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  1. http://www.girlgamer.net/teeshy/castlesandcourtyards/ This is the site, in it's original version. This will remain at this location until i have all the guides reproduced and updated on http://deco.girlgamer.net Since this project is taking me time and I have a job, family, etc., I figured people would appreciate having all the guides available at a quick glance. If there is anything that doesnt work BESIDES the ads, please leave a message here. Cheers.
  2. Guest

    Useful UO site links.

    I'm going to be using this thread to compile a list of UO related fansites that people can go to. If anyone has any suggestions on what sites to add, please post them in this thread and I'll amend this original post. Official UO Sites http://www.uoherald.com - Main UO Page UO Stygian Abyss Site UO Playguide Download UO http://www.uoforums.com/view.php?pg=downloaduo <hr> Fansites House Decoration Kayhynn's House Decoration site - Crescent Moon Interior Design The old Castles and Courtyards Website Spellweave (UOKR client/macro guide and deco site) Radio Stations Whis
  3. [Removed mainly because the website itself has turned hostile and may bite your willy off!]
  4. This has been going on for awhile now and I am unable to create a bookmark that I can actually use. My FireFox is up-to-date and I have to type in the URL every time I come here. Any help is greatly appreciated. WildStar
  5. I've sent Chrissay a permission request via email to do this, but I think it'll help with those experiencing incredibly slow patch downloads I've patched up SA and... Apparently I'm not allowed to host a patched copy of SA, sorry folks
  6. Would kinda suck if you died of the flu, then caught it again!
  7. I've been in negotiations with a third party UO site for total site sponsorship What this basically means is I'll get a monthly donation, in return the sponsor gets exclusive rights to post their business here (By exclusive, I mean no other competition will be allowed) This won't affect users, only brokers/traders and the like. If the deal is approved, this will of course mean the Gold system will be brought back to UOForums :dancet:
  8. I see the UO Auto Map site is back up and running? Is it still owned by the same guy? Also has anyone downloaded from that site recently? If so any problems with the site?
  9. Site. So far no Seventh Char slot/ Housing upgrade or Legacy Token. Anything else it's missing? I'll check the uogamecodes website to see if they take paypal....
  10. This is your reminder to get those submitted here. So the event or fan site news can be posted in the Five on Friday. Chrissay
  11. This is a reminder for you to submit your fansite news or player run event so it can be added to the Five on Friday. You can add them by clicking here. Make sure that you choose Fansite News in the drop down menu. Chrissay
  12. Adam, seems to be an issue with the new theme (?) and the Quick reply box below and the Reputation on left side. Just an FYI Se'an
  13. A poll! Do you like the new UO.COM site?
  14. Sorry the site has been down awhile. Looks like I'll have to rebuild it from scratch, which isn't a huge problem. I just can't solve the "white screen" blues we have. I've tried reinstalling all files to no avail, which leaves me with a bad database. So I'll be wiping it clean. The problem also happened with the old Iantown site. Both sites use the same software, so I'll also be checking to see if there is any new hacker problems reported, although I haven't found any in a quick search. Look for the site to be back up in the next couple of days. Se'an
  15. Link on UO.com shows the Flash banner, but linking is broken, so I guessed it and you can now see it here: http://www.uoherald.com/stygianabyss/
  16. From UO Herald http://www.uoherald.com/stygianabyss/
  17. Guest

    Upcoming site merger.

    Just to let you all know, I'm going to merging the database from The Pacific Roleplaying Community (Home of The PRC™) with UOForums. ThePrc is an old roleplaying site, which has been around longer than UOForums It's been dead for sometime, but in order to preserve the history, I'm going to be importing all the posts/threads/polls and members into UOForums. So i'll probably try doing that Monday.
  18. Is the Ultima registrations page down for anyone else? I need to check my payment details, but the page keeps timing out. EA main site doesn't work for me either. Might be a comcast issue. Nevermind it was an issue with my computer settings. All fixed now.
  19. Just announced by Major League Baseball. Check it out. welcomebackveterans.org: Home
  20. anders tells us the game is not working acording to this page at the UO site: Some buying habits of players will have a more significant effect on NPC shopkeeper prices. This applies to all shards except for Siege Perilous and Mugen. (See Vex’s recent Team Comment for more details & insights on these changes.) The more stackable items, excluding reagents, sold to a specific NPC shopkeeper, the lower the price that the shopkeeper will charge for those items. For every 1000 units bought from a player, the price will drop by 1 gold piece per unit. The more stackable items, excluding reage
  21. The Threads and Posts counts are showing up one column to the left, the post column is empty, and there is no actual Last Post entries.
  22. Just logged into UO and I'm getting the Eight Age splash screen and i'm missing my character in the 7th slot. Everything was ok when I logged of last night. Is it just me that this is happening to ? I can't get into the account site to see if anything's changed and check that I'm still registered for 10th Anni version (I know I am - I just wanted to chack that it's still there) Again, is it just me that can't access account info ? There doesn't seem to be any info about possible problems (...or not that I've found - if there is somthing somewhere please let me know where to find it)
  23. Okay, my sister sent me this today, pardon if you have already seen it. Unfortunately, the site is in dutch, so I can't read a thing on it, but the site programmer definitely had some fun making it. Turn your sound up a tad, and don't touch the mouse... the page will do the rest. HEMA - online winkelen
  24. Received from Nok of UOToolbar http://uotoolbar.org/index.php?optio...289&Item id=2 ---------- UO Japan Site Menus Added Written by Nok - UO Toolbar Admin Monday, 21 April 2008 EA Mythic's UO Japan site menus and RSS news feed have been added to the UO Toolbar! The menus and RSS feed use the Japanese alphabet and wording, with English mouseover hints (where appropriate) to better help players navigate the menus as best as possible. If you see any misspellings or inappropriate usage, please post your findings & corrections on the UO Toolbar Support Board... so we can get thi
  25. Received from Nok of UOToolbar http://gamexbar.com/index.php?option...=35&Itemi d=2 ---------- LOTRO Japan Site Menu Added Written by Nok - GameXbar Saturday, 19 April 2008 Yup... you heard right! The site menu from the LOTRO site in Japan has been added to the LOTROXbar. Now I have to be honest... I don't speak Japanese at all. But with the help of Google... I hope the translations are at least close. If they are not and you are fluent in Japanese, please... feel free to post the corrections here on the LOTROXbar Support Board, and I will get them updated. There are also
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