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Found 22 results

  1. I've been searching high and low both in-game and using SearchUO.com and I think I've finally got an idea for Ingot prices. I have a vendor named Gems and Rares in North Luna City at the R3 Mercantile Exchange (Thanks so much to Kahlan who has helped me more than I thought imaginable!) and I have some of each kind (excluding Valorite) of ingot. What I'd like is some input if anyone has any, I put a focus on being lower than the lowest reasonable price and it should be pretty accurate. Let me know what you think: Iron 16 Dull Cupper 50 Shadow Iron 200 Copper
  2. Hello. Im looking to sell fourty pieces of Large Blackrock (By the name of A Large Piece of Blackrock). Im looking for offers around the 40mil mark. If you do have an offer for me or you want more information reguarding the blackrock feel free to contact me via my ICQ 473180438. Many Thanks Valas
  3. EA Games doesn't want this game anymore, and hasn't for quite some time, now. Why not hand it over to someone who cares? Someone who will restore it to at least a tolerable state? Like.. the original creator?
  4. I've been gone an awful long time. WoW for 3 years, EQ before that. The truth is, after all that, UO still has some of the most innovative ideas in gaming. I miss a lot of it and I played on siege from the day it started up so I expect its to siege that I will return. Should I? Is there any community left?
  5. Guest

    Sell - gold

    Reavtivated my UO account from 99' Looking to sell some gold off to eat subscription costs. Post/message me offers USD/mil plzz ICQ 486639289
  6. with most anything worthwhile now being able to be turned in i was wondering what is everyone selling on their vendors these days? i do a pretty brisk business in arrows and recall scrolls and was looking for other items to enhance it? i should say my vendor does not tend to stock big ticket items like fletching kits and what not as i don't like to carry a big cash balance on the vendors. basically im just looking for a small steady income stream. thanks.
  7. Ice island in felucca middle east of island owned by Wolfe yes i m selling my keep now I'm going to buy a small house and i should be ok let me know if ur interested nickv24@gmail.com or icq me my charcters names are Wolfe and Stalker and a slime just look for me!! owned FL dont mess with newbs
  8. Or does a tamer have to search for buyers?
  9. [video=youtube;WMQt7ARAqXs]
  10. Hiyas - I have a couple questions.. I want to buy a reasonable (cheapish) lap top for school. I've been looking around and everything I see has windows Vista installed on it. I can't find anything with (or being able to add) MS Word or Excel on these computers. Is that standard? I would really like to buy the MS Student Suit with Open Note for my home computer, and was wondering is that something i can buy loaded onto a lap top also? Or can I put it on 2 computers if I buy it? Can I buy a NEW lap top with Windows XP still? With all that said, does anyone have any recommendations?
  11. What do you guys think are the hottest crafted items? I can craft most stuff and wondered what to go for. Also interested in making hard-to find things for niche markets. For instance, I sell every scroll in one place. It's not often needed but can be a great boon to someone having a hard time finding a particular scroll or wanting to fill a blank spellbook all at once.
  12. source UO U.Hall In an effort to be open minded about the KR client, I would like to post some questions about the new KR client . My goal here is to educate myself about it and learn and how my hardheaded-ness may be impeading the progress of UO. I know there are many Pro-KR people who have been voicing their opinions on how the lack of KR adoption will hurt UO, some even suggest will kill it. Please , no 2D vs. KR bashing. Trying to be open minded here: 1. If UO is free of the 2D client, will that allow you guys to deal with cheats , possibly even end them? 2. If UO is free of th
  13. So my question/querry is this: I love UO not just UO the game which i do but the community, the setup, the whole kitten caboodle, I wont stop playing but occasionally I do like new things and new challenges, So with so many peeps playing WoW how would you sell it to me? And before you say try it you'll like it, or if I need to sell it to you then dont bother let me say this is not addressed to you before I start paying to play 2 "games" I would like to hear from those of you interested in WoW why should I? I have sold countless accts for EA talking friends into playing even when hesitant, so
  14. Hit the jackpot at an IDOC today! A custom house dropped. Lots of folks grabbed loot. I stuck around after others had left and managed to place a keep with a tree in the rear courtyard. I'm still fond of my old tower so am considering selling the keep. What is the best way to do this, and I don't use ICQ!?!?
  15. I'm moving and I have a medium sized house to the northwest of Britain for sell! Lots of stuff in it like a forge, fireplace and practice dummy. It's yours for the right price! Storage is 1700+, is made of rock brick with stain glasss windows and a usable roof....... It's located right next to Azera Blackcloak's castle and is listed as Jeb's. It is on the Britain side of the mountains just below the pass to the cross roads. Check it out and make me an offer! Peace, Jeb
  16. Hi all, Someone in Haven was throwing rings/armour/weapons/wands onto the ground near the bank so I immediately picked it all up While I've sold everything I could to the bank.... I still have all the rings/bracelets/wands left... where can I sell these? I've tried the mages place but they only bought one wand and I can't seem to flog anything else off? Thank you.
  17. Trade your Holiday gifts here!
  18. I have been looking for a castle or a keep on sonoma for a long time! i have the means to buy one and would like to as soon as poss. fel or tram! please icq me with details 64096785 ty!
  19. Source - http://www.upi.com/SecurityTerrorism/view.php?StoryID=20060403-031814-4277r Did Ukraine sell Iran nuclear warheads? MOSCOW, April 4 (UPI) -- On April 3 the Russian journal Novaia Gazeta reported that 250 nuclear warheads with a total yield of 20 megatons were not returned by Ukraine to Russia. Novaia Gazeta suggested the warheads could have been sold to a third country, possibly Iran. The 200-kiloton warheads were due to be returned to Russia in 1992 after Ukraine declared itself a nuclear-free zone following a payment by Moscow to Kiev of approximately $500 million. The m
  20. Statuettes, Trophy Deeds, And Vet Dye Tubs.. PM Me With What You Have And What You Are Looking For In GP Thanks, Johnny
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