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  1. How is everyone getting the 30 sdi on their mage suits now? So what I want on my PVP mage suit is the following; Faction character 100 lrc 40 lmc 30 sdi A minimum of 70's in all resists 18 +/- mana regeneration 20 +/- hit point increase some mana increase 2/6 fc/fcr standard -20 sc, no -, mage wep will use faction orny faction crimmy treatise of alchemy talisman ring would be the usuall +15 magery, ep, lrc, lmc if needed and dci. Have access to all arties and faction arties, I have a 120 imbuer. I know I will have to craft some of the pieces. let me know how or what you would use.
  2. Anyone seen any spell scrolls (above what you can buy from the trainer) drop off mobs? Skrees only seem to drop the lower ones that you can already buy. I am looking for what to hunt to get the higher lvl ones
  3. I have some of these items still in my bank box.. Buckler shield 45 charges Close Helmet 75 charges Black boots 30 charges Are these worth anything and would they work please?
  4. Can someone tell me the spell someone just gave me 200 pieces of blackrock figured id go try my luck =).
  5. I have 32 spell macros, 4 pet command macros, 2 targeting macros, and 4 other macros along with 19 more spells and 4 skills I access exclusively through floating icons in 2d, and I know that I'm actually really light on macroing. The thing is, just having 12 hotbar slots really isn't nearly enough for a lot of characters, especially with all the newly added functions you gave them. I don't want to have to have macros for spells I cast maybe once or twice a day (Arcane Circle, Wraith Form, Dryad Allure) or occasionally cast often but won't use for days on end (Mark, Light), there are only so
  6. There was a thread over at Stratics which caught my attention and got me to thinking about an improvement for Incognito. Now, being a roleplayer that runs events for my guildmates, I've often wanted established extras I could battle them with. For instance, suppose I need a character to portray a Shadowlord Guard that they could kill during the course of an event. I'd want the character to be established to make it a challenge, but I don't want to have to train one up each time I have an event to run. We had two solutions. First we had a soulstone account with an open slot we used for th
  7. Can you use this spell with archery for the life drain effect?
  8. Humans and Gargoyles worked together from a common source of magic, and the Gargoyles went on to refine their arcane arts to deal with the cataclysms destroying their world. Gargoyles have mastered the art of magic called Mysticism. Similar to Magery, Mysticism consists of 16 spells and eight ranks that signify their power and the magic ability required to cast them. These eight concentric ranks correspond to vortices within the ether, all spinning one within another as they expand through the universe. The more powerful a spell you wish to cast, the deeper into the inner circles of ether y
  9. Greetings... Do we have enough weavers to do a daily focus? Would you like to explore sosaria and hunt together? Please let me know! =)
  10. Spell checking has now been added to PM's, as well as posts/threads To spell check a post, use the ABC icon (top right of the edit box), or the Spell Check button next to Submit new thread/pm/post
  11. Mass Curse Reveal Chain Lightning Energy Field Energy Vortex Gate Travel meteor Swarm Polymorph Earthquake Earth Elemental I'd be willing to pay some gold, or if you could just tell me where to find them! Thanks!
  12. Hey guys. I just started playing again. I want to make a swordsman/paladin/samurai, but I don't think I have the point allotment to do it... unless.... I can drop resist. I've seen many builds on both the paladin and samurai forums with no resist. Now what I want to do is PvP. I was a great semi-PvPer before I quit oh so long ago, but now that I'm older and have had an overwhelming fill of successfull PvP in other games, I want to try my hand at UO pvp. So is resist required for a good PvP build? Also, what is the advantage of really high bushido skill? The main thing I love bushido
  13. anyone remember what it is? i cannot find it. thank you.
  14. If I am running a mage with a 2/6 does anyone know that delay between casting spells? I am trying to setup a macro with a delay but i am not sure what that delay would be.
  15. My orc (Grukthar) had his alignment changed because of magic, which changed his soul. He's looking for a home, and is good at fightin'!
  16. Guest

    Spell checker is back

    For those who used to use it, it's back.
  17. Sorry, thought this one didn't post...
  18. Tell The Truth To Caroline Blessed Spell book that is hued PURE white! i need some history on it if possible and a price check! thx :D
  19. Hey Everyone, i need a good mage spell combo for pvp. Can anyone help me out? I am a :sign4: to pvp and i need help
  20. Guest

    necro spell book

    lv 60 nec and i still only have the 4 spells i was given...where mite i get a complete book or find spells i add?....thanks
  21. I was just wondering what would happen if I craft a Song Woven Mantle with spined instead of normal leather - would it have 140 luck or would the 40 luck from the spined leather simply be ignored? Because quite frankly, with "only" 100 luck, the thing won't make it into my bards luck armor...
  22. Awhile back Mayor Gareth was working with a strong power called the Light. During this he accidently became younger. His body looked like a twenty year olds. Upon his return last night from a trip to Zento the Mayor did not look all that young. After speaking with several mages in the area they all claimed to feel a strong magical disturbance to the North. It is not known if this is connected to the Mayors spell or not. After speaking with a healer that paid a visit to the Mayor the news seems to be not what we expected. Yes his age has returned back to what he was but, it is also ageing h
  23. Guest

    spell weaving help

    i need summon fey spell badly on atl how do i get it or buy it
  24. Merc

    Combo spell

    I have been trying to create a macro with combo spell, but I can't seem to get it to work correctly. I am trying to combo explosion, flame strike, fire ball. How should I set this macro up?
  25. What areas of UO would I most likely find monsters with the Mark and Gate spell scrolls as drops? And are they generally hard to kill? Or, where is a good place to find someone selling full spellbooks on the Oceania shard? I really want to be able to make recall runes and a runebook, but I don't have the needed spellscrolls on any of my characters and I can't seem to find anyone who has them I can have/buy.
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