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Found 15 results

  1. Hello! i just have one simple question... Im currently training magery on my char.. i have about 76,3 magery to be exact.. and aiming on GM:ing the skill.. but it takes a very very long time to even increase 0,1 point of the skill.. is this normal or have i missed something??
  2. Did skill gains become slower since the last time I played? I gained .2 in magery over 4hrs time of constant use and near constant success. This seems a bit unfair. Has this been announced in any patch notes?
  3. so i am under 300 skill point atm, i have a 95 music and a 101.3 peace but im getting about 1 full skill point every 2 hours. does it always take this long?? im in my house and i have my guys horse and a bandit outside the question is should i go somewhere else to macro or it doesnt matter where i am?
  4. Its taken me almost 6 hrs so far and I am still only 65% patched.If any one else is having the same problems here is the explanation 02-Apr-2009 Unfortunately at the moment we are experiencing a few technical difficulties with our content distribution provider which we use for high bandwidth delivery of new patches. We are actively managing the situation by moving some patching onto additional datacentre patch servers to improve the situation, which might lead to some of you receiving 404 errors while connections are being moved. If you are experiencing slow patching spe
  5. I see all dragons in Doom2 walking close to their owner when they run. But me, with my dragon, I have to stop walking a lot of times between each room or my dragon gets lost following me... Is this a bug?
  6. I took interest in Drakes work, seeing how he manipulated himself into powerful people trusting him, taking a line from his work I thought it was time to do something similiar, however it being somewhere... closer to home. He was being difficult... too morale for my liking, however I think slowly he came to see what it was he needed, and that us, as a group, were able to give it. Alot to read through I understand, however perhaps you might think it foolish of me to reveal our sources and connections to this Captain of Vesper? Personally I see only gain in this, and if he was to tell a
  7. If D. or anybody is reading. *shrugs* -Galen's player
  8. Hi there, is it just me or is anyone else having problems running 2d,its like i have lag pauses that can last several seconds and they are all the time, be it in towns or the wilds,its really spoiling my playing because i am almost afraid to leave the safer regions because when i pause the monsters dont,its been happening for a few weeks now and i have not changed anything on my computer in that time,except i did download KR and tried it out (im not too impressed with it )even when im running its not much faster than a trot now and still its jerky.As i say my computer and broadband are both f
  9. I'm running some backup scripts, testing different options.
  10. i need to replace it. i'm not raising my ninjitsu to 120 if i eventually start gaining .2 gains a day. NO! NOT going to happen! never!!! heres my template 120 bushido [insert new skill here] 120 parry 120 healing 60 chiv 100 swords 60 anatomy.
  11. Is it just me or are the forums running slow sometimes? Really, really slow. But not all the time. It's confusing! lol
  12. Is it just me or are the forums running slow? I can't even add a reply to a lot of things.
  13. OMG...... Tonight I resumed armslore training at 88.6. I watched two movies and at the end I rose to only 95.0. I will admit that I wedged the key but I was watching the screen (mostly.) That is a very low skill rate gain. Can you imagine trying to raise it by "playing" the game? Aaarg..... I am raising Armslore and Item ID in case one day they become useful. Soulstone frags for the win!
  14. Kind of wierd intermittent issue cropped up today. Everything was smooth and quick yesterday now I seem to be hanging up coming into the site and then retrieving Unread Posts. When I navigate to where I want to go (like when I came here to make this post) it moves fine... Is it just me?
  15. Adri


    Is it just me, or are the forums running pretty slow tonight?
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