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Found 18 results

  1. Chance of blocking with a shield: 6% Chance of blocking with a 1-handed weapon: 29% Chance of blocking with a 2-handed weapon: 33% ^^ this is my parrying calculation at uo.stratics. If i use 1 handed and a shield , do their blocking bonus added ? Example im gonna use wooden shield + butcher knife.. %6+%29 ? And 2. question.. I'm honoring a NPC , does it effect on luck per hit ?
  2. Thunger

    Human Samurai

    Hi, i'm a noob and just wondering how this class/race is for pvp! THX!
  3. I have a samurai.. but it is still a noob. I cannot kill any creatures. Everything pwning me. My template : Bushido 104.5(110 cap) Healing 80 (lock) Tactics 110.0 Parrying 110.0 Swords 110.0 Chivalry 80.0 Anatomy 100.0 I'm using blaze of death.. my resistances are 63. I have 2 %14 DCI items. What is my problem ? I'm thinking to train archery instead of swordsmanship but it ignores samurai's rule = parrying , confidience. I want to delete a skill for train archery but what can i do ?! Please set me a good template that includes parrying , swords , archery and chivalry. thx
  4. What Samurai Templates do you have? I want make samurai for PVP, but i don't have enaugh Skill Points left for Ressisting. My Template: Anatomy 100 Bushido 120 Healing 80 Mace Fighting 120 PArrying 120 Resisting 40 Tactics 120
  5. Hey guys , what would the best weapon be for a Samurai/Paladin? I currently have a 2h Sword of the Stampede but I want something with a better 'kick' It has to be under 20mil. What type of armor do you recommend? Should I just go with a luck suit? I am currently building up the virtue armor set , I have all the pieces but cant wear them yet. That will give me all 70s. Rings I was going to use a +DI type rings or +swords or something. This is a new character , right now I am doing the newbie quests for the items in haven. Thx
  6. Hello, if anyone could help me here that would be great. Everytime i craft a peice of samurai armour using smithing instead of tailoring the armour peice comes out with "Mage Armour". This is very annoying as i want to use samurai plate armour! Does this mean i am going to have to use studded and leather instead of plate? It is crafted without using runics or special wood so it should be ok? In the RoE it says - Player crafted armour & weapons only, but no runics and no special wood items.*
  7. Hi guys, I'm a newbie here and a newbie to the whole Ultima online rpg thing and can't play my copy of 'Ultima Online Samurai Empire' I'm gagging to have a go as I've had the game 6months but can never get support from UO or EA I know it's not my PC cuz I've played D&D online in the past. Here's my installation problems; any advice please : 1..It says it's installed properly and then gets the 'auto patch'..no problem. 2..I cant create an EA account - I go to the EA account creation page but it just goes round and round - I input my details, it loads the page again, I check my
  8. Recently I have been thinking about starting a Samurai and Ninja role play guild. As I have been pondering on the idea I think it would be good if me and others could create Samurai and Ninja Clans (guilds) and battle for the Tokuno lands and declare a overall Shogun (for a limited time). Basically x amount of guilds would all war each other. Battles are won and lost in the Tokuno lands and a tally will be kept of the wins and losses. After a certain amount of wins the winning side declares a Shogun. The Shogun gets recognition and possibly other advantages. One advantage would be the Sh
  9. Hello, Does anyone know of a role-playing Samurai guild on Europa and possibly apart of CoRE?
  10. Guest

    Samurai Guild.

    Hello there. I'v decided to form a samurai guild and to do so iv had to do quite a bit of research. Im just wandering if anyone cuold help me out in any of the following ways. 1) Anyone have Fugiwara's ICQ 2) Anyone have any usefull links other to the Wiki and other 2 i have. 3) Anyone a experienced Roleplayer or willing to learn that cna help me get the guild going 4) Any knowladge at all of the RP Of samurai, I have learnt quite a bit of the samurai culture, including the tea ceremonys ect. Even Read Shogun . (awesome ending ) The guild is called "Takeda Clan" and although a lot of the
  11. http://www.afrosamurai.com/ go to that site, click multimedia, and than the trailer. it doesn't say which channel it's on though, but i think you can get the DVD from amazon.
  12. Anyone have a template they can share? Currently on my samurai Jax, i have 97.5 Bushido 85 Swordsmanship 85 Parrying 70 Tactics 110 Focus 85 Strength, 85 Dexterity, 55 Intelligence I started doing anatomy, but can't decide on what the last skill i should pick will be. I don't know if i should do resist, or just make up for resist with armor. or if i should take up healing or chiv. Anyone have any suggestions? I'm trying to make a decent PvM char that can handle some big stuff. Thanks!
  13. A player asks over on Stratics forum UO Kingdom Reborn Has anyone seen any screens of anyone wearing any asian (japanese) style clothing or armor? I thing the Samurai Empire armor in the 3d client looks horrible, they are to big and doesnt at all look like they fit. However on the 2d client they look really good, so I am hoping that the KR 3d will look more like Samurai empire 2d does. Anyone seen any information about if this will be the case? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ If anyone has seen or heard anything on this they've kept quiet about it. However....Based on what we've seen so far I'd s
  14. Jakar

    Samurai Help

    I play a samurai character named Rikimaru on Atlantic. I'm pretty happy with him, he's PvM only, but I'd like to be able to do a little more damage. Here's my layout: 100 strength 110 dex 30 mana 110swords 110bushido 110parry 100anatomy 93ish healing 90tactics 80focus I wear: Ancient Samurai Helm Gorget with resists/mana regen Heart of the Lion Royal Ember Leggings Sleeves w/ LMC Stormgrips Like I said, I'm pretty happy with him, but I'd like to deal a more damage (the main reason I got grips). Anyway, I know a lot of it depends on slayer weapons, and I'm fine with that. Just wanted to k
  15. Were there any new quests added when SE came out? Like in ML? I don't think so, but maybe someone can confirm. Thanks
  16. Day 1 After wandering around looking for work for what seems like ages now, i goto Trinsic and try and join the guards there. After taking to the Dukes aide about politics and law I was allowed to see the Duke and to be sworn into his service. But an Undead interupted it, after becoming a guard and the Duke giving me my armour. I had to point out that I could only wear Samurai armour. After being fitted out and within 30 minutes of duty I get knocked by an Undead! Yew's Guardsmen attacked Trinsic, I decided to go on a counter offensive against them. Yew's forces was huge and they out numbe
  17. Hi My Samurai completed the 7 quests.....i've transported through the moongate.. my question is what is my next move? i'm just wandering around:huh:Sorry i found how to leave but can't figure what to do after completing tutorial
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