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Found 6 results

  1. Sampire, quite bluntly, means samurai-vampire. The intent is to use the vampire form life leech and the high damage output from a samurai to make a nearly unkillable PvM machine. The template: The following skills are required: 120 melee skill 120 bushido 120 parry 100 (or 99) necromancy 90 tactics (100 suggested) 60 chivalry This leaves 80 (less than 4 years old)-100 (four years old or more) skill points for either anatomy, resisting spells or spirit speak. Anatomy is the best all-around skill, since it will increase your damage output, and thus enable you to leech more life back. Re
  2. I'm looking for a decent Sampire suit. 70 resists (95 fire) with 45%DCI. I'm willing to spend 2 mil for this, but if you have additional equipment with good sampire-type affects like jewelry and weapons (I'm a swordsman) I would be happy to negotiate more, or if you have some choice sampire preffered artifacts. ICQ me at 9120006.
  3. Greetings, everyone! I have only been back for a couple of weeks now, so I am still catching up on many of the major changes that happened over the past summer. One question I have...I keep looking through the threads on the samurai forums, and it seems that the "Sampire" was effectively nerfed in some manner. Is it still a viable template? I had the idea of creating some sort of strange roleplayed "Vampiric Shogun"-esqe character prior to my sabbatical. I want to find out if I should go in another direction before I start training and playing the character.
  4. I have hear the term and have a rough idea of what they are but thought they would go away after the publish due to some kind of nerf. But I just hunted with a guy who was running around in wraith form using a weapon and just slaughtering stuff left and right with out the aide of anyone. Can some of you share you sampire templates and equipment used?
  5. has anyone reworked their sampire template to compensate for the "kick in the nutz" that we'll be getting with put 56? i'm curious of the different angles of approach you all will take.. i think i've got a solution for mine, resulting in doing less dmg.. i'll have to test it to see if its going to cripple the template, since hitting his healing.. less dmg will result in less hit pts recoup'd..
  6. Thank you Lord Luphrious (Sonoma) for sending me this insight into what your up against!!!
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