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  1. Scroll Binders This system allows players to combine lower level powerscrolls, stats scrolls and scrolls of transcendence into scrolls of higher value. With this system, new craftables have been added for Cooks and more specifically for Scribes. These new craftables also give new purpose to a mostly discarded resources from lumberjacking: the bark fragment. Creating and Using Scroll Binders In order to create the Scroll Binder, players must transform bark fragment into Wood Pulp. The pulp is crafted by Cooks (60+ skill) using bark fragment and water. Scribes can then transform the pulp int
  2. Characters that have trained Inscription have no pre-requisite to train Necromancy, Magery, or the upcoming Mysticism, and yet at the same time players lacking these skills can't use the tools that they spend their careers making! I say scribes should get a passive bonus to their ability to use scrolls just like how Eval Int and Anatomy add to defensive wrestling. Something along the lines of... Effective Magery = (Inscription - 20) / 2 Resulting in odds of about... GM Scribe, 0 Magery: 100% cast circle 1, 2, 3, 4, ~75% cast circle 5, ~40% cast circle 6, ~10% cast circle 7 from scroll
  3. Looking to Buy a 110 Scroll of Blacksmithing or better. If you have one and are willing to part with it just need to know how much and if I can go that high where to meet? Thanks A Bunch!
  4. This was orginally posted by myself and Kazua (also know as JC the builder) back in 2002. I am adding in UOML items, which will be the basis of a new gain guide maximized for ingot useage. UOSE items generally consume too many ingots to realistically be considered for gaining skill. Basically, for each 5 skill over 100, the cap on gains from an items goes up 2.5 skill points. Publish 21 added the 2.5 skill per 5 points cap increase, so you can gain further on an item. In the case of blacksmithy, the chance to gain is baseb on a cap of 65% chance of exceptional. 100 105 110 115 120 I
  5. I have been training up my mage but have come to the point that i need a legendary magery scroll. I know they are not cheap and i have got some UO gold. So if anyone has one spare or is willing to part with a scroll then that would be great. Cheers
  6. Buying your Scroll Of Transcendence for poisoning.
  7. Selling a 120 Fencing Scroll graciously Donated by Jenna Jameson of {X} if interested Please contact me. **** SOLD TO MR. NICK OF RBG ****
  8. Hail and well met Rastiano, I do not believe I have had the pleasure of meeting you, but please allow me to introduce myself. I am Fren Valis, one of the librarians of Trinsic, and fellow scholar. I have observed one of your notices in our fair city of Trinsic which mentions the Collegium Arcanum and I would like, if you would permit me, to donate a collection of tomes for use in the Collegium Arcanum library. If you are interested, please either reply to my letter, or you may see me wandering around Trinsic most evenings after my work has ended in the Library on Paladin Isle. *Signed
  9. Hi, Anyone know what monster(s) drop the vampiric embrace scroll? Regards, -Havok
  10. This is only for interest, because I didn't find anything about it: Say, if I get a Power Scroll for Magery 115 in my hands and I use it - then my Skill-Cap increases to 115. ok, so far, so easy. Maybe I get a Magery 120 Scroll after using the Magery 115. Is it possible to use the Magery 120 again to raise my Skill-cap to 120? Can I use Power-Scrolls for ALL of my skills? - So that I'm not anymore bound to 700, but to - for example - 770 (for example: using 7x 110-scrolls)
  11. [On the scroll you see japanese characters around the border, aswell as detailed drawings of cranes and cherry blossom trees.] To the Captain of the guards of Trinsic, My former student Kai Silverwood is I believe a member of your guard so I am told, I am writing to tell you that he is a fine young man or Elf. I am hoping that some real world experience will do him good and change some of his habits. What is most important is that he must keep the disaplin that he has now finally attained, and also keep to the Samurai Code. I am making a list of the seven virtues in the code and will
  12. Much to my surprise, there is not a single 120 music scroll available for purchase in the sprawling strip mall that is Luna. Anyone know where I can get one (relatively cheap)? I'm also looking for a nice 120 discord scroll. Those currently sell for 1.25M in Luna...I figure that's about a 30% markup. What do you think? ~M
  13. high end , low end pricing... what can i expect? economy has fluxuated so much, it's not even funny.
  14. Again, Kazua (JC the Builder) compiled this back in 2002. I have updated it with cloth ninja hood and elven shirt, both of which will take you to 115 skill, using only cloth the entire time!!! The elven shirt is the leanest method on cloth. It will save you about 6k cloth by the time you reach 115. Basically, for each 5 skill over 100, the cap on gains from an items goes up 2.5 skill points, for a total of +10 to skill gain cap for a 120 scroll. Publish 21 added the 2.5 skill per 5 points cap increase. This chart shows theoretical limit, so obviously you can't go beyond your skillcap. Top
  15. Khan

    +20 Stat Scroll

    I'm sorry if this is the completely wrong forum section but I couldn't decide where else it would be proper. I was just wondering how much a +20 stat costs, generally? On Europe, btw.
  16. Question I Forgot If I Gave My Character A 25 Stat Scroll If I Go To Eat Another One With Him Will I Lose It If I Already Gave Him One Or Will It Say You Already Took That And Can't No More.
  17. A valid point is made by this poster in UO U Hall .......Anyway, here goes what i wanted to get off my chest: The drop rate of the Alacrity Scrolls is so redicolously low to the point that it's not even worth trying, because You can end up using what little freetime You have and still get 0. Sure I have been getting some in the last week, but I've wasted all days, evenings, nights until the point that i have neglected my family and sleep. Still on a good day I get maximum 3 scrolls and some of those on very uselfull skills like Taste ID or Forensic Evaluation. The last 24 hrs I have g
  18. Ok so I was on Pacific walking around Fellucca Yew and found this vendor... Gave me a good Laugh lol. -Dentrix Oh yea I am FL. :|
  19. Just bought a 120 musicianship PS to add to the 120 prov, disco, and peace ps's. Now which of these 5 chars would you have eat it? Account A only has gm music and 85 peacemaking stoned with these 4 human characters: 120 Mage, Med; +110 Eval Int, Resist or 120 Tamer, Vet, Animal Lore; +110 Mage, Eval Int, Resist or 120 Spellweaver; +115 Mage, Eval Int; +110 Med, Resist or 120 Stealing, Stealth, Spellweaving; +110 Mage, Resist Account B has an elf with 120 Peace; +115 Music, Taming, Vet; + 110 Animal Lore; (and 120 Prov on another char if i can find another 120 PS to transfer to this elf!)
  20. Hail to ye, Lord Muldran, it is with haste that I write to you on behalf of my master, Henry Winter. Forces are gathering against those that call them selves "good" within the lands. An alliance of vampires, orcs and men is forming. We have no actual leader though we are more an alliance of mutual respect and aide! My master would like to invite you and any of your followers to a meeting with regard to you’re perhaps joining this alliance. You can send word to The Rusty Dagger Tavern between Skara Brea and Yew if you wish to. Regards A Captive Scribe *Stamped with a wax seal depicting a
  21. As per title. Or an exchange if I have something(s) you may want? Got one now.
  22. Anyone got one to donate / sell? It's for my V char. Got one now.
  23. As title says Got one now.
  24. Any value in a 20 stat scroll that is not cursed? Maybe I can go to Fel and tease thieves who think they can steal it, but it's been insured!! Got it from Napa Valley EM event, during a fight with Harrower in Trammel/Yew about a month ago. I'm not sure if a non-cursed scroll is common or not.
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