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  1. I'm looking for these virtue tiles: Justice Compassion Honour Spirituality
  2. *If anyone has pictures from any of the events, please feel free to post them ... -------------- The Spring Festival kicked off on Friday night with a Crafter's Auction packed with handmade items and much needed crafting resources. To the bidders delight many items started with no minimum bids and others were started with 'deep discount rates'. And throughout the evening the wonderful Lady Dame Judi called out for winners with over 20 door prizes to be given away. After the closing bid of the "Unknown Contents" box which held 3 checks for 1 Million each it was discovered the Crafter's Auc
  3. Got to love the weather in Pa. lol
  4. Spring Festival Rejoice as the Spring Festival returns! All your favourite spring celebrations are back with special decorations, festive costumes and fun new quests including a hedge maze! Attention Fashionistas! Think your outfit is the next big trend? Then enter out Spring Fashion Contest. Send in your screenshots of your characters in their best outfits and you could win your own custom forum title and avatar for the community forums. The contest starts 30th March, so get your outfits ready!
  5. We went to the fairgrounds to check for more information about the recent discovery of the lantern that read ... "Get out your quills and write a song for St Patricks Day!" event (see post here) and was delighted to see a guide to help us prepare for the big day .... .... and to our surprise we discovered more exciting activity ... *you can even fish from the pond while sitting on the logs* be sure to stop by and see the fantastic construction underway at the Sonoma Fairgrounds!!
  6. Given that it's almost March and spring is just around the corner, maybe it's time the devs consider having a Spring Cleaning 2009?
  7. Origin is getting Pub 55 in 10 minutes, meaning it's pretty much too late to turn anything else in for points there and the rest of the shards may only have a day or 3 left at most!
  8. Just curious when I can't turn in any more of the crap, for the spring cleaning tickets, that I have in my 13 houses. You know I had over 400 snowmen and lots of other christmas stuff. To bad they only give 50 points for that but I got like 800 of the 50 point spring cleaning tickets. Its just gonig to suck trying to turn them all in:O
  9. Are you actually using these sets? Or are you keeping them in a quiet corner of your house? Personally I am using the sorcerer set, seems ideal for a mage, but cannot find any use for the other two. My crafted armor pieces plus some artys give much better results..
  10. Anyone know when Spring Cleaning is supposed to end? Or are they going to add a bunch more items to the list again?
  11. What is the best way to get points for the armor rewards. I'm working on getting my sorcerer armor for my tamer/mage. When does the spring cleaning 2008 end?
  12. i just checked..i have 6 tickets (25keach) still for sonoma shard. If anyone has any left on Chesapeake shard..please pm me!!
  13. We only have 2 weeks left before they get rid of the NPCs for the Spring Cleaning Tickets. Buy in Bulk or stop by my vendor in Luna. Our Vendor is located on the wall by the east gate. the first vendor house south. "Dangers Dirt Mall" The vendor is in the middle of the house between the two counters. if there arent any stocked, ICQ one of us Kristy 261139258 Ernie 242937330
  14. Willing to go on any shard and collect spring tickets for same on chessie.
  15. Complete Spring Cleaning List Here is a complete list of Turn ins and Rewards. (Maybe make it sticky?) Turn-in items Phase 1 (publish 52) Copper Shilling 100pts Planesword 100pts Planeshield 100pts Ophidian Rations (Can accept stacks of 1, 10, or 100) 100pts per Ration Ophidian Orders 250pts Slippery Snake Skins 400pts Silver Crown 500pts Power Weapon 650pts Magincia Rubble 800pts Vanquishing Weapon 1.000pts Mystic Weapon 2,000pts Ophidian Journals 2,500pts Staff of Pyros 2,500pts Vorpal Blade 2,500pts Ophidian Weapon (Power) 3,500pts Cursed Artifacts 5,000pts Ophidian We
  16. I'm trying to build a set of Scout's Armor. I have a pristine Knight's Armor plate legs. Would love to trade for either 100,000 points(it's point cost) or a piece of Scout's Armor. Please post or PM me if you can trade!
  17. I have seen one complete set on sale for 39 million gold. One set of armor is 600.000 points. These points are on sale for around 75 gold. Which makes an armor set value ~45 million gold. Does anybody buy these?? Are these worth to take? Well all 70 resists with 100 LRC is nice, but my tailor just crafted 100 LRC leather set with average 65 resists and some nice MR, LMC, with a horned runic and some barbed leather. I have 800.000 points to spend, can't decide..
  18. Currently Creating Characters on Chessy to run the Casca room in hopes of finding someone on Chessy willing to trade 150k in spring cleaning points on Catskills for Chessapeake points. So if anyone is is interested please send me a pm or reply with a way to contact you..
  19. Just wondering are the new Armor sets you get from Sprin cleannig turn in repairable? Also can PoF be used on them?
  20. Anyone know if there is going to be a part 4 to turn ins?
  21. Willing to make newb characters on Great Lakes to take to Casca for the points and trade for Catskills points. Might need a rezz if no one is in the room rezzing and a possible way to recall out.
  22. This is my last Shard guys I have it all ready to trade 275k or 11 characters on Napa for the same on sonoma. Please icq: 223796758
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