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  1. Seeing as how the MMO genre wouldn't be here without UO, and how most MMO players out there have payed UO at some point in time, you just KNOW UO2 would get a ton of subs. Do it. Do it. I'll help develop it. For free. You like the word free, don't you EA?
  2. For those wondering about the Battle Royale tonight. Em Dudley has let us know that it will start at server up. So make sure you get there!!!! That is all.
  3. I wanted to get into selling Yu-Gi-Oh cards, Pokemon cards & junk, videogames, etc. I have this website that's out there (http://www.rpgboards.com) and need to make a profit off it. Anyone know what the heck I gotta do to get started? I'm unemployed and unemployable. I can't just get a job. I'm planning on reporting my earnings to social security and pay taxes and all that good stuff. So what do I do?
  4. Greetings! I am trying to gather interest in starting a Celtic/Barbarian/Viking/Northman on Europa. I actually don't have the time to fully lead the guild myself, but I am hoping to establish a council of players wh can mitigate the leadership responsibilities. I have a small town established now consisting of an 18x18 and a 17x12 located North east of Yew. If you are interested, please ICQ me at 11764536. Take care!
  5. So i have a question. I used to play uo and was thinking to start again. Is it enough to install Age of shadows to play or do i need a newer version? /Caliban
  6. An event has been announced by Lord Magnus Grey on Great Lakes. All willing to fight are encouraged to head to the Counselor's Guild Hall in the city of Britain in Trammel by 8pm CST (9pm ET, 6pm PT, 2am GMT). For more information, check http://www.uoledger.com/ Be sure to check UO Ledger for updates as the event progresses. See you there!
  7. Hopefully we have the main responses covered, feel free to explain your answers or not as you see fit I'm taking as read that you'd suggest people come read UOForums to help them make their decision as well as taking your advice!
  8. What would be a good character type to play? During the beat the only thing I played was a Hobbit. It was ok but I was wondering what everyone else liked. Also, what is best for solo play? I tend to be a bit anti-social, but still like MMORPG's over single player games.
  9. Well, lil history on me: i played a few years ago as Lady shay on atlanic, then sold my account because i couldnt get used to the new KR stuff.... been out playing EVERY game out there, the only reason people cant shake UO is becuase of the GREAT housing system they have. so here i am, thinking now would be a good time to start over with KR, since i havent played in awhile, and forgot about 2d, a fresh start will get me used to the kr version... so for 2 days now, i have tryed to DL what i need and upgrade where i needed to, finnaly got the KR version (51) but when i try to click on it to
  10. I do not know if this is the place to ask but here goes. After the patch session is completed on my laptop, I then select the "OK" button and then nothing happens. I have ran my anti-virus, registry clean-up and changed the processes. It still does not work well. I have asked EA Tech via e-mail and have done all that they answered. Does anyone have a way to get this resolved in order for me to play the game? I am at a loss. My Laptop is a HP Pavilion DV 8310us. I am running Norton 360 suite. I have 1 GB of RAM, and running Windows XP Media Center Edition Ver. 2002, sp2. Thanks in advance for a
  11. Had to share, hehe It's an animated gif.
  12. and re-think/design everything... from the ground up, if need be... 1- eliminate Lottery odds systems, such as Bods, ML ingredients, reciepts... 2- a Rarity system based on reality, and not focused for US$ sales... Patting the backs of off site silent partners/promoters... This partnership is desolved... 3- I'd trash the KR client and start a new, with a true 3d world... Like WoW or Lara Croft, but with player housing... 4- I'd take a gamble on loosing all 150,000 current subs, in the hopes of drawing Millions of subs... WoWs got something alot of ppl like and I think its called "sim
  13. Britons drown off Portugal coast Three Britons and a German national have drowned off the south-west coast of the Algarve, in Portugal. Three other Britons were in hospital following the incident near the town of Sagres, said the Foreign Office. Local authorities said they dived in to try to help three children later washed ashore with slight injuries. The British ambassador had contacted the civil governor, and the British consul in Portimao was travelling to the area, the Foreign Office added.
  14. source Either this is a bug or it is intended and the text needs to be changed at charater creation. All new charaters start in New Haven. In KR charater creation is says if you choose advanced profession you may choose your starting city -but there is no option to choose it. In 2-d you actually click on any other city (I tried Brit and Moonglow) and your char still ends up in New Haven. Please allow us to choose a starting city other than new haven, it's very tedious for vets to run through the new player quests each time to make a new char. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ You don't have
  15. Hi Folks, I've noticed a few posts about people looking for a RP'ing shard stateside. I am also a Huge fan of Eurpoa's RP'ing community, but due to the time difference it just wouldn't work for me to play there. So, if anyone is interested I'd really like to form a group of rp'ers on Chessy that will use similar rules/guidelines as CoRE. Chessy already has some great rp'ing going on, but I'd like to try something with a little stronger guidelines, and GM only gear. If anyone is interested please let me know! Thanks! and what a Great Forum! -Kegan
  16. I just made new account, downloaded the client from the site and registred for the free 14 days. Do i immediatly have the latest Kingdom Reborn version? Is it include the Mondains Legacy and another previos versions, or i should buy them separatly?
  17. i might make an EST based guild on europa but i don't know what it will be about... i would like a vampire clan, but there is already one around. suggestions as to what the guild would be would be nice... okay so far i've thought of... city guard (guards for a city that already has a guild) half demon half orc (half orcs would be somewhat exiled from society) troll tribe (everybody would require enough magery to cast polymorph) vampire/half vampire clan druid guild undead/demon hunter guild
  18. This is beautiful!! I found the 'new' contenance mask design this morning while trying on clothes ... Woot and cookie salute to the graphic folks!! *cathat please send compliments to the artist*
  19. Ok trying out Tamer now. Was wondering how should i start. Str: ?? Dex: ?? Int: ?? Also how should my Str, Dex and Int look at maxed. Magery 50 Animal Taming 50 ?? ?? I know i can train the other skills to about 40 so I guess starting with 50 in Both magery and Animal doesen`t seem so stupid. And how do Animal Lore Help me out as a Tamer? Plz help me out here so i can start Very soon. =)
  20. WHEN TO START CUSSING A 6 year old and a 4 year old are upstairs in their bedroom. "You know what?" says the 6 year old. "I think it's about time we started cussing." The 4 year old nods his head in approval. The 6 year old continues, "When we go downstairs for breakfast, I'm gonna say something with hell and you say something with ass." The 4 year old agrees with enthusiasm. When the mother walks into the kitchen and asks the 6 year old what he wants for breakfast, he replies, "Aw, hell, Mom, I guess I'll have some Cheerios." WHACK! He flies out of his chair, tumbles
  21. Have some thoughts on your mind? Building your character's history? Writing chapters of a story? Wandering the Realm and want to report your adventures? UO Forums (our new host for PaxLair Forums) has a fantastic feature for you!! "Blogs" See the current Blogs here. Everyone registered can start their own Journal. I use mine for editorials. Others use theirs for their daily or weekly thoughts. Still others use theirs for what they are doing in the Realm. It's also great for Chapters of your Stories and your Histories. So start your "Blog" today and use it regularly. Just go t
  22. I may have to train my skills up to fight dragons for money (26.9 magery) to build a ingame village. how will i do this and are there any tips for what i should add, and what a good name should be for the town? what kinds of buildings, what location (on legends) etc.
  23. Okay all - who's up for this tonight? Graham did this silly thing last year, and I think it should be a Shadow Court tradition! I'll be online between 7pm-9pm, so I'm happy to do a 7:30 start - any suggestions from anyone else who is stranded at home and wants to do a virtual singalong, Britannia-style?
  24. Hi, This is a stupid question, but how do I actually do blacksmithing? The tutorial didn't work for me... got stuck and had to get my character teleported out of the starting room to Britain... so I didn't learn how to do it and I can't find any information on how to do it. Also, is there a chatty community out there at all.. I'm finding the ingame silence rather deafening. Thank you to everyone who helps.
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