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Found 9 results

  1. When Aritoth El'Bashir was at the height of his power, he had two great enemies he was fighting. The first enemy was the Tokuno Empire which withstood his armies far longer than any other foe had up to that point. The second foe was the clergy of the virtue gods. Tokunese Heroes brought about his death but it was the clergy that shackled his undead spirit for near a thousand years until Mondain unleashed it upon the world again. The War of Shadows has it's roots during the sea chase for Mondain's skull. Shadowlord agents fled Ilshenar by ocean, the skull in their possession and Captain J
  2. Muldran pulled his green robes around him and moved into another area of the shadows in the darkened alley by the Counsellor's Hall in Vesper. A strange screaming, roaring sound seemed to echo all around, and Mul pressed himself closer the the wall. Three of the staff from the Ironwood Inn ran screaming and yowling across the square towards the Tailor's shop. Their cries were barely human, and their faces were twisted in a rictus of hatred. Muldran watched in horror as a traveller galloping past on their white horse was intercepted by the three, dragged off his horse and literally rippe
  3. I have a couple questions about the publish. According to the publish when capturing a towns sigil the tram town will be invaded and the city's guard zone will disappear and become a war zone? Does this mean fel rule set apply to tram during this time? I can run around brit and try to kill everyone or just faction memebers or just the army of the shadow lord? I am lost can someone please fill me in. Edit Question 2.. Can factions members become red? And if so are they allowed into tram when in the town is invaded? Or am I just reading this wrong? Is it talking about the army of the
  4. Page 1 It seems like so long ago now that I was just a simple rebellious noble's daughter that couldn't stand her lot in life. It has been over a year since I ran away and now I stand upon the forecastle of a ship that carries me to the shores of Britannia, to the new beginning that awaits me there. I have such lofty and aloof goals...to seek out the Order of Paladins in Trinsic and join their number. Me. A Paladin. To my knowledge, there was only a handful of people who have ever come close to mimicing the examples set by the Avatar and he travelled with them all. to try and follow in t
  5. A round of applause to Shadows of Silvervale and 13th Legion for establishing their community presence here on UO Forums in the "Guild and Player Run Towns of Ultima Online -- Chesapeake" area! New guilds/towns in the Chesapeake Guilds & Player Run Towns area: Shadows of Silvervale (SoSV) 15th Legion (13th)Darth Oni is the Mayor of Silvervale. So "subscribe" these to your "profile" here and instantly see all the discussions! (I personally use forum subscriptions a lot and view them in My Profile; I can quickly see all my areas of interest at a glance -- fantastic fe
  6. ok so im posting this to recruit people into my guild. first, to let you know, we are a guild recruiting probably everyone, except people who dont play for fun, wich means that they are mean, aggresive players. 2nd of all, this guild was made by me ( just a low lvl player with not alot of experience) and a girl who is millionaire in this game. even though i dont have much experience, i have enouf of it to know a bit alot of the game, and i can help you all see great and new places in the game, and with a bit of luck, i could help you meet the spot youve been looking for all your life! a
  7. Following the honour of my becoming Shadow King, I am truly glad to announce that Decardo Imier has graciously accepted my request that he becomes the Lord of Shadows, Head of the Shadow Order and as such Lord Cardinal of the Court. I am sure he will fullfill the duties of his new position to his normal very high standards. Congratulations Lord Decardo.
  8. Dim light from the candles in the room flicked their tongues of fire casting strange shadows upon the walls and ceiling of the small stone walled bedroom Arliana was staying in. A small circle of sweet smelling dust was sprinkled on the floor with three different candles surrounding it each one of them black and burning a dim light. They weren't scented but the smoke they let off was thicker than a normal candle though it slipped inbetween the crack between the floor and door. A book sat in the circle, just behind one of the black candles and the page was full of old writing. "I need you to
  9. Just a question out of curiousity, how high in price does everyone think the Hooded Shroud of Shadows may go, being it's tough to get someone to sell 'em these days.
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