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  1. So you want to take some nice screens of your UO comings and goings? Step 1: Ready your gamefield. Make sure that spell/skill icons arent littered about, that your paperdoll doesnt over lap into it, etc. Step 2: How are you going to get your pictures? Many ways to do this so lets just cover a few. 1. Using the PrntScrn key at the end of the Function buttons across the top of your keyboard. This key takes a snapshot of what ever is going on in the game and plops it into an imaginary clipboard. From there we will have to open picture editing software proggy to cut the picture to
  2. Read more here at MMO Champion! Just click the pictures to see them all!
  3. Guest

    UOSA Ingame Screenshots.

    Screenies from the Stygian Abyss site.
  4. NEW SHOTS FOUND HERE Mahalo to Priam for the heads up *attached my favorite ... it would make a great cookie factory design! =)
  5. What do you use for UO screenshots? I am looking for something quick and easy for when I host events. I used to have this program that was UO screen something but that was a few formats and systems ago and now I can not find it. What are your suggestions? Thanks.
  6. Check out some of these pictures. Screenshots from the ultima 7 series. Lord British's will And the nursery with diapers!!!! Then there are the baths in Bucaneers Den, where you can bathe or have a massage..... Then serpent Isle, a strange woman does a nude dance in an attempt to seduce the Avatar!!!!! Will post more soon when I have more time to play
  7. I took a few pictures on the part one of the Fire and Ice event last night. There is an article at www.vikingsofmidgard.com with a link to the VoM Gallery. I got alot of nametags on some pics, so go check. Enjoy!
  8. It would be fun to see if some of us have screenshots that others dont have. i know i have a few and dont have some i missed. upload what you want on here though winfield it might be brutal putting like 100 or so screenshots up hehehe. Its been great fun guys! I hope we have many more fun times like this. I have quite a few screenshots but might take a little bit to get them online since they're on three different computers. ~Bam Bam
  9. These pics were posted a while back, but i thought it would be great to see them again. Heres just one example. and then I found this ,which I HAD to post as my character is learning the bagpipes I just love her outfit also
  10. More Upcoming Screen Shots at Voodoo Extreme at IGN.Com.
  11. This evening, the PaxLair Pizza Kitchen hosted a banquet to celebrate a new book release! The book is titled Tycho Veg: A Biography! The book delves into Tycho's personality and achievements, and then gives an extensive account of his work on a flying machine, complete with diagrams. After the book release party, I had another surprise for everyone... I have not only been working on documenting Tycho Veg's work in his biography, but I have also been hard at work attempting to recreate his legendary flying machine using his original plans! I am currently working on the final stages be
  12. Did anyone take any screenshots during the battle last night? How did it go anyway?
  13. Docks of Tesso AoC has some stunning graphics, and has screen shot and video capture abilities built into the interface. F11 - Screenshot Shift + F12 - High Quality Screenshot Save Video (MOV) - Ctrl + F11 Save Video (Quick) - Ctrl + F12 Note: Pics and video will be saved in the age of conan folder
  14. Jan 31st 2008, 10:00 GMT Another batch of brand new Book 12: The Ashen Wastes screenshots have been added to the Gallery. Click here to check them out!
  15. This is my home. It's a two story elven design and very spacious. As you enter into the reception room, you'll notice a reflecting pool and a fire place that I had installed. I am not home very often, and haven't furnished my home as it should be to reflect my position and wealth in Middle Earth. Following the hallway towards the left from the reception room, brings you my study. Don't let the lack of furnishings fool you, many raids, robberies and assassinations have been planned here. Inside the grey chest are many pieces of armor and weapons which I have picked up along the way.
  16. On Jan. 9th, 2008 (South Korea Time, the same hereinafter), HandbitSoft released several latest screenshots for Hellgate: London which is scheduled to go into open beta in South Korea on Jan. 15th, 2008. These scrennshots were taken on a computer running Windows Vista, DirectX 10 and NVIDIA GeForce 8800 graphics card. As a result, they look just so realistic with better light effect and sense of distance. "The graphics effect is totally different when playing with DirectX 10 than DirectX 9. But though Hellgate: London has best graphics with DirectX 10, open beta testers can still enjoy Hel
  17. source Draconi must of forgotten to post this over here,for you all to add your shots,so I have done it for him:P Since I had a breather, here're some shots from yesterday. Please feel free to post your own in the thread Forest Fire Corrupted Moongate Heatwave Surrounded Sinking Hopes Aftermath Tim "Draconi" Cotten - UO Designer - EA Mythic
  18. Here's the known listing of screenshots, desktop backgrounds and concept art. Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2 Screenshot 3 Screenshot 4 <hr> Desktop Wallpapers Desktop wallpaper 800 x 600 1024 x 768 1280 x 960 1600 x 1200 Concept Art
  19. A couple ofold screenshots from the Minocian wars! And one more
  20. source taken from UO U.Hall Comment Instead of saying I have sparkling stuff coming out of my rear end every time I cast an EV, can you please fix it? Would you prefer a screen shot to help "show" what the problem is? Or is text good enough? I for one would LOVE to see everyone's "screenshots" of their problems. It fascinates me for some reason. ---------------------------- "Sparkling stuff coming out of my rear" is probably sufficiently descriptive for us to reproduce the issue... ...but I definitely want a screenie anyway E. Jeremy Dalberg UO Community Coordinator EA Mythi
  21. Don't forget to take 2D screenshots of your houses (and any other stuff you want to remember)... once KR comes out, we may never see the world as it currently is again!
  22. I am finishing up the photos of 22 Libraries on the Chesapeake shard tonight. If you have never been contacted by me, and you have a library of runes or books or both, which you would like to have listed in the Greater Library Association of Chesapeake, contact me quickly. If you have a friend with one, contact me. After these pictures and listings are done, it will be several months before I review the GLAC again for further inclusions. This is the largest collection of libraries to be assembled on any shard. I'm proud of you guys and gals out there! Keep it up! Oh, and beautiful homes y
  23. I suppose that someone has already introduced three screenshots of houses of KR on the official site of Taiwan before a week. 9 shots are added today there. See: EA Taiwan http://www.ultimaonline.com.tw/event/050507-housing/index.aspx Some look not so good, but they have not finished KR yet, as Jeremy has posted on Stratics.
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