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Found 22 results

  1. Was looking for a good suggestion on a server to return to.. I have not played in years so its going to be a learning curve but was hoping to find a decently pop'd server to start on.
  2. I am an experienced roleplayer, who has played many MMOs -- Except UO. I just opened an account (Last night) and I could use some help with the following questions: Is there something like an unofficial RP shard, if so which one is it? What races are actually available? (I only have 2 on my account) How to I get access to the other races? (please be specific) I'm used to WoW, are there any mods or addons for roleplayers? If so, where do I get them and how would I install? Thanks in advance for any help you can offer. -- Scibat
  3. On GL Magicina is burned down... Where is the new starting point for the quest??? Thank you, Malimn
  4. Posted to uoherald.com: by Joanne Laroche 16 Dec 2008 19:16:15 Starting Up Issue We're aware of an issue that is causing the UO client to crash for some players when starting up. We wanted to let you know that we are working on getting this resolved as soon as we can. We're sorry for the inconvenience everyone!
  5. Hey all, I will be starting UO for the first time when I get home from work and I just wanted to say hi! I'm looking forward to meeting some cool folks and experiencing what UO has to offer. I've pretty much played every other mmo starting in 2000 and even a few muds back in the early 90s, but never UO. See you in game!
  6. Well, I'm thinking about playing UO again starting all over since I don't remember any of my account information or e-mails to the accounts. Any suggestions. I quit around the time SE/ML came out. I was a huge pvper back pre aos up untill se / ml time dont remember which came first anymore o.O. I'm kinda looking to have the fun I used to have. Like when I first started (I know that'll never happen really) but the trammy / social aspect of the gaming. You know sitting around brit bank like I used to on my tamer selling llamas beatles and what not. Going to player events player auctions and a
  7. Anatomy 40.0 Chivalry 50.0 Healing 50.0 Mace Fighting 40.0 Parrying 40.0 Resisting Spells 40.0 Tactics 40.0 Is that okay? What should I be aiming for my end template to be? Thanks in advance.
  8. I have been thinking about starting a new guild on the atlantic shard. I have been playing UO for 21 months. I already have 2 rlf that are going to start it with me. Before I actualy start the guild I would like to get some information about starting guilds. How should I set up a recruitment process, what should I look for, and how to grow a postive guild that reflects my believes in UO. I don't like starting something that fails. Just looking for help and some information.
  9. How do I get into that big group of zombies at the starting city? its to the east of the safe city? I can't seem to get in there
  10. If i download kingdom reborn 14day rail client will i get the whole game? (so if i buy it i could just buy the digital code and play) Also since i heard this game isnt super popualted can you solo farley well?
  11. What goes into your percent chance at starting a tame? I'm human, but my friend plays an elven tamer and it seems that some people just walk up and tame Cu Sidhes in the Twisted Weald in no time while he takes it around the screen a few times just to start the tame.
  12. I just came up with an idea that i don't think was done before on europa... an undead/demon hunting guild I need to come up with a good name and i need to see how many people will be willing to join.
  13. my friend seth and i have started a band and we need a name. we've come up with: "the civilian project" "shiner" both of those were my ideas, but come to find out they're both taken. > anyhoodles, if you have some cool sounding ideas, share them with me here. and if we use yours, we'll give you credit on our upcoming cd we're going to put out. seriously though. on a side note: we play mostly alterna-rock style music. thanks in advance.
  14. Hey all my house is based on deceit ice isle and is doing absolutley nothing apart from storing a few bits so i'm offering it for anyone to place vendors there if they with. I will do a Britain gate when i can if your intrested give me a shout on 84167785. Thanks all! =)
  15. Hail Everyone, We've had several months without PaxLair Statehood (PaxLair-wide) meetings in the Realm. It's the opinion of several of our esteemed colleagues to re-start these weekly meetings once again. I agree. Meetings will be on Tuesday nights at 9 PM ET. Everyone in the Realm is invited. The first new meeting may be on June 5 or June 12, depending on schedules and interest. Old Agenda: In our meetings we HAD the following agenda: Introductions of new people and visitors Ceremonies (if any) Report: From the Governor of PaxLair Report: Ministers of PaxLair City Reports (in som
  16. Mabey someone can help me im starting a pvp character what a good character to create and what skill should accompany that character input is greatly appreciated.thanks all
  17. Whats Skills Should i Start With?
  18. Greetings, I was just wondering if UO would still be worth joining. I only ask because I want to be a part of something that will be around for a long time. I know UO has been around for years now (the first MMO) bu it keeps getting new content and people that I know that play love it like I have seen no fan love their game. So I would just like an honest opinion in response to my question if I should start playing UO. Thank you for your time. -Ravenmane
  19. (Sorry if anyone sees the thread I started in new member area--looks like that one is just to announce new folks) I played UO for a brief period right after Renaissance came out. I noticed Mondain's Legacy and have thought of trying the game again. I am a casual gamer who likes to let the game world unfold. I don't power level, twink, or buy stuff from web sites. I like the escapism :cheesy: Anyway, is it worth it, for a newbie, to start UO these days?
  20. Hi My Samurai completed the 7 quests.....i've transported through the moongate.. my question is what is my next move? i'm just wandering around:huh:Sorry i found how to leave but can't figure what to do after completing tutorial
  21. Posted at UO Stratics: Player: atlantic is supposed to be the most populated shard... but we get next to no EM attention. i think our last event was when ML came out. its rediculous. other shards go on having events, atl is left with jack. so now Origin has a new dungeon apparantly... Napa has that lemnir thing in ilsh, which is quite the pwn from all i hear... but we have bupkis in the unique dungeon area. is it so much to ask that you keep an EM on the most populated shard? really? /frustrated venting Player: it was for the event.... it is not a new dungeon we can visit at any
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