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  1. The is an ongoing storyline with EM Dudley. Please post any information that you remember. Jim Jones was contacted by Commander Foxx, who had received orders from Lord Casca to search for the great mage Balander. It was said Balander had information regarding an artifact which was thought to have disappeared long ago. The search started in Moonglow at Balander residency, rotting and uneaten food remained on the table letting us know that he had left in a hurry. In the bed chambers a bag was found containing a journal. We read the journal which not only had some sort of drawing, a page torn
  2. It seems after all that Rose Yates, sister of Sabrina, isn´t dead after all. So on Wednesday the 24th interested parties can join a search and rescue mission, leaving after the repair hour (9-ish). Come prepared for rough terrain.
  3. Looking for a Soulseeker, anyone who has one or know where to get it please reply with a place and time and I will try to be on. A very big thank you in advance!!
  4. Should show on the 3 UOForums styles, allows you quick search. Also have a drop down menu for searching your own threads, unanswered threads etc.
  5. good day, i'm not sure whether we can talk about this site so if we can't Adam please lock it and my apologies. I know many players are using this site to search for items in game. The site has recently been updated. On the old site there was a tab on top labeled uber search. i used the uber search constantly to find a ring with certain mods or a specific weapon etc. for the life of me i cannot see how to do this on the new site. if anyone has insight into this i'd be most greatful. thanks, and have a good day.
  6. Who here thinks a Player vendor interface with shard search would be cool?... As a shopper, a shard search would be cool... to search for all the sales offerings of a particular item on my shard, not x-sharding... with vendor location... As a vendor owner, I would like to see what my compeditors are doing and to auction to the highest bidder on occations, for rare items... at the very least do a simple "price check"... The interface could be accessed from any player vendor anywhere in the world... and of course you would still need to go and purchase the item off the vendor, cuz they ain
  7. http://www.uoforums.com/f1519/the-search-46555/index2.html#post391687
  8. http://www.uoforums.com/f1477/search-46556/
  9. August 5th 2008 We are aware that the space bar is not working in auction house searches. And it has been added to the known issues list. Currently, searches in the auction house are limited to those that do not include a space in the name. A temporary workaround, while we investigate the issue, is to drag the item you want to search for into the “Item Name” field. This will paste the full name, including spaces. Thank you for your patience. Clover, Tarrant, Turbine Community Team
  10. Summary: Strange turns and twists of events cover the land. Power struggles invades the City of Nujelm. Dates of Activity: June 30, 2008 - currently going Artifacts/Important Items: Prince Raymond's Box Timeline: Active Participants: [for more information on the characters click on Who's Who in the Divided Lands] The Stranger Racheal - ToM IronHorse -F*V Inga Lady Leeda - F*V - High Council , Second Seat, Representing Honor, and the city of Trinsic Wysteria - Rick - Grand Marshall of the Royal Guard Thero High Council 8Th Seat, Representing Spirituality and the city of Skara Brae Dr
  11. Greetings. I'm 25 years old, friendly, and looking for a community on the Catskills server. I roleplay but not heavily enough to want to start a new character for the theme. My character is a summoner - and by that I mean he is obsessed with being able to summon anything that can be summoned. To that effect he practices magery, necromancy and spellweaving, and is neither good nor evil in nature. He is looking for a place to settle down and build a small tower from which he will summon a variety of things and um.. house them. If you are part of a community that could welcome him, or kn
  12. SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Powerset on Sunday unveiled tools for searching Wikipedia that use conversational phrasing instead of keywords, marking the first step of its challenge to established Web search services such as Google. Powerset's technology breaks down the meaning of words and sentences into related concepts, freeing users from always needing to type the exact words they want to find. The closely watched Silicon Valley start-up is offering a way of searching millions of entries in Wikipedia's online encyclopedia, helping users find detailed answers to questions rather than isolat
  13. Sometimes the only way to get new products out the door at a big company like Yahoo is to launch it far away from HQ. That's what happened with Yahoo Glue, a new way to present search results more visually that Yahoo is experimenting with on its Yahoo India site. Much like Google's Universal Search that brings in results from images, videos, maps, news, or other sources as appropriate. It is also similar in appearance to Ask since its redesign last summer. Full story here
  14. Just for anyone interested, if you make cash purchases you now receive a ticket to spin the wheel of UBERNESS!!!! lol prizes are listed on the site.
  15. Hello everyone, my name is Will lol I am from searchuo.com and wanted to ask everyone some questions. #1 Do you use Search UO? #2 If you could add 1 thing to Search UO, what would it be? #3 Have you ever paid for gold or items for Ultima Online?
  16. On the main page of searchuo.com is a new feature called Player Vendors, you can browse luna in 12 sections, read shop names / titles and browse single vendor pages. The pages stay static based on the x/y coords, so if you vendor never changes position, the link to your vendor will be perminant.:O:O:O:O:O If you own a luna vendor here are some tips: Try to name your vendor and shop to point out the type of items you carry, this may increase clicks to your vendor and you will sell more . Putting the date on which u last stocked may be a large factor aswell.
  17. This little hobbit who has gotten the nickname "Little Legs" was in need of gold.. Yes we all are.. but this was for making a white gold ring.. Not that easy for such a tiny hobbit.. Off to Lone-Lands it was... a long travel! Orcs!! .. Plenteh of 'em! .. Hmm.. is that a White-hand? .. Curse that Saurman! Finally found gold! .. After all that running around avoiding spiders and Orcs! "Little Legs" got a bit lost.. but atleast it was a nice view.. Finally a road sign! Now to rest those tiny legs in Ost...
  18. There is a story here I have heard, and I want to find some info to actually prove it. I've spoken to a few people that remember it happening, but I want to see some hard proof, not hearsay. The story: In the 80's, in San Antonio, Texas, a reporter named Jack Flowers was doing a live on-air segment about something. Suddenly a man rushed up, grabbed Flowers, and held a gun to his head. The man, who turned out to be an escaped inmate from a mental hospital, started ranting that Flowers and the news media were all beaming commands into his head to kill his ex-wife. This went on for quite a
  19. You can now search through your pm's for keywords or by username.
  20. So now Merthe has hit 27 it was time to find the pet I've wanted since starting to play this game. My confidence soaring in my ability to trap him first get in position and tame away I felt good, I felt strong and was ready for anything. Pet I wanted was the elusive ghost saber! He was only lvl 19-20 so I felt confident if I could get him to spawn I could definitely tame him. So after a little run to Ruins of Mathystra in Darkshore I began my hunt. The first figurine I immediately noticed unguarded and began to anticipate the taming when an arrow flew from the side and began attacking a nearby
  21. Sahgorim slowly lumbered up the draughty stairs of the orc fort and sat in his crude wooden armchair. Asteri had been very precise in telling him where to build it, upon the ruins of a abandoned watchtower north of Vesper, far enough away from the city as to remain undisturbed. He had been hearing the voice of Asteri for some time now, but had yet to meet his ?Bludgod? in person. Not that this bothered him, by the teachings of Asteri his powers had risen greatly and he is even beginning to grasp a more complex understanding of the Britannian dialect, or ?Tarki-Tawk? as it is referred as.
  22. Baron Twothumb of Vesper took the militia and other willing and able persons to Haven to find out what had happend to Lady Tabbitha who have gone missing in that town. Seeing how devestated the town had become after the tragedy and how the undeads now roamed the streets.. the militia searched all houses they could up and down old Haven. Sadly there was no progress in location Lady Tabbitha but the Baron promised to not give up looking for her and neither will the militia.
  23. All militia men and women are asked to keep an eye out for Lisa. She is a waitress at Swaggers. Lisa is apparently missing. Discription: Long black hair, blue eyes, slim and always working at swaggers. If she is found she should be brought back to Swaggers and I'm sure the ones in charge there would reward you greatly! - Thaur Macil
  24. edit: This post is very outdated. I've taken my site into a more focused direction. All in-game episodes by thieves of UO.
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