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Found 15 results

  1. Guest

    Full spellbook

    New player returning after years of not playing (my last UO experience was about UO-R). I need a full spellbook.. I cant for the life of me find mark/recall spells, and would prefer just to pay for a full spellbook... Can anyone point me in the right direction? While we are at it.. Where is a good mall where items are actually in stock? Like weapons and armor? If anyone has a full spellbook, email me at dave at servingtulsa dot com and I will buy it for UO gold or even paypal... Thanks, dave (Frosty)
  2. I was in fel yew yesterday and some red stealth archer and Devin Ashley was harrassing me. I ended up dying and i dropped a glacial blue spellbook... No one has offered to give it back.
  3. So I made one that was +11 Magery, +11 Resisting Spells. I was just wondering what makes a crafted spellbook valuable in usage or perhaps vending. Thanks for your insight!
  4. Hello All - After much experimentation with lagged fighting styles (thank you, stealth tamer), I managed to kill several generals in Moonglow and, later, Magincia. I scored a nice 50% SSI, 54% DI, 26% HLD crossbow off one, and then a nice spellbook: 3 MR 27% SDI 10% LRC Some questions: How good is this spellbook, in terms of possible mods? I know the MR/SDI is max/near max for this event, but how many total properties are possible? Is the 10% LRC comparatively bad to other General spellbooks? ** Also: How silly is it that Magincia gets invaded? It's a good thing I'm the only on
  5. I was wondering if anyone would like a spellbook with spelllike songs based on your levels in Barding. My idea is to have a songbook with spells for bards based on their levels in 1, 2, or all 3 of their skills as a bard (ie - Peace, Prov, Discord) with Musicianship acting like EI. Tell me what you think and if you like it what kind of spells would you like to see (ie - a spell that makes animals like beetles submissive for taming without beating them down.)
  6. Is this spellbook dyable in any way? Tried dyeing it with Tokuno dyes, but they didn't work, and neither did the bleach from the tortured artist quest. Anyone know of another way?
  7. After using 14,000 blank scrolls, I've finally accomplished the task of making a slayer spellbook. Name the price on ICQ. 416063353 is my ICQ.
  8. I don't remember seeing one and wondered if there was such a thing as a repond slayer spellbook?
  9. Guest

    mage spellbook

    anyone know where to get?....tried the mage quest and all i got was a staff....thanks
  10. Im sure this has been covered here already somewhere. I am new back to uo here over the last month.I scored a scrappers compendium the other night.I quickly transferred it to my scribe to load the book up. I see so many other people carrying the same book,but the book has o spells in it. Heres lies the ? Do you have to have the spells in that book(say the scrappers)or just arm it and cast of another book in your pack,while still getting the bonuses from the one you have armed? Seems to me you would have to scribe it full. Just wondering if others have found a loophole or are just proud to
  11. I was using a verite enhanced runic crafted demon slayer heay ornate (48% damage increase), but I found it was a tad slow. So I went to a demon slayer BLckthorns Kryss (Thanks lemon!). BUT I was constantly on my "mana low lite". Searching through the old Paul Mart backstock, I found this: I have found the whirlwind to be MOST effective with mana leech in keeping my mana up. AND my life too! WIth hit life leech and Vamp Embrace, I only die when a mob of mobs spell dump on me (which happens FAR too often). Of course, I wish it had higher / more mods, like HCI, but it works!
  12. I think the way the character holds it is unrealistic, I mean have you ever held a book for very long that way? Just a personal opinion.:-/
  13. I Need A full spellbook Regular On Lake Superior plzzz
  14. How much should I sell slayer spellbook I also have a bunch of spellbook with magery, eval, med, int bonus etc...
  15. If I'm holding a slayer spellbook, do I still get the slayer bonus if I cast the spells from scrolls in my pack?
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