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Found 17 results

  1. Hey guys, after a long period I finally decided to share my new software: UO Template Editor. This software is made for manage your skills, stats, items and pets. For downloads, bug reports and feedbacks use the Home Page: UO Template Editor For make a donation: click here Who has tried my softwares (like Ultima Online Utility), know that are all virus/malware free.
  2. Hello, everyone! I'd like to make an alert about UO macros(2D). Some Japanese players are aware that Norton2009 might cause UO macros disappear. I thought it might happen only in Japanese environments at first, but I have found a post about it also in Stratics, so I decide to make this post here.
  3. Our company is in policy and risk management. Elemental Security Platform (ESP) unifies security controls and activity of the network environment. A full ESP implementation requires a complex server environment including hardware, Red Hat Linux and an Oracle database. This complex implementation makes it difficult for our sales team to quickly and easily demonstrate the company’s solution on-site. As a result, sales demos are restricted to remote demos over a VPN connection. They have to spend up to two days at the customer’s site to implement a full solution demo. We require a solution wi
  4. For those who like blogs, we now have a new (and better) blogging software installed Ultimate Online Forums - Blogs The link is also in the navigation bar at the top.
  5. Guest

    Forum software update.

    Update from the creators I'm going to try and take the opporunity to clean out the database and rebuild the main page of UOforums, as well as clearing our the style and starting from scratch.
  6. The average US user probably pays Microsoft about $1 a month for Windows, assuming they only get a new copy when they buy a new PC after an average four years. That's OK since the real money comes from enterprises, but still, Microsoft would much rather consumers paid $5 or $10 a month. And the way to do that is by selling a subscription service such as OneCare. That looks after three PCs for €50 a year. Having got OneCare going, Microsoft is now looking to the next step: an expanded version called Albany. Full story here
  7. The Easter holiday may have already passed, but every day is an Easter-egg hunt for software, DVD and video-game sleuths. These nifty nuggets hold intentional hidden messages or features. Link
  8. A ....relative has tasked me to help her, or rather, for me to create a website for her to sell her wares She's a tailor, for lack of a better description, she makes things on demand, including waist coats, dresses, curtains and whatnot She'd like a site similiar to this one - http://www.janetsteward.co.uk/ With the ability to sell items via the site Anyone got any recomendations on what to use?
  9. A stable client that runs on the system requirements you stated to run KR. Or revise the system requirements higher, and tell people with the lower end computers either upgrade or move on. This lower requirements is one of the strengths of the 2D client, many users that I know have stayed with UO for just this reason. They can still use a computer that 6/7 years old and still compete and enjoy the game. If you can make KR that stable, more people will be prone to try it.
  10. I'm testing out some new caching/optimization software for the server at present, to hopefully speed up the forums abit If you notice any problems, no matter how small, post them in this thread, if ya would!
  11. Well I have faithfully used Norton for over ten years. Seemingly have never had a problem. I have noticed some posters not really enthralled with it. So was wanting some input from you guys. As my Beloveds new comp came with McAfee and is getting ready to expire. I need to decide to stay with McAfee, go with Norton my old faithful software or look for better software. Thanks in advance for any input. Vepl
  12. I just finished upgrading the server's software to newer versions So apologies for the downtime
  13. Ok. So I'm going through my game CD's and find my UOGold disk. It is unopened. I was curious what came with it? I know it has an advanced character code, anything else? I looked on some software sites but none of them have it listed so I couldn't find any info on it.
  14. Interesting story taken from here - http://techrepublic.com.com/5208-11183-0.html?forumID=89&threadID=173539&start=0 Has it ever crossed your mind to use the editor to open a WAV file installed with Windows XP? Nobody will do that - that's what Microsoft probably thought. After all, countless WAV files are stored on a computer, and they are to be heard, not to be watched, right? No, not exactly. Our colleagues over at Macwelt gave us the idea. We tried it and examined some WAV files that are stored on a drive with a newly installed Windows XP. And we made a stunning discovery. In
  15. Guest

    a software

    ahve you guys heard of a software called nav4all? I am interested in installing this program on my mobile. I hope you can tell me some experience regarding this software
  16. source taken from :- from the Home Page of UO.com: PunkBuster Testing in Progress, Public Beta Testing to Start Soon Darkscribe informs us that Player cheating is a serious problem inside Ultima Online, as it is with all online role-playing games. It hurts the economy, gives players an unfair advantage in PvP, and puts honest players at a disadvantage when it comes to competing for resources, spawns and treasure. It’s no wonder the use of cheat programs is the number one complaint to customer service. We hope to greatly reduce the use of cheat programs through the use of Pun
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