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  1. Just helped kill the first one. Attached are screen shots. I got legs of stability and a cloak. Others there got dye tho. Going out looking for more. Blackrock and spell didnt work tho.
  2. Guest

    Lets see some screen shots!

    I am gonna make a sticky for this, so anyone wanting to post screen shots of fights, deaths, victories, it doesnt matter, let see em!!
  3. What is a good program to use to take screen shots? I heard UOscreenshot is a good program but I can't find a the download link.
  4. Ugh. Sometimes when I play Warhammer Online, my computer crashes. Not immediately, but after extended sessions, here's that whirring sound and then that darn blue screen. Turn power off.... turn back on. Play again.... again! Not everyday, mind you. But often enough.
  5. Hey all - Does anybody know a keyboard shortcut to get the map back? I was taking screenshots while playing KR (trying to write up another walkthrough guide for UOGuide), and my mouse wigged out and sent my radar map off the screen... and I can't get it back! The keyboard toggle M brings up the full map but when I minimize it back down to radar size, it disappears to off in lala land, beyond my vision. Help! Thx! /edit d'oh! Exited game and restarted, and the map came back. There ya have it!
  6. Can we get the Patch Log Screen Updated asked Adder_Atl . He went on to post out the entire patch and publish.So for those who havent yet seen it here it is again. Last times these were updated was May and June. Since we have a new patch and publish, maybe we can get this updated for the newer players we have *cough* Hopefully this cut and paste works> Current Client Patch Notes Expand this section to see the latest client changes in both the KR client and the 2D client. Updated May 28 at 2:30PM EST.
  7. I have never taken a screen shot, and just dont have a clue on how to do it. Anyone out there wanna help me step by step?..Thanks!
  8. You can definitely see some UO influence in the crafting process. Source
  9. I am selling my 18x18 located 1 screen out of umbra... HUGE front yard... No Vampire Bat Spawn... Great Place. AIM: Tetricyde or reply here... Serious Offers only... Thanks:dance:
  10. For a couple of days, I have received the following message when I login to UO: Starting patch session... Transferring patch information Downloading patch uoml_win32_6-0-6-2.rtp( 1418237 bytes ) Downloading patch uoml_win32_6-0-6-2.pat( 11 bytes ) Applying patch patch\uoml_win32_6-0-6-2.rtp Error applying patch Error during session Your client may not be the most recent version. You may be able to play the game with your current client. Check http://www.uo.com/ for help on resolving patching issues. Click OK to play the game or Cancel to abort. I am able to login from there, and play as no
  11. http://sanjose.bizjournals.com/sanjose/stories/2004/02/23/story7.html
  12. Japanese Patch Screen It shows the latest release with a nice graphic and has up to date news, including about the recent GM issues. What do we have? English Patch Screen An ugly design with 2 month old patch notes and 4 month old news about an Invasion which ended 3 months ago.
  13. Posted Jan 31st 2008, 16:00 GMT We're pleased to announce the LOTRO Loading Screen Contest! LOTRO-Europe fans, it's time to show your favourite pictures: we’re giving you the opportunity to submit an in-game screenshot taken throughout your adventures of Middle-earth and have it featured as a new loading screen within LOTRO! **See the full list of rules for this competition on the next page. Good luck! To enter you must submit an in-game screenshot to lotrocompetition@codemasters.com with the subject line "LOTRO Loading Screen Contest". All screenshots must be unedited, alth
  14. Posted to UO Herald by Jeremy Dalberg 20 Nov 2007 21:20:20 If your KR client is set to start in full screen, you may see a completely black screen with an error about a software renderer. We're working on the fix for this, but in the meantime, use the following workaround to get into windowed mode: - Go into "My Documents", "EA Games", "Ultima Online", "User Data" and open the usersettings.xml file in a text editor. - In the first line under "Graphics", change fullscreen="true" to fullscreen="false", then save the file. That should get you going until we can patch out a fix. (Als
  15. After playing KR a while, maybe an hour or so, blue screen of death appears and computer restarts. First couple of times it crashed when i was in twisted weald near swoop, so i thought maybe its only twisted weald problem, but than it started crashing in other places too :icon_neutral: Anyone else experiencing this? Microsoft Windows XP Professional Service Pack 2 (Build 2600) AMD AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 4200+ 2210.1 Mhz NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GTS 1Gig RAM
  16. Here's a good article on how to take and post Screen Shots from UO. The article is on the Stratics Siege Perilous Forum.
  17. As the title says...is there any update on getting the same style full screen in-window style as 2d? Its a main reason why i havent made the effort to convert to KR!
  18. when I hit enter to say something my screen will exit fullscreen and if I hit enter again it returns to full (haven't tested it yet today to see if it's fixed)
  19. I was wondering what type of screen capture program every one is using to get those fine screen shots I see all the time? Also to what web site are you using to show and view the programs? Thank you for all your posts. I spend a lot of my time reading about your adventures and am greatful for your insight. Because of your time and effort, I have become a more formidable player.
  20. i install uo ml to my pc an i did patches but when im trying to log in i get stuck at verifying account or connecting screen i've been trying to solve this problem since 3 days please someone help me about this problem i tried lots of things but nothing happened.... im waiting for your replies ı reinstall uo ml for 5 times.
  21. I have been trying for days trying to change my screen size but nothing works can someone please help me?
  22. [video=youtube;hOg_tGIsYGs]
  23. I know I've asked somewhere before...but can't remember. Can some give me the name/s of the programs to take screen shots in UO? I would really appreciate it.
  24. Recently Ive been playing Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004. Its a game with real settings and you can fly around the world, Not a game, A simulator. Really amazing. Well Ive seen people create setups for it, An example below. Now thats pritty mad, Expensive and rather hard to setup I imagine. But I took a long hard thought and I then noticed a few large lcd monitors became available at work. So that needs me to this question, Do I bother setting them up? Well I tested it! And here were the results: I first of all tested it with a 4 way vga splitter, That didnt work very well the the comp
  25. I used to use one but now I cant remember what the name of it was. I have tried the uo screen program and I hate it. Does anyone know of a freebie I can pull somewere off the web?
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