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  1. Just as the title says! Takji - Level 80 Troll Rogue
  2. Show me your favorite screen shots of Ultima. I'm bored and at work. so throw them up!
  3. What was it like when you first started to play UO.
  4. We are collecting images for the PaxLair 2008 Slide Show. Neo of Lothlore has made slide shows the past years. Will he this year too? One would hope so, if there are images and paragraphs describing those images as source material. Deadline is probably December 21st, 2008. Please add to this thread images (or links to images) to images that you might like to see in the 2008 Slide Show. Include a description that editors will likely edit, so don't worry about grammar. Don't add 500 images, please be selective. IMPORTANT: Include the date of the image in the description, so we know wh
  5. on Wednesday evening. I got home and was getting ready to log in when we got a call from Australia that our son was in the hospital. Seems he had to have his appendix removed. We spent a few hours trying to get in touch with him. Finally managed to get thru. His operation went well and he'll be returning to the tour, meeting up with the band in Finland. Have to say that was a frustrating experience having him 1/2 the world away. But we also came out with a GREAT feeling for the Australian medical system and hospital staff! We had worries on how to pay ( He doesn't currently have Medical in
  6. Actually it looks a bit creepy..
  7. Original link One of the big dissapointments in the launch last May for Age of Conan was the last minute announcement that the fantasy MMO would not have a DirectX10 version at launch. Today developer Funcom announced that members of the press will be able to see the DirectX10 graphics for the game next week in a behind-closed-doors session at the Games Convention in Leipzig, Germany. . The general public who attend the show will also get to see some upcoming new content for the game including " brand new and never-before-seen locations, content and features." Also a demo on how the game can
  8. I have another image to go with my avatar that I want to put in my sig. It's a .gif. It shows up under preview, but thats it! Grrr!
  9. A series of wedding photographs taken moments after an earthquake struck China's Sichuan province on 12 May have been released. The century-old seminary in Pengzhou was destroyed in the quake. Five newly wed couples were posing for the camera in a deserted Catholic seminary in Pengzhou when the quake struck. Pengzhou is about 15 miles (25km) from the provincial capital Chengdu.
  10. See the article here please on WRR forum. Hail Everyone!! We Chesapeakeans truly appreciate the opportunity to be guests on Shard Chatter on Friday, February 1, at 10 PM Eastern Time in Whispering Rose Radio. Thank you!! PANEL MEMBERS: Ado the Theif - PaxOku Citizen (PaxLair) Angus - Keeper of Guardians Gate, Royal Britannian Guards Elias of Arundel - Knight of Fortune, Keepers of Dawn Lucy NANOC - Mayor of Dragons Watch (PaxLair) Phoenix - Deputy Mayor of Dragons Watch (PaxLair) Se'an Silverfoot - Dragon Captain, Dragons Watch (PaxLair) [an asst admin for UOForums] Wat the Tyler - Cou
  11. See the article here please on WRR forum. We currently have 9 people from Chesapeake to be in the Live talk show. Can someone post this on Stratics Chesapeake too please (running to work). Thanks!!
  12. See the article here please on WRR forum. We currently have 9 people from Chesapeake to be in the Live talk show.
  13. We are getting a real sweet show here today for free. Kid Rock, Robin Williams, Lewis Black, Lance Armstrong, and Miss USA. I am heading out in about 20 minutes, and will hopefully get some pictures up here on the site sometime today or tomorrow. If I have to wait 5 hours, I'll get myself a Robin Williams autograph!! I have missed Kid Rock at Sturgis like 3 times over the last few years, so finally I'll get a chance to see him live! I'm freakin STOKED!!!!
  14. says LadyNico over on Stratics.She wants to see what everyone has been up to with their seasonal designs. Just wandering around, I've spied some amazing holiday decorations and I was inspired to try my own hand at it. While I will admit to having had fun having a go, let's just say that for an interior decorator, I make a pretty good...tamer... Just so no one can possibly feel inferior, here's my own feeble attempt at festive deco:- I'd love to see how creative Europa is, so show me yer deco!
  15. Think of what Dip would bring in to Show and Tell:P[video=youtube;-M4p5kubS2c]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-M4p5kubS2c"]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-M4p5kubS2c
  16. source I'm at a loss. Is there a list of UO team members somewhere since, I can't seem to find it. Or find one that's at least current. Does anyone know? Such a far cry from when we knew all the people from top to bottom. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Quoted from another thread ~~~~ Yeah we have 4 guys working on UO and we wonder why stuff isn't coming as fast as it should. ~~~~ Heh, it's not just four guys, those are just the ones that post the most often. I've got a series of intros lined up that should explain the current team's structure better - you should see the first one tow
  17. Just wanted to show you guys my mounts sense I worked hard on it. That and Maddux showed me his beautiful griffan so wanted to do something similar... sorry took me so long to show these... I had them at 40 but yeah I am slow =P -RMS Carpathia-
  18. TV show breaches fortress Sydney Sydney's breach of security has made headlines in Australia Members of an Australian television comedy show have been arrested and charged after breaching the tightest security the city has ever seen. The team from the satirical show The Chaser's War on Everything were stopped within yards of the hotel where US President George W Bush was staying. The stunt was reportedly only revealed when o
  19. I like it when I can see how many unread there are.
  20. every time i see an orc helm or mask i am become deathly ill. when i think about orc helms and masks, i throw up a little theres two problems with these pieces of equipment... 1. orc helms show your face. 2. orc masks look like lizardmen masks. also the orc models themselves need improvement.
  21. AMSTERDAM (Reuters) - A Dutch broadcaster will air a show this week in which a terminally ill woman selects a recipient for her kidneys from three contestants, despite government calls for the programme to be scrapped. Newspaper De Telegraaf said BNN would broadcast The Big Donorshow on Friday during which the 37-year-old woman will choose from three people with kidney problems. She will make her choice based on the contestants' history, profile and conversations with their families and friends. Viewers will be able to send text messages advising her during the 80-minute show. "The chanc
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