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  1. Community Spawn: Harrower. 22nd 9pm EST Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday: Collecting Skulls from 7pm till 11 pm EST. (yes, it means free community spawning where we will defend and everyone is invited) Thursday: Harrower. We will need your input on this one... so all ideas and suggestions are most welcomed. We will post the basic rules regarding protection and safety procedures to avoid losing any +25 stat scrolls you might get... Thank you again... without your support trying to do this would be... really dumb.
  2. Community Spawn: Despise. 15th October 9PM EST Thursday Community Spawn... Despise. 9 pm EST. (meet in new haven 8:30 or wbb for focus 8:45) thank you. ... and of course... our Theme Song... [video=youtube;CfnizRqgh5Y]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CfnizRqgh5Y Liberation Wars Update: Last week we fought two guilds... but... Due to the recent increase of Raiders, we decided to take this War one step further, Monday, Wednesday, PVP Training... 8 pm est. Thursday... Despise Community Spawn. You are welcomed to join our FATE guild and prove that... F
  3. Unfamiliar creatures seen spawning outside dungeons Covetous and Deceit. http://www.uoledger.com/unfamiliar-spawn-outside-covetous-deceit/
  4. Well I busted out my baby thief now that the events have died down only to find that crates and barrels no longer spawn items. Crates that are locked/trapped come up empty. I went to Moonglow to find no dried goods in the mage shop. The strong boxes appear to be working but nothing else, guess no more fruit stealing for me! Anyone else notice this and how long has it been going on, I haven't logged her in about 2 months. :'(
  5. Draconi_EA UO Lead Designer Shadowlord Manifestations: Spawn timer reduced to two hours Shadowlord Manifestations will now spawn at two hour intervals instead of twelve. That's... pretty much it, yeah, sure, that's all we changed. Heh.
  6. I'm working on a Felucca champ spawn necro archer, and having some difficulty figuring out the template. I plan on withering levels 1 and 2 spawn and shooting my way through the rest of it -- probably in full-time wraith form. The template must be able to withstand PK incursions as well, since this is for Fel spawning, and is intended to take down champs (and I have yet to make it through a whole freaking champ spawn in Fel without getting interrupted by a PK, and usually killed). Here's the best I've managed to come up with so far: 100/120 Archery (+Hunter's Headdress) 100/105 Necro (+BW
  7. May 21st and May 23 at 8pm will be the next two EM events for Chessy. Shields were placed in Luna Bank and Marcy also had the news for us.
  8. Ok, so basically what I'm looking for is a template that can solo Champ Spawns, beginning to end (looking for PSes and replicas more than trans scrolls), but also has some PvP staying power so that I can do well against folks who might want to gank me mid-spawn or steal the champ away...templates with decent AoE power are preferred so that it doesn't take all day to get to the champ. I have two characters that I do champ spawns with in trammel, and they both do fine there, but they both have drawbacks in Fel. One is a Sampire, which is awesome for the spawn (especially low level spawn with
  9. I wanted to take a peak at the champion spawns so I headed to Deceit dungeon (fel) and found the Altar. However I did not see one monster on the entire level. Can these only be done every so often and then they need time to reset?
  10. Geez , can we get this reduced a bit. The spells from bone magi , skeletal mage aren't much , but if you're getting blasted by 10 of them , this is significant. I can understand being killed by Rikkitor. The fc / fcr for mobs in Pvm is also a bit high. a skeletal mage is easy. Being blasted off the viewing area by 4 or 5 of them is entirely different. It just seems very over zealous by EA/Mythic It would be ok if the drop rates for replicas were really that high (I doubt if it's just me) but I've only gotten 1 drop from all 10 of my chars from doing them. My warrior got blasted and d
  11. Posted on http://vboards.stratics.com/showthread.php?t=125744 ]UO StraticsbyRegine_EAMythic UO Associate Game Designer This was initially going to be in the FoF but since it turned out to be much longer than expected, we decided to make a different thread altogether. A number of issues have been identified since the implementation of the champ spawn changes, all of which should be rectified with Publish 58. Hopefully, the following Q&A will address all outstanding questions you may have about this system and how it shoul
  12. This was initially going to be in the FoF but since it turned out to be much longer than expected, we decided to make a different thread altogether. A number of issues have been identified since the implementation of the champ spawn changes, all of which should be rectified with Publish 58. Hopefully, the following Q&A will address all outstanding questions you may have about this system and how it should be working once Pub 58 goes live. 1. How do I receive SoTs? You simply have to kill the spawn in the champ area. Each time a creature is killed, every player who did sufficient dama
  13. Not sure if I understood this correctly. According to today's FOF they talk about a point system. I take it you are given points for kills like in Doom. Did anyone else get this from the answers?
  14. Just curious, because I have tamed every color cu sidhes atleast 5x (with the exception of the blaze cu sidhe). Or is chance of getting a blaze cu sidhe based on RL luck?
  15. This is probably the hardest champ spawn to complete. Would like to set up a time when we can get the most bards together to try and complete this champ. We have tried it in the past to no avail. Sometime Saturday evening or Sunday afternoon? Any suggestions?
  16. Hello all! I was saving this idea to use as the post that would finally put my on the ‘all time’ most prolific posters list. However, I decided that was too much hype for an idea that a) many people won’t like and will probably never see implementation. It is not as if I’m a developer. I’m still struggling with a way to bring more thief content to UO, but in a way that is creative and RP instead of annoying and troublesome for other players. Thieving, by nature, is anti-social – so there will always be an element of that. What I’m looking for is a scoundrel theme, much like other pla
  17. As I've worked champ spawns for the new drops, I've noticed a big discretion in the likelihood that particular templates will receive drops. I've done few champs with my tamer, including Oaks (duh), Valor, Humility, and Tok. I've yet to receive a drop. However, I've played Oaks a few times with my weaver/archer and have gotten 4 sots. My tamer has done Oaks far more times than my archer, yet I only seem to get drops with my archer. I assume this has something to do with damage output. I'm wondering, is there an ideal template for working these drops?
  18. Hi all, I came back to UO about a year ago, my old guild LIFE (great guild *waves to Bones*) were unfortunately lacking slightly in numbers so after much thought I resigned and I've been playing solo since then I'm a very active player being on most days and nights I have the following templates: Tamer / Disco / Provo (with trained CU, GDrag etc) Bush Swords / Macer Bush Archer / Fisher Thief Mage / Spellweaver / THunter Mule / cook etc I'm fairly experienced in PvM (Tram), a little experience in stealing (and dieing) at Champ Spawns and I have a house in Fel (nr deceit) I would lik
  19. This Is A Kool Tile When You Lock It Down You Can See The Tile Bubble. Cant Tell With Cursor On It But It Looks Similar To The Acid Tiles On Customizable Houses.
  20. If anyone knows, please post it here! It would be nice if whoever knows first posted this info each morning to a new post with the info in the title of the post
  21. I want a tamer archer that would be good or sufficient in any champ spawn area where raids might occur (and maybe some factions to give it a try). I was thinking either: 120 Archery 110 Taming 110 Lore 100 Anatomy 100 Healing 100 Tactics 80 Veterinary or 120 Archery 110 Taming 110 Lore 100 Tactics 100 Veterinary 100 Chivalry 80 Meditation also toyed around with this: 120 Archery 105 Taming 105 Lore 100 Anatomy 100 Healing 100 Veterinary 90 Tactics Any suggestions? I have realized you cannot bandage yourself and your pet at the same time, or is that not true? Thanks in advance.
  22. Anne asked Could we have a list of the special rewards? ~~~~ sapphirediablo11 obliged. Fang of Ractus [Replica] ********************* ID: 1094893 The Most Knowledge Person [Replica] ********************* ID: 1094894 Legendary Detective of the Royal Guard [Replica] ********************* ID: 1094895 Elder Detective of the Royal Guard [Replica] ********************* ID: 1094896 Mythical Detective of the Royal Guard [Replica] ********************* ID: 1094901 Embroidered Oak Leaf Cloak [Replica] ********************* ID: 1094902 Gauntlets of Anger [Replica] ****************
  23. Mark Trail started a discussion in http:// this thread The Sicarii quest is not done until you get 10 gossamers to spin the big web. By my calculation that takes 5-10 hours of just sitting there in Sicarii's room waiting for drones to spawn in the corners: Sitting in one corner, a set of drones came about every 15 minutes. Sometimes one of the drones had a gossamer, sometimes none. And sometimes another player was faster and killed all the drones first. That worked out to one gossamer per hour for me. Don't say, "Learn to kill them faster. Run around to all 4 corners." This is a zero s
  24. Is there anywhere with a current list of titles attainable from champ spawns and harrowers? uo and stratics are outdated as they list only the original titles with none of the newer titles attainable. On a side note has the issue with the Labrynth champ spawn ever been fixed? I know we had a group on cats at one time tackle it for over an hour killing things as fast as they could spawn (was a fairly large group and things were dropping so fast the spawn could not keep up with the group). anyhow the spawn never advanced. and the champ was unable to be summoned. this was a while ago I dont t
  25. I wasn't able to attend this one...I took the pics off of stractics. But it sounded that event was another great event hosted by the EBay Alliance. This champ spawn marathon was hosted by the EBay Alliance and was public. Well… almost public. NB-Cats posted, “As always, everyone except for HOT and LUB! will be guaranteed safe passage. If HOT members hide their tag, we may show mercy as well.” There you have it. A great set up for a fun evening. So here’s what happened…. Despise: -SS- were the first ones in the dungeon. MSI soon followed. The champ spawn was soon over. The a
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