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  1. Courtesy of MMO Champion [video=youtube;TvTpDaI-nEw]
  2. Login | Facebook you have to be a facebook member to view them. Don't have time to put them on my photobucket right now. Thought I'd share Afghanistan pictures by tekhnolyze - Photobucket seven of the ten pictures from the facebook page
  3. I have some questions about this armor set. 1) Is it tradeable? 2) Is it easy to find it off of people? 3) How much is the price? 4) Where else can you get it?
  4. 1 Ancient Citadel 2 Blackthorns Castle 3 Blighted Grove 4 Britain 5 Bucs Den 6 Chaos Shrine 7 Citadel 8 City of Mistas 9 City of Montor 10 Compassion Shrine 11 Cove 12 Covetous 13 Deceit 14 Delucia 15 Destard 16 Doom 17 Empath Abbey 18 Ethereal Fortress 19 Exodus Lair 20 Heartwood 21 Honesty Shrine 22 Honor Shrine 23 Humility Shrine 24 Hythloth 25 Jhelom 26 Justice Shrine 27 Khaldun 28 Lake of Fire 29 Lakeshire 30 Luna 31 Lycaeum 32 Maginicia 33 Moonglow 34 Nujel'm 35 Occlo 36 Palace of Paroxysmus 37 Papua 38 Pass On Karnaugh 39 Prism of Light 40 Sacrafice Shrine 41 Serpents Hold 42 Shame 43 S
  5. I kept donating checks to the zoo collection box. I have everything except a plate helm. No idea why I bothered with getting all of this, though. These collection things are interesting, and I see lots of people try to sell Mace & Shield Reading Glasses... but ultimately the Library Collection quest was tedious. A lot of the things people do in this game seems to be tedious & the end result is some pixel swag. I liked the game better when the only difference between the various metals was just color. When there was just leather & just wood. I'm not asking for a new "legacy
  6. A new book has been left in the councillors hall, next to Blackthorns Castle, Britain, it reads:
  7. Hello I have a complete 4-piece set of the Assassin Armor that I would like to trade for that precious thing we all know as gold I only wish to sell the whole set at once for 40m, but I might make exceptions (dependent on your speech+barter skill vs. my daily sense of reality ) Thank you ICQ: 354-745-796 Link to pictures of the set: http://www.uoforums.com/members/14544-albums100.html
  8. The Stage Is Set. The Pieces Are Moving. Castle Blackthorne Under Lockdown. by WarderDragon Tuesday; January 14th, 2009. Greetings, friends and fellow citizens of the Realm! It would appear that our new King - His Royal Majesty, the Glorious Lord Casca - has already begun to exersize his authoritative powers within our realms. Castle Blackthorne, once the home of Lord British's closest friend and dearest advisor (later the headquarters of the Partisans of Chaos), has come under complete lockdown. Canoneers have been posted on the bridge mere steps from Seppo and Pallando's Office; while
  9. Hi! I just wondered about the price for the 6-part grizzle set would be at, approximately.
  10. This set has some fixed properties when all six pieces are worn together. Quetion is, will there be any improvement on these properties if the pieces are crafted with : a. higher end wood like frostwood, b. a runic saw, or both. There is no exceptional possibility, so I suppose armslore has no effect.
  11. I am looking to buy/trade for the following Set Armor pieces on LS: Myrmidon Helm Death's Essence Helm Greymist Tunic Please PM me if you would like to negotiate. I am unable to x-shard, but may be able to help with a return token, if you are in the neighborhood. Stayin Alive, BG
  12. Mark Jacobs announces major features cut from Warhammer Online - Massively They're taking out a huge chunk of content to make a pre-set release date. You'd think EA/Mythic would learn to set dates back and give good content instead of pushing out half finished crap.
  13. I recently just got the jewl set and am wondering if the prices will increase or decrease because i am planning on leaving uo for about a year. Thanks
  14. As far as I knew, you could only get set armor parts from ML named monsters, peerless monsters and (apparently nowadays) Doom gauntlet bosses or champ spawn bosses. At least I haven't seen any documentation stating otherwise. Anyhoo, yesterday I got a piece of Assassin armor from doing the Ancient World quest in Heartwood. By no means am I complaining, I'm just surprised. Has anyone else gotten set armor bits from Heartwood quests?
  15. UPDATE: After some testing, it appears that the functionality is working, KR just doesn't display it. I can cast GH at 2/6 with the full jewelry set than without it, so I'm obviously getting that bonus. Can't tell if I'm getting the HP or Mana regens. Hello All - I just turned in every scrap of everything to get 300K points. I've claimed the jewelry, and it appears that some of the features are bugged: Working: Luck Boost to 400 Not working: FC/FCR boost to 3/6 (stuck at 2/2) Mana regen boost HP regen boost It might just be that KR is not showing the bonuses. I notice that if
  16. Does anyone know if there is supposed to be a 7th piece that activates the Knights' Armor Suit? Maybe an item that is going to fall on monsters in this phase of the invasion?
  17. how much you think they'd go for? full spectrum - high and low end... i'm looking to buy just to round out my collection of goodies...
  18. When the Great Angmar Revamp came out in Book 12, a number of armour sets were added to quests in the region. As sometimes happens, though, we were a little overzealous with the plan for new armour sets, and they ended up on many quests that were already in-game in some form prior to Book 12. This meant that it was possible to complete these quests before Book 12 came out, and if you did, you would never be able to finish some of these new armor sets. Few things can frustrate so well as uncompleteable armor sets, judging from my PM in box (love ya, everybody!), so we started looking for a so
  19. So I've reactivated my account after 7 or 8 years of inactivity. In order to help me get on on my feet I've looked at selling some stuff I have in the old bank box. I've seen that exceptional items may be of value and wondered if this suit was worth anything on Chesa. All the pieces have the same maker's mark. Anyone interested or know what it's worth? Thanks.
  20. A "zero-emission" sports car with a top speed of nearly 100mph is set to be unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show. The hydrogen-powered Lifecar, based on the design of the Morgan Aero-8 roadster, produces little noise and only water vapour from its exhaust. The lightweight model packs advanced fuel cells and an energy storage system that gives the car a range of 250 miles (400km) per tank of hydrogen. It has been developed by a consortium of UK companies and universities. "Figures suggest the car should be capable of doing 0-60 [miles per hour] in about seven seconds," Matthew Parkin of class
  21. Nuclear plants set for go-ahead Sizewell B, the UK's newest reactor, was built in the 1980s
  22. You can buy that special someone this set for the low price of 4.5mil, some people spend more than that on one item in UO! Set can be seen here
  23. can i set up vendors in fel without letting anyone into my home or is there any safe way to do this without geting hijacked in my own house
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