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  1. On the red bar beneath the top Vesper banner you'll now find three buttons - the far left of which is the new one - "Get Vesper Posts". Clicking this button will essentially show you a shortlist of the new posts in our Vesper section since the last time you came here, giving you the ability to catch up on Vesparian news even quicker than ever before. Thank Adam, our local Admin, and use the powah wisely.
  2. A special thanks to Rivi Ravenwynd (SHE) for going the extra mile in assisting those of us waiting for the third key. So many of us were waiting that she explained how to get access to the abyss by taking the quiz. Not only did she take the time to tell us exactly how it is done but also provided us with runes. DWxC appreciates your kindness, Rivi.
  3. Niva hear talk this moon Human/Elf Gareth special day! HA-OOH! HA-OOH! HA-OOH! ------------------------------------------------------------------ Happy Birthday, Gareth! :bcake: Player of Niva the Savage
  4. PaxOku Community Meeting August 8, 2009 PaxOku City Who and What do they do?: For those that don't know who everyone is and what they do, I created a little list instead of the normal attendance I do on these write-ups. Ares [OkuB], Blue Guard Guildmaster / City Council Member Bam Bam [PaxO], Mayor of PaxOku City Niva The Savage, [T_T] Savage Guild Guildmistress / Viceroy of Kijustsu Anei Gareth [PaxO], Adviser / City Council Member / Deputy Caretaker of PaxOku City Merik [uOSS], Oku News Network Leader / Uo Stratics Reporter EM Vladimere, Chesapeake Event Moderator 1
  5. The Folly of Compassion and the consequence of the peace. It has been over two months now since our otherwise esteemed Chancellor rather bizzarely declared that the slaying of bears should not only be made illegal, but carry the potential of corporal punishment. Now there are some no doubt who would not be overly surprised by this; Indeed the Chancellors rather strange affection for these beasts was known prior to his election. Yet in the last few weeks your illustrious reporter upon all things worthy of reflection, the honourable Samsca of Olk, has discerned a grave crisis is growing in the
  6. *REMINDER ANNOUNCEMENT* EM Eira will be available this Friday, July 24th, at the Players Reward Museum from 5pm to 7pm Pacific (7pm to 9pm Central - 8pm to 10pm Eastern) and on Sunday, July 26th from 12pm to 2pm Pacific (2pm to 4pm Central - 3pm to 4pm Eastern - during the *Garden Designers Affair) for PvP players to drop off their suggested PvP rules for next months (Sunday, August 9th) PvP Fight Club event. *Click link for Museum map location.
  7. I'm wondering if anyone knows if there is a way to engrave/decorate a star onto an item. Example: I decorate a cake with a heart and happy birthday but would like to add a star. I cant seem to find a way to do it but I think I have seen it somewhere before. I use the character map in windows and the lucidia console font to get the heart but am I missing something? Thx in advance! =)
  8. Just the other day I was pondering why I never see any necro books without special properties. Spellbooks can have something like +15 magery and so on, so why don't necromancy books? (I also pondered this about paladin books, but then I realized to get the gains you have to hold the book, which wouldn't be condusive for fighting. Necromancy books, on the other hand, can be held in hand.)
  9. Just to let you know the Gangs of Vesper and the Special amry ranks are now open for applications if you have any chars interested.
  10. So I know Grd are using special wood on their wood weapons, why arent we using it?
  11. Seriously... this isn't about anyone's bum! ---------- Saturday Night Special: Biggest Full Moon of 2009 By Robert Roy Britt Editorial Director posted: 09 January 2009 11:59 am ET If skies are clear Saturday, go out at sunset and look for the giant moon rising in the east. It will be the biggest and brightest one of 2009, sure to wow even seasoned observers. Earth, the moon and the sun are all bound together by gravity, which keeps us going around the sun and keeps the moon going around us as it goes through phases. The moon makes a trip around Earth eve
  12. Anne asked Could we have a list of the special rewards? ~~~~ sapphirediablo11 obliged. Fang of Ractus [Replica] ********************* ID: 1094893 The Most Knowledge Person [Replica] ********************* ID: 1094894 Legendary Detective of the Royal Guard [Replica] ********************* ID: 1094895 Elder Detective of the Royal Guard [Replica] ********************* ID: 1094896 Mythical Detective of the Royal Guard [Replica] ********************* ID: 1094901 Embroidered Oak Leaf Cloak [Replica] ********************* ID: 1094902 Gauntlets of Anger [Replica] ****************
  13. Is it possible to get through the 4 switch trap in doom by yourself? And if it is possible, could anyone offer advice on how to do it?
  14. Has anyone else gotten "rare fire red" (thread from statics) Ms Lady Lava posted this picture of what she had bloom ... There are many theories as to what is going on with this 'new rare fire color' plant and Sakkarah of UO EA_Mythic did respond that she is aware of it ...
  15. I'm selling one of my very special houses! No, it's not the Red Wolf Cafe, and no, I'm not quitting UO and no, you can't have my stuff(had to throw that in for good measure). This house is special because it was GM-placed on an island by itself in Malas some years back where no other houses are as part of a contest. Currently, there are two small towers on the island, both are unclaimed prizes from a later contest but the GM's have forgotten to delete them(GM Halona placed one of them, not sure about the other). I have used this house for community events in the past such as a Halloween maze
  16. I was curious, do Fan Dancers do any fire damage, at all, or do they just reduce fire? I see them listed as doing 100% physical. If they don't do any fire, I wonder if they should have a firebreath or something. I think a firebreath would do about 26-7 damage or so, more if under effects of reduced fire, depending on suit, of course. I ask this as to address scripters who hit them up, although, I haven't seen local scripters in a long while...hm...
  17. LANCE's FRIDAY NIGHT SPECIAL: The GAUNTLET. (Lance gathered skulls for everyone, wrote over 60 books, spent time in Luna advertizing it... it only fits that this one gets his name... and thank you for taking me... got a lovely spirit totem...) FYI: Dark Fathers are a demon or daemon slayer type (the latter is now defunct and is only seen as a rare "legacy" item). Before Publish 48, using slayer weapons was not as necessary, and sometimes could be more detrimental than anything, due to the Dark Fathers' extensive use of the Blood Oath spell. However, this Publish appears to have enacted
  18. I just tried making a couple of things out of the newer kinds of wood. In the menu, it said "The item retains the color of this material". Doesn't that mean it the item should be the color of the wood and have a label saying it is made of that wood? I could have sworn I saw things that this worked with...
  19. G4 - The MMO Report - The MMO Report: Age of Conan Special More information on the new "grief prison system." Carebears invading PvP servers should be very happy about this new feature.
  20. Starting Tuesday, May 20th: Community Hunt Any player wanting to gather with the community to fight and heal please meet in Cove fields in Trammel at 7pm cst. If you can't make it at 7pm and want to catch up here is the current itinerary of towns: 7pm cst Cove Fields to party up or stick together. Healers please wear a dark red cloak to identify yourself in the battle (Please do not drag spawn to healers if you can help it). 7:15 cst Nu'jelm Once Nu'jelm is cleared: Papua Once Papua is cleared: Serpent's Hold (be aware this town is currently buggy with underground spawn) *
  21. You can only make up to Deadly Poison. But I know there is a Lethal Poison that's even... "deadlier". It says alchemists can't make it, but Poison Elementals have it? What's this all about? What if you go above GM Alchemist with special equipment?
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