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  1. Lumberjacking Stand before a tree and gaze upward. Do you see leaves? Jagged limbs? Branches? The skilled lumberjack may gaze at the same tree and see buildings and towers and finely carved wooden goods. Training There are two methods to gain lumberjacking. Method 1 Chop trees. Method 2 Attack creatures with an axe. This will require either the Swordsmanship skill or a weapon with the Use Best Weapon Skill property. The most efficient way to gain is to get a 100% Poison Damage axe and hit a Golem. For more tips on using the Golem method visit the Melee Training Guide page.
  2. Time to GM: 12-16 hours Boards needed: 60-100K (depending on method) Tools needed: 100+ GM tinker tools It is STRONGLY suggested that you start any crafter with 50 carp and 50 smith, as these are the MOST resource intensive. Method 1 (LEAST consumption) What to make/ boards/ When to stop DartBoards / 5 / 40.6 wooden boxes / 10 /45.9 Trinsic Chairs / 15 / 47.2 Ballot Boxes / 5 / 72.1 Wooden Shields / 9 / 73.5 Quarter Staves / 6 / 98.5 Gnarled Staves / 7 / 1000 Method 2 What to make/ boards/ When to stop wooden boxes / 10 / 34 medium crates / 15 /49.9 Trinsic Chairs / 15 /
  3. This is not a substitute for researching pet control chance on stratics, and locating dense spawn areas. This is meant only to aide in locating denser, safer spawns for gaining from 0 to 120 taming. Mordana of UO Pacific Rangers started this. I have modified it some to reflect newer changes since 2005, and add in specific skill ranges. "Part One - Understanding how Taming gains work (If you just want the "bare bones guide" to what to tame at what skill, skip to "Part Two") The implementation of the Guaranteed Gain System (GGS) has eliminated skill gains from failed attempts, so it is imp
  4. Items needed: 1 box made with 30 tinker skill ( go cheap and buy up tinker and carpentry on your lockpicker, build your own!) 1 box made with 50 tinker skill 1 box made with 75 tinker skill 1 box made with 100 tinker skill About 500 lockpicks total For LP, you will need 3 tinker made boxes of different levels w/ key Skill / How to gain / Gains stop 0 / Buy to 30 from THIEF guild master (important, hard to gain otherwise, must have it over 26 before training on boxes) / N/A 30 / 50 Tinker Skill Locked Boxes / 50 50 / 75 Tinker Skill Locked Boxes / 80 80 / 100 Tinker Skill Locked
  5. Guest

    Chivalry Skill Guide

    UOForums UO Chivalry Skill Training Guide Tips before skill training 1) Get yourself a 100% LRC suit = No tithing points are consumed with spell casts. 2) Try and get Faster casting/Faster cast recovery items and mana regeneration items, which will result in overall faster skill training. What to cast and when: 0 - 30: Purchase skill points from an NPC Paladin; 30 - 45: Hold a weapon in hand and cast Consecrate Weapon; 45 - 60: Cast Divine Fury; 60 - 70: Cast Enemy of One; 70 - 90: Cast Holy Light; and 90 - 115*: Cast Noble Sacrifice. 115+ Currently, you can't gain past 115
  6. UOForums Necromancy Skill Guide. For discussion of Necromancy related stuff, please use our Necromancy Forum. Tips before skill training 1) Get yourself a 100% LRC suit = No reagents are consumed with spell casts. 2) Try and get Faster casting/Faster cast recovery items and mana regeneration items, which will result in overall faster skill training. What to cast and when: 0 - 40: Train at NPC Necromancer in New Haven 40 - 50: Cast Pain Spike 50 - 70: Cast Horrific Beast 70 - 90: Cast Wither 90 - 110: Cast Lich Form 110 - 120: Cast Vampiric Embrace
  7. (NOTE: I'm doing the fairly obvious templates here - if you know enough to be min-maxing your skills based on what gear you plan on getting, well I doubt you really need a skill guide.) Another skill template! This time we do the ever popular Tamer Mage. Base Skills: Magery: Magery skill governs your success chance when casting spells. Evaluating Intelligence: This is your damage skill. It increases your spell damage. Meditation: Increases mana regeneration. It only affects you if your armor is leather or cloth, and can be done actively for double speed regeneration. Animal Taming: T
  8. Guest

    Bushido Skill Guide

    UOForums UO Bushido Skill Training Guide Tips before skill training 1) Try and get Faster casting/Faster cast recovery items and mana regeneration items, which will result in overall faster skill training. What to cast and when: 0 - 30: Train at NPC Samurai in Zento. Note: If you are on a murderer, you will have to use a Soulstone or get some jewelry to raise your skill to 25. You cannot train Bushido from below 25 skill. 30 - 60: Cast Confidence. 60 - 75: Cast Counter Attack. 75 - 105: Cast Evasion. 105 - 120: Cast Momentum Strike. Sources: 1) UOGuide. 2) Stratics
  9. I have a Tamer mage that is: 120 Taming 120 Lore 100 Magery 100 Vet 100 Eval 100 Med 60 Res 11 FCR 8 FC 107 STR 76 DEX 141 INT I was wondering the value of moving points from my INT to DEX to increase VET healing time, my healing time right now is 2 sec. Could I make this faster by moving more points to DEX, or should I leave it alone? Any other advice you could give me to help with my tamer?
  10. My char has 120 Fencing 100 Anatomy 100 Tactics 100 Healing 100 Resist 100 Focus 100 Parrying I'm looking to drop one skill and replace it with another. Which skill should I drop? Is parrying even worth having? -Cade
  11. I had this temp on my head for a long time..I'm RP PvP-er in Europa which limits me with not using AoE spellweaving spells, but I only intend to use the boost spells anyway 120 fencing 100 tactics 100 anatomy 90 healing 80 poisoning I have 210 points left to spend. I'm thinking of a 110 spellweaving and 100 meditation, but I'm not sure about this, maybe can take 100 Spellweave and spend the rest 110 points on medi+focus. Any suggestions?
  12. Train ninjitsu off a ninja first. That gets you to about 30. Ninja's can be found in the tokuno city. Animal form a rabbit over and over, till you get to 40. Mirror image till you get to 65 or so, maybe 70. Now here's where it gets interesting. Get a golem. If you're in a guild, you have to be in town for this to work. If you're not in a guild, then you only have to be in trammel. Most importantly though, regardless of guild status, you have to be in trammel. Tell the golem to attack you "all kill." Remember, if you're in a guild you have to be in town, otherwise, if you're not in town, th
  13. Guest

    Archery Skill Guide V1.0

    Archery - Basic information. “Stand over there and let me shoot this apple off your head. No. I promise. I’ll shoot the apple.” From a distant grove of trees, a lone archer raises his crossbow, takes slow, careful aim, and with the twitch of a finger, impales danger with a deadly bolt. A skill requiring a steady aim and dexterous fingers, those who live “close to the land” often favor Archery. The Tools Bows and crossbows are weapons of choice for those pursuing skill in Archery. For more information on bows and crossbows, visit the Armory. Sold by: Bowyer Crafted?
  14. Does a char that has 400 skill points on their template gain skill any faster than a char that has maybe 600 skill points on their template? Does total skills have any bearing on how fast one will gain?
  15. I'm a returning player and see many people talk about having 120 skill. Can anyone explain this in detail a bit? I would love to get a char to 120 in archery. Also, does this really help much? Since you are a GM at 100, is the gain worth the effort? Thanks
  16. Hello! i just have one simple question... Im currently training magery on my char.. i have about 76,3 magery to be exact.. and aiming on GM:ing the skill.. but it takes a very very long time to even increase 0,1 point of the skill.. is this normal or have i missed something??
  17. if ur a mage with parry on ur temp........ can u parry witha mage book any more , or u have to use a shield not using bush ... cheers ty
  18. I have Inscription (100) on a character, who has learned some recipes (like Scrappers) the and I want to transfer it to another character. Will the character I transfer the skill to (via Soul Stone) be able to make those recipes or will they have to also learn them? Basically is it account based, or character based?
  19. Did skill gains become slower since the last time I played? I gained .2 in magery over 4hrs time of constant use and near constant success. This seems a bit unfair. Has this been announced in any patch notes?
  20. Stratics and UOGuide both list the sos treasure chests as being in the range of 65 fishing. Well I'm at the coordinates (exactly) and I'm not pulling anything up. No fish, no footwear and no chest... Do I need more fishing? Do these sites need to update there info because more fishing is needed? -Cade
  21. Some of our members got together and we did a dungeon crawl in Shame last night. Purpose was to help each other with skill gains, but mostley get together and have a little fun. Fiona found a black horse she didnt remember she had and brought it. Knut Boolt brought along his newly tamed polar bear, the bear lasted a fairly long time before the elementals bested it. MONTAR hacked and slashed his way with his Luna Lance. Seagrams Seven used his wicked bardich and Malia used her black magic and another black horse to even the score. Lord Darkfire, used his black arts skills to his advantage c
  22. Do you have to use Swords to utilize the bushido parry function or can one use any weapon? It seems everyone uses swords.
  23. Ok this is a very nobish question so please do not flame me. I simply could not find the answer anywhere and it is driving me nuts: How do you tell what your total skill cap is? Same goes for your total stat cap? I am trying to build a character template but cannot figure out what my total caps are so I cannot plan accordingly.
  24. anyone know or have a source describing how Golem Skill is determined? i mean like is it 60 wrestling when made with 80 tink and 80 wres for 100 tink or...
  25. Currently, I'm at... 110 Taming 110 Lore 100 Vet 120 Music 120 Disco 110 Magery I actually have 120 Skill points left over (50 from jewelry, 10 from Scrappers, 10 from Talisman) What skill should take up that last 120 spot? Peacemaking seems like a logical and easy choice...is it useful for higher-end hunting? I have a little under 100 Provocation stoned, but it seems like it would be too difficult to raise to 120. Spellweaving is intriguing, but probably not feasible without meditation. Any other thoughts?
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