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Found 13 results

  1. Fighting in Moonglow yesterday on LS. We were taking down a Fallen Warrior. 3 [Cowardice] tagged NPC shopkeepers leave their shop *screaming incoherently*, to attack the Warrior. That in and of itself was a good visual. Terrified past the capacity for reason, yet still wanting to defend their town. They are saying the "have at thee!" kind of stuff that NPCs have said when in combat since the dawn of this game. The Fallen Warrior simply mows them down in what appears to be a single hit. I was stunned to see this poignant display of NPC powerlessness in the face of greater powers. In
  2. The poster Gandalfone made some very valid comments in this thread I don't want to start the 100.000th thread on the different treatment of American versus European LOTRO players, but I think there is something that should be noted. Over the last few weeks we've seen quite a few items that were provided to the American audience, and that were not offered in Europe. To summarize in random order, heavily dependent on my bad memory... - signature in forums - bonus xp weekend - digital pre-order of MOM - new website for MOM - announcement of a LOTRO social network
  3. My latest adventure and possibly my favorite out of them all. It's three parts with a fourth bonus part after (if you dare to read). UOTHIEF.COM | Episode 169: Master of Disguises (Part 1 of 3) :grouphug:
  4. The Stirling & Kendall Trading Company has decided to sell off shares of it's company, the Company has divided into 100 Shares. Just 8 of these 100 shares remain and each will go up for auction on Monday 8:30pm gmt at the Trinsic Rose. The Current value of Stirling & Kendall Trading Co. is 1,033,333 Gold pieces, this puts the value of one share at 10,333 gold pieces. In January S&K made over one million gold in goods sales, should February sales be the same then the share value is likely to double by the end of the Month. While Shares in the Company is a good investment, they
  5. My sister has gone to the next level and bested me. I had to share some funny toons she made last night from inside the game. I was rolling when she was showing me. The first one is outside Yew Gate, Felucca in Legends shard, for those of you who might know what its like there. Recognize anyone. Hehe and this one as well...
  6. I'm at work and am completely stuck in the mud here. "We're sorry, but Gmail is temporarily unavailable. We're currently working to fix the problem -- please try logging in to your account in a few minutes." It has been over an hour!!! My entire work life revolves around my email!!!! AHHHHH!!!!! Gmail rocks heavily, but boy have I come to rely on it! I am lost without it! Share my pain....
  7. If you already do not know, my boyfriend drives a race car locally here in Pittsburgh, at the dirt track called PMS *giggle* :laugh: Pittsburgh Motor Speedway... He sold his car from last year and bought a new one for this year. The decal guy just finished her up and I am very excited with how it turned out. I came up with the green idea (even though it's bad luck in racing) but it looks sweet, and will really make him stand out from the rest on the track. Last year's race car: The new car! These were taken at the decal guy's shop. The car is coming home today, CANT WAIT!!!
  8. Undeniably Sexy: A Thief's Tale Here is a game I've been working on for a while now, I finally had time to work on it during the break. It was made using RPG Maker XP. It's 25% complete, I just finished the first of four acts. It'll take you about 5 hours to beat. I'll try to get the the rest done when I can, and post it here after every Act is complete. Started this project 6-24-06, with a 3 1/2 month break in the middle, so it'll take a while. If you try it, I ask that you get to the scenes after you get out of the first town. I didn't really know what I was doing. I plan to re
  9. http://www.ifilm.com/ifilmdetail/2685784
  10. Does anyone have any favorite foods, or recipies they'd like to share for Thanksgiving? I am always looking for new recipies to try and the holidays are almost best for doing that! Please share if you'd like...
  11. > A bit of history > > > Two Great Stories - BOTH TRUE - and worth reading! > > STORY NUMBER ONE: > > Many years ago, Al Capone virtually owned Chicago. Capone wasn't famous for anything heroic. He was notorious for enmeshing the windy city in everything from bootlegged booze and prostitution to murder. Capone had a lawyer nicknamed "Easy Eddie." He was his lawyer for a good reason. Eddie was very good! In fact, Eddie's skill at legal maneuvering kept Big Al out of jail for a long time. > > To show his appreciation, Capone paid him very well. Not only
  12. Sudoku. it's the new japanese puzzle game taking over the world. You should check it out, here's the sites i use to play sudoku online (don’t worry, it's free) online Sudoku
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