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Found 14 results

  1. Posted Sep 29, 2009 by Michael Bitton Funcom has announced layoffs of 20% of their workforce today according to a story being reported over at Eurogamer. The heavy layoffs will unfortunately affect the release of The Secret World by "several months" according to Funcom. It is unclear whether or not this change will also affect the release of the upcoming Age of Conan expansion, Rise of the Godslayer. Via Eurogamer.
  2. Ever since i found out about the Secret Areas, years and years ago i always wanted one. So maybe a month ago, i found a 'slightly worn' I marked a rune and then forgot all about it! So fast forward to now and the space was still there! Yay for the dwindling population!
  3. The Top Secret Experiment which was being conducted by PaxOku City and Kijustsu Anei Village has been unfolded. The File Name: Mission Keg Line Is a top secret test document for a new super weapon being built in Kijustsu Anei Village. This weapon of mass destruction stands one story tall with its sister at two stories tall. Each of them contain over 50 Greater FULL explosion kegs!!! The weapons have not been tested but are due to be tested on old buildings in the desert Between Britain and Minoc. Should the weapons be successful it is the hope that they will demolish One - Three 18x18 si
  4. Why some succeed and others dont.
  5. The brand shown is worse than others in my experience Story here
  6. The Master of disaster {Draconi} informs us Hey, quick note for everyone who enjoys the Luxury Doom Shopping scene: The secret passage in the Doom Gauntlet has been accidentally paved over. Whoever the Dark Fathers paid to do it, we owe them a good thrashing! In the meantime, there are now teleporters (invisible) set on either side of the wall so you can still use it. Just walk towards the wall and you'll pass through. Tim "Draconi" Cotten - UO Designer - EA Mythic Thanks Draconi
  7. I have a little motto, I try to meet every day ."If I learn something new then the day hasn't been wasted. When I saw this thread Password for "Shame Dragon" I learnt some thing new and thought I would share . Im back on the 2 week free trial stuff, and galivanting around looking at all the changes. =) So far so good. But when I was exploring Shame dungeon level 1, I suddenly saw that litttle dragon statue again ... and my mind started wandering. (As it does far to frequently) Now, what was the password to actually use it? Think I remember there was a phrase to speak to travel
  8. Exxon asked to bare all The case of ExxonMobil funding climate sceptics is back. We've reported on this before (see Report singles out ExxonMobil over climate scepticism, Environmental smoke and mirrors, and Climate change special: State of denial). This week, a Greenpeace report showed that the oil giant gave over $2 million in 2006 to climate sceptic groups, in spite of pledges. Following on the report's release, the Chairman of the US Investigations and Oversight Subcommittee - part of the House Committee on Science and Technol
  9. [video=youtube;c9rP-FkPrdk] :laugh:
  10. Now that the holidays are behind us we want to remind folks that we still have prizes and gifts that need to be picked up or delivered Please contact me by PM here or at ICQ 168-812-018 to arrange pickup/delivery .... Secret Santa Participants: Madame A KittyKat Holiday Home Decorating Participants: TOAT'B TO JOAT (A Touch of Christmas) Zelda (Winter Wonderland) Nienna (Santa's Workshop) Lady Damask (The Fountains) Angelina De Vega (Raven's Path) Silver Hawk (Christmas Village) TY.
  11. A report taken from a Grandmaster's Journal We all met as requested at the moongate. I was slightly away from the group, quelling a few serpents that came slithering by to see whether a free meal was for the taking. As I rejoined the others a missing person was being discussed. Asking who it was, I was informed Devante from the Royal Marksmen had not been seen since the previous evening. I remembered greeting him then and pondered what could have happened, as he had seemed fine. Somehow the discussion became heated and I sighed to myself ,hoping this was not an indication of how the
  12. Unwrap the Magic ~ of the holiday season with the exchange of gifts in a Secret Santa setup. On Thursday, December 21, we are having A Winter Wonderland Gala that will include the exchange of Secret Santa gifts. For those of you who are not familiar with Secret Santa, here is how it works. A group of people submit their names for a random drawing. Each name is drawn and matched with the next name drawn until no names remain. Each person will then be notified of who they are to buy their Secret Santa gift for. The part that makes it secret is that the person getting the gift doesn't know w
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