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  1. Has anyone else had issues connecting with the UO Login Server LOGIN.OWO.COM? I have been fighting Bioware/Mythic e-mail Techncial Support all weekend trying to come back after a 4 year hiatus. :X They and EA Customer Support have been nothing short of hostile to my return as a paying customer. Very disappointed in the service and the absence of playing time all weekend. I am able to patch fine (compassion.uo.com) has been up throughout this entire ordeal, and my networks have been vetted, as I was able to re-connect in four years for about an hour and a half this evening from 6:00 PM to 7:20
  2. While several other MMORPGs had large servers merges in the past year, according to Turbine’s developers, The Lord of the Rings Online player base is growing. In fact there are 4 new servers between Russia and Korea. " While we never release exact numbers I can tell you that we’ve seen month-on-month growth in the Turbine-operated service all year. This ties in closely with a bunch of marketing programs we’ve been running - including the currently active Anniversary promotions. I can’t comment on behalf of our partners, but domestic growth + new markets + promotion in the
  3. can't log in due to problems communicateing with origin, I tried on other puter and get the same thing. Had a couple other folks saying they are having problems as well. 3 in the central zone area ... 1 in the eastern zone area ... but a canadian had no problems .... *might be a zone thing* ... why did i just hear the theme from twilight zone in my head!! Anyone else having login problem?
  4. Original Article Norwegian MMOG developer plans to reduce Hyborian Age realm count from 49 to 18 beginning this week. After its mid-year launch, Age of Conan appeared to have all the trappings of a successful massively multiplayer online role-playing game, logging a strong critical reception and respectable initial sales. However, the MMOG environment is nothing if not hostile, and Funcom soon found itself scrambling to retain the game's player base, thanks to Blizzard Entertainment's genre stalwart W
  5. It appears the east coast game servers are down... tracert's bring up a mess of *Unknown Host* entries where EA should be. Discussion over at that other forum.... http://vboards.stratics.com/showthread.php?t=118236
  6. I'm looking over the RP shards besides europa, and so far I have... Catskills Atlantic Europa Chesapeake And looking into Lake Superior. I'm looking for RP thats active throughout the day, in particular.
  7. I was just wondering if ANYONE knows what is going on with the character transfer servers... I really need to transfer two chars, and I even bought the tokens already just to move the process along as fast as I can. Does anyone remember the char transfer servers being down for maintenance in the past and how long it took? It has been over a week now, and I am getting a little concerned.
  8. As reported by manyearly this morning [uK time} killing the latest stranger will crash you at the moment the box is to open. Well, that says it all. ATL, Baja, and PAC, along with Catskills are all down. Crashes are occurring when latest Stranger is defeated, right at the time the box is supposed to spawn. If you love your shard, DO NOT KILL THE STRANGER WHEN YOU FIND IT! YOUR SHARD WILL CRASH! The devs are obviously aware of this as Draconi appeared in game on one shard and for a while all returned to normal.....not for long though, and soon shards were being reported as crashing agai
  9. The gates to Age of Conan open in just a few days from now and legions of adventurers can hardly wait to set foot on Hyborian soil. Many want to chose their future home (also known as ‘Server’) beforehand and we know the list below has been eagerly awaited. Since we know how important those server names are we ran several polls on all our community forums to find out which names each territory prefers the most. We then distributed those names among the different territories/languages. These servers are the ones that will be available on 17th of May when the Early Access play starts. The se
  10. Just in case anyone is interested in following the latest debate going on.... here is a link. AOC-RP.com Endorsed (NA) Server: Cimmeria (RP-PVP) Wiccana (RP-PVE) sorry here is the other link I meant to post as well. http://forums.ageofconan.com/showthread.php?t=97725
  11. The promotion code servers have been down all day. I have codes for soulstones I would like to use. ROT is bad enough at least let me use my SS's.
  12. has announced that they're shutting down seven of their servers and opening transfers for characters on the closing servers as of Tuesday, April 15th. Out of the 11 total servers PotBS was running with, it's now down to just four. The upshot of this news is that servers will be far more dense with players -- which is the main reason Flying Lab gives concerning the shutdowns. Another reason given us is that recent updates have allowed for more characters per server. When you're shutting down more than half of your servers, it's never a completely good thing. We feel like this is a sign that
  13. Posted on UOHerald.com Servers Back Up Robert Mull 27 Mar 2008 10:15:05 UPDATED 11:15 EDT: The servers are coming back up now - thanks for your patience! All servers will be coming down at approximately 10:20 AM EDT in order to republish files from last night. We anticipate the servers being back online at approximately 11:20 AM EDT. Check back for more information.
  14. Unfortunatly we've been having ongoing issues with the server we're on, namely running out of memory, which I believe is due to the backup script we use We've basically outgrown a shared server, so unless we want frequent outages, slowdowns and problems, we have to upgrade and move I've allready ordered the server, so I'm posting some advanced warning before the forums will go down. I hope, from previous experience this time will be with less down time. I plan to move UOforums and all the other sites here, on Wednesday, probably 9am my time, or perhaps earlier. So, this is just an ad
  15. (Sonoma) Still the same old spawns since day 1 for Sonoma. Loads of Daemons .. every so often berserkers..and rounds of about 3-4 DFs. All of this takes place around the moongate. Haven't seen much spawn on the eastern side since day 1. No cannons or obvious signs of rubble yet =/
  16. If I could fix one thing... I would have to say the servers right now... This is getting really old, with as many times as we have been unable to login in the last week or so. I realize $12.00 isn't an extraordinary amount of money for a month of game time, but I like to receive what I am paying for, nonetheless. How many times have we had these problems in the past couple of weeks? And just how long does it take a large company to buy and install a functioning server? I don't like to complain -- I've always believed in giving people another chance... but this is bordering on silly. :
  17. Posted on UOherald.com Login and Patch Servers Down Jeremy Dalberg 17 Oct 2007 15:39:27 EST The UO login and patch servers appear to be down at the moment - we're investigating. Updates as I get them.
  18. I started playng UO not while ago (actually 3 days ago). And I am playing on Atlantic server.. maybe some of you have seen me Still, my question is...I like games with commuinty, haven't seen alot of pepole around.. I am from Israel so maybe it's because of the times I play or maybe it's because the server I picked...I don't know.. But I want to know what you guys think about ingame activity and the community and the servers of UO...Just looking for advises Thanks in advance. Palirond-Adept Stoic
  19. sadly, europa guilds all seem to be on at europian times. i can only find enough people to RP in the mornings and early after 12:00 pm est i think. any interesting servers or guilds on europa to find RP?
  20. Whats up with the servers? I cannot find Europa? terrorist plot?
  21. Posted on UOHerald.com All Servers to be Published Jeremy Dalberg 27 Jun 2007 18:14:22 EST Beginning between 6:00PM and 8:00PM PDT on June 27 (June 28 1:00AM-3:00AM GMT) all shards will be brought down to publish the following changes: (NOTE: The following changes only affect the KR client unless otherwise marked) Fixed bug preventing certain gates from being passable in customized houses Fixed several miscellaneous crash bugs Added capability to edit multiple books at the same time Players will no longer get the "Your pet was unable to join you" message if they hav
  22. Its been awhile since ive played, and some servers i remember arent here anymore. Are all servers still pretty open for pvp, or only certain ones? Thanks in advance, Greg
  23. taken from Thread :-AO Style "Free" accounts to dissuade Player run servers? UO UHall ########################### Recently being disenchanted with Ultima Online, I started playing Anarchy Online, just to give myself a little time away. I have an account that is free with them (anybody can sign up for a free account) except it is so limited that if I were to seriously continue playing (not just filling in time) I would buy the expansions and upgrade to a paying account. Perhaps EA can adopt this model to clear off Player run servers. Basically having a non-paying account has the foll
  24. They're out of action from approx 6pm-8pm GMT according to this so anyone logging in for the Rose's 2nd birthday or anything else may not be able to until 8pm or later.
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