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  1. Just in time to share for July 4th... a film short of a ZR1 Vette Vs Blue Angel F/A 18. [video=youtube;6muw6pqzk_c]
  2. Can I get some folks to download the 2D client from a fileshare I've got setup and let me know how fast the file downloads? File: http://content10.wuala.com/contents/Adam_UOForums/Ultima%20Online/Download%20UO%20-%202D/setup- Let me know your connection speed and the rate at which the file downloads, if you would.
  3. If EA is serious about curbing cheating, then they need the player community to help them. A reward system would motivate players to help EA police the game. There will be critics of this proposal. Though just consider that the most powerful deterrent to cheating, or anything bad in life, is policing and enforcement. If EA puts out the word, that Jeremy Dalberg is putting 10M in players pockets for reporting “speed hackers” followed by EA reporting of players getting banned as a result of this program. I bet this practice would end very quickly. Cheating and shutting out players from doin
  4. Hey all I'm curious if anyone is noticing any speed problems when browsing the boards throughout the day? There will be a slowdown for about 5 minutes every 4/5 hours or so, as the database is backed up and ftp'd off to a remote backup site, but I'm curious if anyone notices speed issues in general, like loading threads, or anything like that?
  5. I recently switched from a DSL provider (Embarq) to a cable provider (Time Warner RoadRunner). My DSL connection would generally download at approximately 3.5 Mbps, with a max of 5 Mbps. The RoadRunner connection I have now is supposed to provide up to 7 or 8 (not sure) Mbps, but I am only downloading at a max of 3.3 Mbps, and this is only achieved by checking multiple speedtest sites until I find one with a good ping (under 100 ms) A few years ago, I had RoadRunner, and I maintained a steady 4.5 or 5 Mbps, and I was located in a podunk town. My question is: Why would my data transfer sp
  6. WASHINGTON, DC, February 14, 2008 (ENS) - Fewer laboratory animals will be used to test the safety of chemicals such as pesticides and household cleaners under a new agreement announced jointly today by the National Institutes of Health, NIH, and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, EPA. Currently, data collection to determine chemical toxicity currently relies on live animal tests. Researchers expose an animal, such as a mouse, to a chemical. They observe the general effects of the compound on the animal, such as causing weight loss or shortening life, and then examine the animal's t
  7. After much research, plenty of heavy use, and lots of experimenting, we've come up with a few more ways to tweak out the operating system with performance in mind. Vista is constantly being criticized for being too pokey, but in actuality, on a modern system, it's pretty buff—especially if you streamline it. A few things you might want to keep in mind: Check for new drivers frequently. Graphics drivers, especially, have come a very long way since their earlier, crappier predecessors. Look also for chipset drivers, audio drivers, and peripheral drivers on a regular basis. Keep Windows updates
  8. Interesting thread on configuring your computer for UO use. UO Speed Guide thread
  9. I'm curious, but what kind of connection do you view UOForums with, either at home, or work (or both)
  10. Rar IT was supposed to be the one speed limit you could not break. But scientists claim to have demonstrated there is the possibility of travel faster than the speed of light. The feat contradicts one of the key tenets of Albert Einstein's special theory of relativity - that nothing, under any circumstances, can move faster than 300,000km a second, or the speed of light. Travelling faster than light also, in theory, turns back time. According to conventional physics, a person moving beyond light speed would arrive at his destination before leaving. But two Germa
  11. I noticed this yesterday, a player was handing in a ton of bod rewards, and he started to do it in like a rythm and the sounds became faster and faster, then he stopped for a second then started again and it was back to its normal 'deh deh deh du deh da'
  12. French set new rail speed record The modified TGV was powered by two engines A French high-speed train (TGV) has smashed the world record for a train on conventional rails by a big margin, reaching 574.8km/h (356mph) The previous TGV record was 515km/h (320mph), set in 1990. The record attempt by a modified TGV took place on a track between Paris and the eastern city of Strasbourg. The absolute train speed record
  13. Guest

    Speed test

    Can anyone who reads this thread, do a quick test for me? http://www.uoforums.com/test/10mb.bin Download this file and tell me what your average download speed is?
  14. I noticed over the last 2 days it's taking me ages to load some pages here at UOF Just now when I clicked forum support, it didn't load at all, I ended up closing the browser and trying again Is anyone else getting that? or is it just my ISP?
  15. What is swing speed increase cap in weapons? Thank you
  16. Hm, i didnt find technical support forum, so i will post my topic here. From friday i have connection problems. My ping to Europa server ( where i have been playing) is above 400 !!! (usually it is 80-100) same and even more ping is shown to other shards. Can anybody tell what can be source of this problem and how can i solve it ??? BTW i playing Everquset 2 too , and dont have such problem.
  17. How did this turn into this ??? All information above is read OOC and cannot be used in game by anyone reading it. Source used as per link,with Posters permission
  18. Thanks for viewing another odd-ball question but thanks for the input My question/s is this, why does my charachter shoot slower with the same bow(exactly w/bonus and all) than a charachter that has less dex? Also with no armor or jewels on, my base damage is 2-11 while another same skill/stats char is 3-15? My brother and I have both archers with the same skills legend Archery, Tactics,Anatomy,Magic Resist, and so forth with healing/chivalry. Our Stats/Skill points do not match rather, I have more STR and DEX(no jewels, still more with.) oh.. also both human. :
  19. Chilly chip shatters speed record Enlarge Image The world's fastest silicon-based microchip has been demonstrated by scientists in the US. The prototype operates at speeds up to 500 gigahertz (GHz), more than 100 times faster than desktop PC chips. To break the world record, the researchers from IBM and the Georgia Institute of Technology had to super-cool the chip with liquid helium. The team believe the device could eventually speed up wireless networks and develop cheaper mobile phones. "Faster and faster chips open up new applcations and reduce costs for exisitng products," sa
  20. Guest

    Speed issues.

    Is anyone still seeing speed problems when accessing the site? It'll be slow for those using the IP address as opposed to the domain name So for those using the domain name, is it ok speed wise?
  21. This was posted by AthenePac on Stratics. I thought ya'll might get some use out of it too. Pub 40 Weapon Speed Changes: http://users.lmi.net/~noodle/netathene/guilds/Posts/ These charts explain the new swing speeds. I have read some of the discussions and had no freaking idea how it all worked together. If these charts are accurate then they are a godsend!
  22. I've been tearing my hear out the last week with this new host Server works fine, but the connection was really piss poor So finally today, I got somewhere Then later
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