ http://www.healthstatus.com/calculate/whr My RL stats are as follows (measured at thickest point of each body part ):- Circumference of head:- 21 inches Circumference of neck:- 12 inches Circumference of shoulder:- 38 inches Circumference of chest:-33 and a half inches Circumference of hips:- 37 inches Circumference of thigh:- 22 inches Circumference of waist:- 28 inches Hip to waist ratio:
  11. Posted by Alash In the light of recent flood of threads regarding this topic, how it works, and what that means for your gaming experience, here's a quick reference guide. Official explanation: http://www.lotro.com/component/cont...-combat-changes New stats and their effect: http://lorebook.lotro.com/wiki/Char...Stats_breakdown Condensed explanation: with Mines of Moria, combat mechanics have changed from percentages to so-called ratings. Whereas earlier you'd have 10% Melee Crit, you now have (say) 2000 Melee Crit Rating. The reason for the change is
  12. I was given a Greater Dragon last week, it should bond probably tomorrow. He has 100% physical resist. What does this mean in terms of damage taken? Does it mean that he will not take any physical damage ? Or is there a minimum he will take from physical damage?
  13. What would they be? What is the godliest of godly single piece of jewelry for your particular template? ~Gaspar LeMarc
  14. Merc

    Help with my stats

    Here are my stats on my bushido/swords/parrying/tact/anat/chiv/healing char. STR 105 Dex 145 Mana 30 MR 7 LMC 36 HCI 30 DCI 45 My armor anicent smauria helm (will be the spirt of the totem) Rune beetle carp jackel's Totem of the void gloves, sleeves, and leggins for resist MR and LMC. no CC yet Is 30 mana enough?
  15. 523 Str 104 Dex 131 Int 587 Hits 104 Stamina 131 Mana 70/26/30/53/46 Resist all skills below 100 and no pack instinct It looks pitch black in 2D and KR.
  16. Guest

    stuck stats

    ::sigh:: Yet again, I have a stuck resists problem. I've tried everything I know of and despite a few specific changes (like from having "protection" on or off) I can't figure out why my stats are behaving the way they do. I've tried ward removal, curse removal, wildfire removal, on/off magic reflect, protection, reactive armor and this is what I ended up with: Totally naked, my stats are all at 37. Nothing I put on as armor moves that number, except my barbed leather sleeves which change my energy resist. What's going on??? Totally baffled here...
  17. Another question. How much (or how, even) does Int & Dex effect barding skills. UO.Com lists... Primary Stat: Intelligence Secondary Stat: Dexterity My int is up to 125, but my dex is only 17, is this going to effect my skill gains?
  18. Can someone tell me what stats an ideal pvp suit would have for an archer? What items would be good to own... some obvious: Totem of Voice Crimson Cinture Mace and Shield Reading Glasses Leggings of Bane Rune Beatle Carapice I possess these in my current suit but still get owned... I heard I need 50% ench potions with 10%HCI... Someone please give me futher advice...
  19. Physical : 72 Fire : 67 Cold : 62 Poison : 56 Enegry : 75 HCI : 37 DCI : 36 Lower D : 30 Mana Regen : 6 LMC 38 +15 Anatomy with 20+ stat increase 6 HP increase with your crimson itd be +11 and +10 mana increase and nightsite oh also, Damage Increase 20 Damage Increase 25 EP
  20. I have been working on the following template. Please review the template and what should my stats be? Now Finish 91.9 Anatomy 100 91.1 Bushido 115 71.5 Chiv 80 80.2 Healing 90 105 Parrying 115 (ancient samurai do +10) 104 Swords 115 88 Tactics 100(arms of tactical excellence +12) My stats W/rings & braclet 90 str 90 91 dex 106 42 intel 42 I have purchased +25 stat scroll. I haven't used it yet because I don't know where to put the extra 25.
  21. my current archer stas are theses and they include jewelery and armor 117 strenght 140 dex 54 int i am trying to bribng up dex and lower strenght i was on stratics and i gert a .25 increase if i hit 148 dex for my bow problem is i put strenght down and dex up and i went huntinglast night for 2 hours and my stats didnt move anyone have a clue to why
  22. Guest

    UOForums' Stats.

    Repost, with all available stats starting from as early as 2002. http://www.uoforums.com/view.php?pg=stats Enjoy
  23. I have been working on the following template. Please review the template and what should my stats be. Finshed 100 Anatomy 115 Bushido 80 Chiv 90 Healing 115 Parrying (ancient samurai do +10) 115 Swords 100 Tactics (arms of tactical excellence +12)
  24. Is there a way to view your other stats from items such as your +int bonus, LRC, +mana regen, etc... rather than keeping track of everything manually? Since I'm just starting up again and building up gear I'm finding it to be a bit of a pain to keep track of everything. I've got 100% LRC and now working on swapping stuff out to add to SDI and the like.
  25. I just started playing last week and have been all over with my stats. Trying a bit of this and a bit of that. I have finally got a plan as to where i want to go but I am almost capped out. Specifically right now im trying to lower my swordsmanship and parry, i like using my crossbow better and would like to use my points there. I pointed the little triangles down and have been hunting for about an hour now with sord and shield in hand but they have not moved at all. Is there something else I can be doing to help this along.
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